I let my bestfriend f*** me and i liked it. so what? ;)

(I was googling some stuff and came across this! My old confession from like a year ago,  its So good I have to repost it lmao. I did crazier stuff since then, maybe I'll post them ;) ),  PS we are still friends)*  I smoke hella weed. I had a sleep over with my friend who's a guy and we f*****. thing is , he is so innocent and I know he liked me. he's been in love with me since like the 6th grade. nobody was in the house but us. we got blazed , he started looking at me some type of way. like picturing me naked and stuff. So I started teasing him. idgaf I love teasing people. I tease my teachers, my neighbors , mostly adults. you know why? because they can't do nothing about it , all they can do is watch. I got a girly squeaky voice. when I ask questions in class, I ask slow and make an adorable face. my english teacher's got it bad. how do I know? Im passing and I failed every test with no homework! I fail on purpose just to see. but back to my story. so anyways we started drinking, I knew he was planning to get me drunk and f*** me. so I did what he wanted- got drunk, except I wasn't drunk, I was acting *shrugs*. I played stupid. I started teasing him again, flashing a b*** and s***. he got nervous which is so cute. something about a nervous guy just turns me on. we layed down on his bed and just stared at the ceiling. we do that allot, we usually just talk about our day when we do that. I asked him to watch p*** and ofcourse he said yes. lmaoooo we watched p*** together so many times before. it's not weird, we're just that close. so anyways we was watching girl on girl and as usual he's hard as f***. I asked him "G s***, what would u do if I wasn't in the room right now, all jokes aside" he laughed and told me he'll beat his meat. lmfaoo that's exactly what I wanted to hear and I told him to do it. we're close but we're not THAT close . ofcourse he refused :( but after pleading he started doing it. omg that was so hot. watching a guy beat his meat is the sexiest thing ever, I think I found a new fetish ;) . The noises he was making , omg! .after he was done, we layed down again, the laptop was closed this time. we stared at the ceiling again. we was having an heart to heart conversation. from what I could remember I told him I loved him, he laughed and said "that's cuss u f****** drunk and high out your ass. you passed cloud 9, but I love you too". Honestly I do love him , that's my bestfriend, my everything. It got silent and I asked him to be honest with me "do u wanna f*** me". ofcourse he denied it, so I asked him again. He told me "badly" , I asked him "how?" and he told me (: I mean I knew he was a freak , because we've had conversations before but dawmm. the things he told me that night was beyond freaky and I liked it! lmaoo my bestfriend's a freak. he said he wanted to own me for one day , he wanted to have his way with me just for one day and f*** my brains out. I told him "what about tonight?" blah blah blah , to make this story short I gave him permission to. he ordered me to do things , he asked for a b******. I refused, eww its disgusting , I told myself I'd never do it. but after remembering he basically "owns" me , I did it. I was nervous at first, c'mon I never did it before. but I did it, at first it tasted salty ( eww) and I coudn't get the rhymth going , it is NOT like sucking your thumb, these people are lying -.- so anyways he was guiding me the whole time, he played with my hair and stuff. he demanded I looked at him, it was a bit embarassing but I felt a connection. He told me how beautiful I looked , how long he wanted to do this and he should just c** in my mouth right then and there. the idiot did that -.- c** does not taste good at all!it's disgusting , never again. blah blah blah , he took me doggy style.I f***** only 2 people my whole life , my bestfriend makes it three and omg, he is the besssstt. he was so rough and s*** . he's a dirty little boy. He kept telling me how he can't wait to c** in me and leave me on the floor, leg spread, asss up and watch his c** drip out of me. that s*** turned me on soooo much. Im on the pill so I didn't care. so to fast forward a bit . . he did it, and intentially he left me on the floor in the same position he described. he's a f****** perv lmao . he sat there and watched me. he took out his phone and started recording it . he made me say things. he asked questions like " do u like c** in you?" " tell me how much u want me inside of you again" and etc.. him saying these things turned me on even more and I wanted it again, if that makes me a w**** then so be it. I wanted him inside me sooo badly. he was right, I do like c** in me. he took a few pictures of my p**** , he started recording again this time he was recording my face, he made me finger myself. my fingers weren't enough, I wanted HIM, not my fingers. I asked him to f*** me , I even said please. all he did was kept recording , that

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