I hate my large c***

I hate my large c***

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I wish mine were bigger so I could feel mor epleasure. Thin of this: more surface area = more nerv endings!

  • who cares how big it is, I mean i think it would be easier for a guy if he is eating you out because its a bigger area he can lick to get you to have an o***** and most guys don't care how big it is as long as we're getting some pie, i ain't never heard any one of my friends complain about there girls c*** being to big.

  • I think have a big c*** would be better for whatever guy is eating you out he has some thing to work with on trying to give you an o*****

  • totally agree with last post.

  • First of all, I doubt yours is that big. Women don't really see each other "down there" too often, unlike men, so we generally don't have a sense of what is the norm. Don't go by p***. No one really looks like that.

    Furthermore, a larger or smaller c*** isn't anything to be ashamed of. We all look different. No guy worth your time is going to be turned off because your c*** is larger than most. If anything, makes things easier for him!

  • Big lets the unexperienced know exactly what and where the c*** is. Next step is to figure out how each one needs different attention.

  • large is good!

  • can i suck on it?

  • got pics?

  • My wife has a small c***. Wish it was big like yours.

  • that looks nice

  • how large? I think a large c*** is erotic. Are you under 30?

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