I absolutely love sexy shoed

Ok this is weird sad happy and touching. Wife and I were married 30 years. She was sick with cancer for 12 years then passed away . She had fake b**** after they removed her breast. Our s** life was down to zero for many years but we loved each other very much . We were 50 at the time this started. One night I was being silly I saw.her b**** laying by the bed I put them on and put on one of her silky gowns and panties she was sleeping I got into bed next to her and snuggled up to her . Slowly she acting to be asleep she was starting to squirm around breathing heavy and finally stuck her tongue down my throat climbed on top of me and started humping and grinding her p**** on my panties and squeezing my fake b**** after grinding our panties together she started shacking and moaning loadly and had a powerful o*****. Then she just let go and started talking nasty calling me a s*** b**** got up on my t*** humping them going nuts slapping my face and my little panty d*** and then her p**** slapping it pretty hard and saying you bad f****** p**** over and over. So you know I had never heard her say a bad word ever in 33 years.lol. so I was so shocked and turned on it was wild. She started bitting my d*** through the panties I turned. Over and she spanked my ass and tongued the h*** out of my hole.so enough details . After that we didnt mention it a week later I was goin to bed early and I noticed some really sexy girl things laying on my side of the bed with a short note saying put these things on b**** . A wig lipstick makeup shoes stockings the whole deal . She cam in and did the makeup and hair without talking then left the room told me to go to bed after going to sleep she came to bed I thought I wad.dark I could tell it wasnt her the light came on and there was a beautful young woman and my wife with a video camera . Lol. You want to hear more.

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