Singlemoms suck

I have an addiction for bashing and belittling singlemoms. it gives me a good feeling.

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  • I want to bang a singlemom or just any milf. Are we in the same boat?

  • Of course we are

  • Is this bashing for all single moms? Even the single ones that adopt children because they want to be a just a MOM & give some child support for a better chance @ life. Just wondering if this bashing was for them to. Is this problem you have with single moms, with those that are actively seeking to date or just single moms in general? Do you see the weakness in their hope to find love or that the search for it can possibly take time that should be allocated to their children? Is it both. A friend of mine doesn't like it when people cry, she feels uncomfortable because it reminds her of her mom. ---Her mom apparently didn't date a lot of men, how could she, since from a young age she had many children all by the same man. Not that it made anything better since he physically and mentally abused her from the start. As my friend told me the story I could see it in her eyes, the anger. From the time she first told me story till now, a lot of things have happened, I hear now more understanding in her voice, but still she switches the program anytime there's a soapy crying drama on. I think is because the weakness we see in others sometimes reminds of those of our loved ones or even in ourselves. That is her case, I'M NOT SAYING is yours. But doesn't it make wonder why you enjoy it, could it perhaps be you're trying to give them a lesson, kind of like opening their eyes to something that is right in front of them. The love of their children. I personally think that their should be some type of balance, though I do believe that children's well being come first, always. Is true that they leave when they grow up. But they should leave as a happy adult person. Ideally that would be great for all of society.

  • Umm yeah this applys to all singlemoms...duuuuh

  • they all totally open themselves up to the abuse. i think they actualy all really want the abuse.

  • You suck.

  • You suck more...f**

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