I'm a W****..

That I have s** with girls I'm not really into just because I want to c**...the girls I so so like I make them my girlfriends I steady have s** with other women and tell the other women that I have to work out of town or have some excuses to why we can't hangout but assure them that I care for them and want to see them etc...I mean I've had s** with women too old too fat retarded you name it..been a few good pieces here and there but I think I'm addicted to women treating me like I'm a Champion ....I'm awesome in bed and last a longtime because I'm not really turned on by most of them to c** I have to imagine women I would actually like to have s** with..but I do like the confidence I feel with a woman that I'm playing I feel bad about it sometimes but it quickly passes..I used to not be this way I used to only go after women I actually wanted something legit with but after my bad break-up a year ago its easier to do this I guess I see less chance of getting hurt and I condone my actions by thinking I'm showing these ladies a good time that they otherwise wouldn't get from a guy as good looking as me...I'm not the best looking or the best in shape but I'm not bad and I have a great personality and great wittiness good job and no drug habits...I get bored easy and it exciting to see someone new all the time...you know the same deal but you trick yourself into believing it will be different with this girl...but its not or it is but not the f****** way you want it to be ..like her p**** smells/breath..she can't kiss..no b****** skills..very restrictive sexually and position wise...they get cut first or at that moment I'm usually a nice guy about it you know make the blame on me like something in my life is going on keeping me from them..ect...I feel like I'm so fake but I know I am and I don't buy into my s*** so its ok...That maybe its just a phase and when I find the girl I want (Highly f****** doubtful)to be with seriously it will change and I will let all the other girls down slowly and gracefully ...I don't let them in my domain other then my house try to keep it mainly at there's partly because of shame you know not wanting my friends or neighbors to see me with some of these women ..I even make it a point to hunt outside my backyard sorta speak...so I don't run into people I know friends family women I can be seen with that I date near my home,Online dating is a big blamer here I can knock down some numbers relatively quick and most women will f*** me the first night..but I almost never make it a onetime deal I bang them for a few weeks maybe a few months ...I all depends on how many I have going in the rotation like at the moment I have 7 active and playing the catch me f*** me game with like 3-4 on the website...3 are my girlfriends ..2 I've been with for 6 months...and part of me wants to just break it off with all of them and be single and abstinence from it all.....But I think I'm addicted to the thrill of the kill I like hunting for my meals..I don't want to be a bad guy and break there hearts right then after I catch them...I like to run its course and let it die off slowly then rather fast....I can't help but think they are doing the same sometimes but then I read and see other people too well one,two maybe are playing numbers in hopes of find one that they want and vice versa too but I have a better time stomaching that then what I do....I'm addicted to the start of a relationship everything that goes with it the s** the learning to read them the butterflies the fake descriptions of theirs and yours emotions and personalities..The false happiness that the other person gives you its all fleeting ..I used to think being with one person was the thing for me...but I don't know anymore.

Aug 6, 2013

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  • You should really think of the people you are hurting, Ya never know one of those girls may be the one that you thought you would never find. Trust the one the who sees who you are completely and sees what you hide and over looks what you think of yourself. People are brought in to our lives for a reason so if you are telling any of these girls you love them think twice because one of them might mean it when they say it back not to mention you never know what they have been through in their life either

  • As long as you wear a condom and slow down on the gross ones. You're a f****** champion!!

  • I think the key point to this confession is that you were hurt once and don't want to get hurt again. Love hurts, no question. But it's also awesome. And sometimes a greater message comes out of a broken relationship. She wasn't the one and you'll survive. You probably are still reeling from it, and it's important to deal with it. For now, sow some oats. Be honest with these women. Make no commitments or promises to these women and so really deep feelings don't set in. Eventually you may get to that place where you do want that one on one relationship. For the time being..why not date around. Be honest with what you want and what you're looking for. No one will get hurt if there are no false expectations. And be safe..cause you don't want to date anyone for a couple of months and be left with a disease for a lifetime. Embrace your singledom. Reconnect with people or make new friends. Eventually, you'll figure out what you want and who you want in your life and you'll find her.

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