Confession Post sucks

How am I to get my confessions out on this website if I can't post about incest or s** with minors?! All I want to confess is how I touched my cousin and I'd do it again but nooooo this site is all "Post your confessions here. It can be s** acts or your strange things you do. Oh but if it deals with strange s** things you do with your cousin then no, post somewhere else." I find that stupid as f***! Why put stupid rules like that on a site were a lot of peoples wanna confess about touching there cousin in there sleep. Like very slowly and s***.... and licking her whole body from head to toe........

Stupid site!

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  • Wutdefuck

  • I am sure there are lots od incest confession sites that would be more than happy to publish, just try publishing what you want

  • Incest with children is wrong

  • Its the law,a******.

  • You are a naive guy.666

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