Gay P***

I'm a 43 year-old woman and I like to watch gay p***; I don't like the feminine bottom types, but the straight looking and acting muscular men. It turns me on to see their carved hard bodies.They are like a piece of art. I love it when they kiss each other and suck each others c***. I imagine him f****** me in the butt.

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  • I thought it was just me! I am a 35 year old female that LOVE male gay p***. I love the hard bodies and the aggressiveness. It is a turn on and I actually get wet watching it. My #1 p*** to watch is the regular type, but every once in a while - when I am feeling really naughty - I like to watch gay male p***!

  • I have never watched gay male p*** but your description of it makes me want to try it. I have to admit that I have had fantasies about doing that type of thing. I wonder how it would feel to have someone f*** me behind, or to have then c** in me. Would I be able to feel there c*** pulseing as there juice sprayed up in me? would the c** feel hot? etc...I have wondered how it would feel too suck someone until they got hard enough to do it to me.

  • I know right its really hot seeing men f****** each other. god when i watch i be looking for them to be in certain positions, and they do it it just drives me crazy. my all time favorite position is when the bottom is laying down and being thrust into slow and thoroughly, it just looks so hot especially when the top grinds his hips in circles.

  • Oddly, i am a 40ish guy who loves female lesbian p*** where they use strapons on each other...small world.

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