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i wanted and tried to not get this particular teacher for math this year cuz i heard how hard he was so i scheduled another taecher for this year. then last week when we went the first day i got lottery out of that class and it wound up i got the guy i wanted to not get. i was so afraid but i went to class annyway and as soon as i sat down in his room i started to noticing the bulge he has in his pants and how its real obvious when he walks around the room. and now i dont even want to go to any other class for any other subject except his. i have already fell in love with him and i am starting to decide how i can get with him. damn its like hes all i can even think about. damn!

Aug 19, 2013

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  • Oh right she is SOOO mature! Nevermind studying or anything else. Nowadays it's just about the hormones! You don't even need a brain anymore. Just do whatever you want with anyone regardless of consequences. So hot. Or just incredibly idiotic.

  • Yes, she IS hot. And what she is doing is hot. How can you not see that? I think she's wonderful and I think she's going to make her man very very happy.

  • yes i am mature and everybody tells me so including my teacher who is soon going to be my boyfriend! i know he wants it bad and hes even said we need to spend more time together. we have not had any s** yet but we will and its going to be sooooooo f****** good! and yes yes i am mature! and not just for my age but for women in general even he says that to me.

  • You are so sexy.

  • God you are so trashy!

  • She really is.....trashy-ass, trashy-ass, trashy-ass!!!

  • I think trashy is good. I think trashy is beautiful. I think this girl is both, and I love her.

  • {wink}...{kiss}

  • ok so I kissed him today after school! it was just on the cheek but it was obvious that i didnt do it just like i was a friend. it was the hottest thing and i could feel him wanting it to be more until he pulled back a little and got embarrassed it was cute like that. i told him there was more and then i left. so hot!

  • These things happen. People find out. Wives and husbands spend the rest of their marriage crying in private, drinking, finding ways to be cruel, and destroying their children's lives because of an act of stupidity.
    This is too high a price to risk even if the chances of getting caught are low.

  • ^ this is right on the money ^. pay attention to this person!

  • OMG you are so unbelievably nasty and oversexed and selfish. You need to STOP what you are doing before you totally destroy this man's marriage and family and career and reputation. He's done nothing to encourage this filthy f***-fantasy of yours except to maybe be nice to you and try to help you in understanding mathematics. No matter how bad you want to get in his pants, HE DOES NOT WANT TO GET IN YOURS! Just talking about this, whether it's to your friends or others, can be enough to get him fired and get him divorced. Is that what you want? Stop being so nasty. Nasty!!!!!

  • Leave the girl alone! Yes she's nasty but that's part of what makes her so wonderful and exciting and desirable and it's a large part of what makes her so mature. She obviously knows more about love and life than most women twice or three times her age. This girl is an amazing female and we should all be applauding her and supporting her. Nasty is good!!!!!

  • she really is nasty and i think i love her for it

  • i am so totaly not going to hurt his job or his marriage bcuz nobody is going to know bcuz i love him and i wold not hurt him EVER! i mean if he decides he dont want his family and he wants to be with only me that would change things totally and i would definately be with him then and i wold not care about his wifes feelings and i would take her place and she could just go eat s*** but i am not going to try to make that happen unles he says he wants it to happen and i will get her ass out and then we will be together forever. im not going to lie but yes i do think of that happening but im not going to make it happen unless he says to. i mean we haven't had s** yet but i know we will and i know its going to be good and so i think all those things could happen but they dont have to happen for me to be hapy with him and to make him happy. just being with him will be enogh for me for now bcuz i love him. i love him. and i am not nasty at least not in the bad way just the totaly good good good way.

  • You betray your immaturity when you say his wife can eat s***. Also, you think that just because the s** is good he will want to leave his family? He's going to throw away the years and effort he has put into his family for one good f*** with a high school girl? You think you're better than his wife? You think you're compassionate and loving? That must be why you think she can eat s***...

  • i only said that if he decides to leave home to be with me. i dont plan on hurting their marrage at all and he can stay there and be with me separately if he wants that. BUT if he decides to get with me then i am going to do whatever it takes to get him and keep him and if that happens i wont care who knows about us or who gets hurt. i dont know his wife but im sure that im a better f*** than her because im a better f*** than most women and i have been told so by lots of guys and some of them were married. and i think yes that i am compasonate and loving too at least as much as that b**** or anybody else. i would take such good care of him but he would have to decide first to come and get with me permanant. and if he does that then his wife and everybody else can go eat s***.

  • When I said you were nasty I did NOT mean it in any good way.

  • I love the relationship you are building with this man and I hope you get what you want. Good luck!

  • HAHAHA, oh my god. The sad, pathetic fall of our society. You go girl - s** with married teachers comes first, before education. Why are slime bags like him allowed to teach high school anyway?

  • OMG he is so not a slimebag! we have not had any s** yet but we are getting closer and i really think its going to happen. his marrage doesnt have nothing to do with it bcuz i am not trying to hurt his marrage i just want him in secret. i really do love him totally. the other assistance he has is getting in my way with him but i am going to stop that soon and then it will just be the 2 of us. i really do love him.

  • Not much has got better so far this week but on friday the teachers meet with there assistance after school and the other one my teacher has wont be there for it this week so it will just be me and him alone in his office so i hope we can start being closer in all the important ways. gosh it makes met wet just writing about it!

  • excited!!!!!!!!! he called me tonight on my cell phone when i didn't even think he had the number! he called to tell me that he picked me for his assistance for the 1st semester!! he wasnt even suposed to pick until tuesday and only tell it at school and he wasnt suposed to pick somebody not in math club but HE PICKED ME!!!!!!! we talked on the phone for like almost 30 minutes and we got along so good it was amazing. i think he wants to hit this and i think this actualy might actually happen!!!

  • How old are you? How old is he? Is he married? Have you dated a married guy before?

  • Im 17. hes 41. yes hes married. and yes i dated 1 married guy before and i really liked that very very much.

  • its not really any of my business but have you dated a teacher before?

  • yes I did that sort of. its just that he wasnt my teacher at my school at the time we dated.

  • That sounds so hot! Post if anything happens between you ;)

  • Ditto. Please let us know what's going on!

  • thanks for being so nice. so far i got a guy in class to switch seats with me so im on the front row and right next to the teachers desk. i wanted to join math club so i could be next to him even more but i suck so hard at math that i cant get in but i am going to try to get to be his assistance the first half year and i think i can get that because not many kids want it. i really feel great about this and i think its all going to happen for me. the more i am around him and the more i think and dream about him the hotter i get for him.

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