Ok so Im a first time caller, but long time listener. I have a confession..or two. Im a 37 year old single woman and certainly loving it! Recently, Ive noticed that Im attracted to younger men (the cougar is coming out)lol. I had this crush on this one younger man in my neighbourhood. Im the type of woman that always tries to get what I want...I wanted him. I made it very clear to him and he felt the same. We did have amazing s** a few times. He fraking floored me with his experience (hes 19... I thought he was 21..he did lie to me at first, but I still had s** with him after the fact). So now Im turning into a s** freak who wants it all the time. But get 2nd confession. I want his friend and his friend wants me. I dont think its a very good idea, considering Im still friends with guy #1 and guy #2 says he'll keep it hush hush...I think not. We all talk...

Thanks for reading and pls dont tell me to do guy #2...cause I probably will lol.

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  • You have an Extremely LIMITED Window as you are 37 and will look extremely foolish is Out and About with Either Of these Young Men . But , because of the Situation a ThreeSome is Certainly the Way to Go ..Imagine being F^cked hard for Such a Long period . Make sure that you are keeping Yourself in Shape and are Not Remotely Over Weight .

    If they are Banging a Fattie ..Its disgusting .

    Thats the First Thing ..Make sure your Own Body is Tones , Ready , Awesome Diet ..Then Call them both over ..REMEMBER ITS A LIMITED WINDOW .

  • Omg I would ask him to join u and have a 3some. Imagine the stamina of 2 young men. Go for it. Trade spots with u in a heart beat!

  • They will BANG you for a limited Time , so its fine so long as all you want to Banging ..They cant relate to you , Communicate with you ..But they must Sew there Oats . This Cougar s*It is Nothing New . BUT , there is a downside after you are F8cked by too Many , you will get a Rep that EVERYONE knows about , the Guy wont Care ..He needs wants the Bang .

    If involved emotionally you will potentially destroy your Life . This is simply the Truth , with Menopause just Around the Corner , its not a good place to be .

    You will end your Life in a Sad and Lonely place .

  • If they are over 18, why keep it on the down-low? unless they are both young men in your neighborhood, which could get you labeled as a w**** by the community in your immediate area. If you don't mind the label, then f*** away all you want.

  • H*** yeah, threesome, if not, atleast get guy really think you can turn down another c***?

  • Why not just take them both on?

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