P*** stars dont look like p*** stars

God i am so glad i came across this site, it is really nice to know as a women that not even p*** stars look like p*** stars once the make up is off, s*** half of them don't even look like themselves once the make up is gone. Nice to know that the images are fake, my self confidence in myself has gone up a lot knowing, that most of them look nothing like they look on camera. p.s. these are only pics of the face so if you were looking for more, dont.



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  • Uh, this is news to you? What are you, 11?

  • Lol don't all women look like s*** without make-up...

  • How would you know, incel?

  • You're a women? Are you a clone?

  • When a guy has a woman on her back and legs spread, he is pretty much concentrating on what is between her legs and not what she may look like top side, except maybe a bit higher where her t*** reside.

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