I had phone s** with my ex's mom

Back when I was 20 I ended up renting an apartment next to a girl whom I really liked (her mom had worked in the apartment complex and helped me and my two roommates with the signing of the lease). I was excited that I was finally going to get the chance to be around this girl more often than not, but my plans were slighted when one night, one of my roommates picked her up from a party and made out with her (they started dating a week later). I was crushed. Her room was literally a wall away from me, and there were times at night where I could here both of them f******... So one day me and her mom were hanging out (as we would do sometimes when her husband wasn't home or even when her daughter that I had this thing for was absent) and as I left, she told me to check my phone when I got back to my apartment. I was a little confused as to what this could possibly mean, but per her request, I did, and it was a complete confessional about how she was attracted to me and wanted to f*** me. I was completely taken aback by this act of sheer honesty and I got turned on. We ended up having phone s** and I told only a few of my close friends about it. Many opportunities came up for me to bang this woman, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, knowing that her husband was an extremely tall and muscular man (seeing him open the door to find me inside of his wife didn't seem alluring at all to me). A few years down the road, I actually begin DATING her daughter however I don't live in the same apartment anymore, and on top of that I started working for her husband. Her and her husband ended up getting divorced and he actually asked me 'how many of my friends did she f*** when they were together?' to which I replied 'none to my knowledge'. Me and the daughter were off and on for almost three years and were very close even though I figured out her and her mom are absolutely batshit crazy and both addicted to prescription medication. I finally cut ties with the girl, and I'm contemplating whether or not I should tell her that happened, just to be a spiteful b******. ;)


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  • My ex-wife is a total b**** and nothing has changed since we divorced. I have cut all ties with her. Her mom is another story. Her mom is still very nice looking for her age and totally unabashed in bed. I was f****** her the last year of my marriage because my wife wasn't giving me any. What's nice about her mom is I can still f*** her and then go home. I don't have to live with her. She has her bitchy ways too, but loves to f***.

  • Do it bro go for it! being a pain in the ass of a b******! that's hilarious!! XD that'll just be a revenge blow! XD

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