I love large b******.

I have everything in life I could want but.. My ex wife had 34DD b******, my new wife does not. I know I am selfish but I really miss them! More than once my ex has wanted to get together for a fun night, yes we still love each other but I can't do that to my new wife. She has also told me that she misses the 9" but loves him as well. Life is full of forbidden fruit! -

Jul 17, 2013

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  • I had a guy tell me that compared to his ex i had big b******-(even though he has never seen me with clothes off, thank god for that as he turned out to be an a******!)....then he went on to describe his s** life with his ex to me, i found this a real turn off.......all i can say is, if you dont like your wifes small b****** then why did you marry her in the first place then? why didnt you just go and marry a women with big b****** like your first wife had? what is wrong with you?- for starters, some men are not that fussy like you are, its really shallow stuff you have just posted, i think both your wives would be insulted by you and saddened that they had married a man with such a low I.Q

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