H*** yeah

I am one smug childfree m***********. Yep, I truly do look down on anyone who chooses to breed. And yes, I truly do think I'm better than just about everyone who has children. My life is better, my sanity is better, h*** I work fast food and my wallet is still better than you breeders' bank accounts!

For a few reasons, I've historically never allowed myself to be proud of anything in my life. Well, part of my path out of that darkness is allowing myself to be smug about juuust a couple of things in my life... My decision to not have children is most certainly one of them.

I understand that some people grow up never realizing that not breeding is even an option. I feel sorry for those poor suckers. They fell for the "family" bullshit that the media in this culture spews, hook, line and sinker. That's a life that they'll never get back. The life of peace and quiet, even just a little disposable income, and much less stress and drama and filth.

Despite what people may think, being childfree doesn't make you a bitter, unhappy person. I share my life with many wonderful, unique animals, who bring me joy every day. My partner is just as childfree as me, and we have great chemistry, been together for over 3 years and counting. I don't have to worry about nappies or car seats or - god forbid - all the things that would happen to one's body. Ugh. The only things allowed to scream in my house are large parrots.

If you can't decide whether you want children or not... think. Would you volunteer to throw $250,000 down the toilet? If not, don't breed. Yes, that's how much those little s**** cost on average. Also, they'll trash your house, ruin your life, vomit and s*** all over you and everything you own, harass your pets, and when they grow up they'll hate your guts and eventually cut you out of their lives. Don't buy into the "someone who'll take care of you when you get old" bullshit that breeders spout. Trust me, all that s*** they say about it "all being worth it" is just a cover for their miserable lives spent as a slave to a rude, selfish, filthy small person incapable of empathy. [If you want that, get a bird. At least they're pretty and adorable and do funny things. Babies are just sloppy and look like potatoes or big lumps of dough.]

Just use a condom for christ's sake. Save yourself the years of heartache.


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  • It's actually good you don't have kids, you'd f*** them up anyway. And that's totally your choice. But ewww.. birds..
    (Maybe it's because I know someone who's father is a bird hoarder and it's a scary site to walk through his house.) You don't think those things s*** all over the place or talk back to you? Cost you money because they get sick? And parrots live as long as a child. And you don't think losing a pet won't leave you with heartache...The only difference is that your "children" have feathers/fur.

  • Biggest difference: I love parrots. I hate kids. I'd do a hundred things for a parrot, including spending all my money, that I would never want to do for a kid. That's pretty much it. Sorry to hear about your bird-hoarding acquaintance, that's not fair to the animals at all.

  • Are you one of those that have nerdy hobbies? Every CF person I have ever ran into online was into really geeky crap like anime and sci-fi conventions; they all thought they were too good to watch reality shows like the Real Housewives and Duck Dynasty.

  • Um, yeeeahhh... I wouldn't brag about being into reality shows, pumpkin. Just because a lot of people do something doesn't mean it's okay or intelligent. All that means is you're part of a large herd of rather stupid, two-legged livestock.

  • L m f a o. i am so sorry about your life. if you legitimately enjoy s*** like duck dynasty and toddlers in tiaras etc then you are probably not a person that i ever want to meet.

  • Seriously! *high five*

  • I am waiting until i am 40 years old,before i decide to ever have kids.and when i do i have kids.i am shaving my head bald.so i do not have to ever look at my gray hair ever in my life.

  • Trust me, dude, if you do have kids, gray hair will be the least of your worries. Just say no!

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