Family battles and future s** roles

I have the weirdest family tree with more then enough strange skeletons.

firstly my grandmother was a vintage p*** star and consort to royalty and that is where all the s*** starts.

I was told she died of a stroke but I now know that was not true and (some were under false knowledge that she was dead but not so) that she lived a long life in a small town near where we grew up in with my mothers sisters family. they closes my mother out of inheritance and the family over her "un-natural ways" with other women at the convent boarding school.

I must have a family who live the biggest faking death rate in the world. as we were lead to believe my aunty died of cancer and she did not. turns out she was a little bit "un-natural" in the bedroom department as well at the boarding school and had to be exported off from her husbands to live a life in London. so here were we thinking she was this poor unfortunate thing dying and far from the case. she actually lives a very upward society lifestyle in London with fellow writers and jet set society. but all we hear are the poor wallowing stories of her death and it just drags you down.

this is a family that hides its shame of incest and p*** and molesting children for good reason with bloodlines dating far back in royal heritage. so I am the odd one out mouthy and resistance laiden to their rape culture because I will not be silent about rape, as much as this displeases my family and my real father who is related to my godparents family I think.

fate seals a heavy blow to the innocent, and in this family you are not innocent for long. I suspect my parents are half brother and sister and don't even know it. and some of the children in this marriage are from other men, as my mother like her mother was a "at home working girl in the inner suburbs with specialist bloodline clientele" while my step father was out at work.

my mothers sister has since had a number of children in London to royal bloods to the throne- they fake their death and go up one level, so here it is my sister married my father who was related to my godparents and now she moves one step up and will soon fake her cancer or death or just move off to be near these royal bloods. it maybe another country altogether. so that is why my real father must save me. and he will pretend to be not my real father when they fake some deaths here.

or things will remain the same and I will move on from here to live out the game of family chessboards either way I am getting davo and he will be my white knight in shining armor to rescue his little girl. he has told me we will live together as man and wife and no one needs to know. I am ok with this outcome at last.

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  • What the f*** did I just read?

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