I feel ashamed that I have a rape fetish

I can't place my finger on it... But I find the thought of rape so sexually exciting! Maybe the control or power struggle but something makes me want it. I'm a normal guy. Mid 20's, educated, ex-military and a relatively good job. I have a lot to loose, so actually raping a girl is out of the question. Not to mention the psychological affects on her. But I feel ashamed that I think in such ways. I don't know many others like me and no one knows I think this way.. I'd never confess my inner want to control and rape a girl.



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  • A lot of women have the rape fantasy. My hot older sister did, and, since we were messing around anyway, told me about hers. We agreed I'd fulfill it, however, not tell her when or how. Had to be total surprise. While I had many ideas and a few missed opportunities, I planned it for one night after her shift at a pizza place/bar where she worked part time.

    She returned home, tired as usual, and wearing a tight, low-zippered uniform meant to show off her t*** and generate tips. I had keys to her apartment, and waited for her there.

    Without a detailed description, let me say I surprised her in the hallway and carried out her fantasy, in full.. Did it two other times after that.

  • I'm19 and a girl I have a rape fantasy too iv never orgasmed because no one is ever as rough as id like

  • Lets play ;)

  • Im a 16 year old girl and I also have rape fantasies, ive been chatting with this 28 y/o guy from a chat site and weve really hit it off cos me and him fit perfectly together sexually. ive known ive got a rape fetish and have done for the past 5 years for definite, maybe longer. its pretty normal to have them I think. don't feel bad about the thoughts or the fact they turn you on, the only thing to feel bad about is if you actually hurt someone. just make sure you don't find a prude girlfriend or someone who is really against anything like this and you should be able to open up to them, even if it doesn't float their boat they should accept your thoughts and feelings with respect. I hope you find a girl who is into rape too though xx

  • Wow!! You seem to be asking for rape.. just saying.

    I am a 28 YR OLD WOMAN.. (NOT CHILD) and I have the same fantasy which is actually a fetish.. its not so much the rape part but more the rough and forceful s**. I crave it and I love it rough pull my hair bite me slap me choke me rough. After all no means yes right ;)

  • Rape me im a guy

  • Well often times since I live near a military base I have noticed that several men have stared at me and have often tried to technically rape me it's not a very pleasurable thought in my mind! but maybe it's just me. But maybe ask your wife, girlfriend or maybe your friend with benefits if they have a rape fantasy and if they do? say you'd love to role play it with them.

  • The difference between role-playing a rape fantasy and an actual rape is the same difference between getting into a boxing ring and a street fight. Many people enjoy the former because it has rules and limitations, it's a controlled environment and you are relatively safe, few enjoy the later.

  • Some women have a rape fantasy. ask you wife or gf if she has one and if so, you would love to roleplay that. If you are not involved, perhaps post something on CL that you are interested in roleplay a rape fantasy. GL

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