I f****** hate chinese people

Im asian thankfully not f****** chinese, and i f****** hate chinese people alot, they make other asian people look really bad. There f****** cheap ass fake m************. They cant drive for s***, smell f****** bad, always making fake ass s***, think there better then anyone else, they never wash with their f****** greasy hair. All chinese people should be killed, their f****** overpopulated h**** ass f******, f****** breeding like rabbits. These people have no common sense or decency for others and should be eliminated from the face of this planet.

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  • Well look at all the weight and fat falling off me everyday so fast and how healthy i am now. and I am richer and prettier. never the last time. it goes on and on til I am at my best always and infinity.

  • I totally agree just looking at their faces makes my skin crawl .. They are dirty and primitive .. I honestly would love to see the whole race wiped out .. All they want is everything handed to them and they have no desire to be a part of this country they just come here to suck us dry .. If you're a Chinese Gouker reading this I literally hope you get hit by a car and die I would have your orphan children work as my slaves

  • I hate how they act like they don't speak english to try and get free s***, than them and their 1 boy 1 girl talk s*** about you in their native language (girl is a test they'll probably off her soon) and why do they come to our country to buy s*** made in their country. Gtfo!

  • Yeah they totally suck ugly f****** slant eyed cons

  • I'm Chinese. Yeah, we're not the most well mannered, cleanest, or most honest people. But live and let live, man. What happened to get you this strung up?

  • Calm yo t*** man

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