Desperately wanting my boss's son....and SOOOO hoping to get him

During this summer my boss's oldest child worked at our office as temp help just doing odd jobs and whatever was needed around the building and running errands. He's rather shy but I got the distinct impression he was hot for me and just couldn't say it either because I work directly for his dad or because I have a husband and have kids his age and older. I wasn't in a position to initiate anything without exposing myself to risk but I encouraged him in his desire every chance I got and I flirted like a dripping s*** every time we were in the break room alone together. He never took the hint or at least he never appeared to so we never hooked it up. Even though he's back in high school now he'll still be working 1-2 days a week so I'll still get to see him and hopefully work on him to make the first move and let him know he will so totally not be rejected even in the slightest. I just hope I can manage somehow not to jump him and not to wrap my legs around him and hump him right out in front of everybody in the company. Every time I think about him I can almost feel him penetrating me. I hope I arouse him even half as much as he arouses me, but I don't just want him for a night in bed or even for a long-term affair: I want this to go on and on and on and on. I've never felt this strong for anybody. Not ever. I want him and I don't want to turn loose.

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  • I read your narration with deep sense of empathy. A lot of folks have had enough confusion from a "confused world" to last for a life time! Lack of "personal identity" can bore oneself sick even to having suicide thoughts . Have I once considered suicide in my life? Yes and indeed, many folks you see that walk the streets are full of challenges and pains that were inflicted or innate. In my own case, in my teens , I thought I will not be able to achieve anything because I was abused as a child , lived in a home that always felt like an explosive device was about to ignite. I struggled with these feelings and tried to fill the void via alcohol and "street smokes". I found fake boldness that was transient. I envied and wanted to be like others. I began to steal. Well, I am an adult now, well educated, employed, married, had kids, drug/alcohol/smoke free, and really free from all my demons. How? Yes, I know that this will be the question in your heart. It sounded foolish and dreamlike but it was real. Someone gave me a copy of "New Testament and Psalms and proverbs"; a little blue covered book which could fit into my pocket. It was published by Gideon international. I began to read it from "The Gospel of John" like he advised me. I love reading and it made sense. Well, I may not be able to tell you all that happened to me but I discovered that as I read it daily, I began to be attracted to and talk to the main character in the story; Jesus and it seemed like and old self of mine was dropping off daily. At some point , I was shocked when I was out with my friends and realized that I hadn't touched alcohol in the past 2 weeks! And the stranger thing was that alcohol lost its appeal to me. In fact, it disgusted me. My friends told me that they will "give me just three months" and I will drink myself to stupor like before. well it has been years and I keep getting better; more pleasant than the person I ever tried to be. Jesus is beautiful.

  • Did u ever get to f*** the boy?

  • Okay just to be clear. I didn't invent adultery and I didn't create any rules against it and I'm not the first one to engage in it (or to enjoy it as f****** much as I do) and I won't be the last one to engage in it and I didn't create the laws against s** with people under a certain age or pick the age. THE GUY IS LEGAL and not because I said so but because the law said so. He's fair game and I'm fair game and if both of us want each other we can have each other period. I never pressured him and would never do that and he has always given the impression that he's super f****** hot for me so I'm not taking advantage of him but I AM taking advantage of his interest in me though I don't consider that to be taking any advantage. When two people want each other they can have each other and there's nothing to stop that and one is not taking advantage of the other. Yes I want this to be a long term thing but I consider that a positive since I don't just want a pump-and-dump but something that lasts longer and (I hope) goes on and on and on and on. And finally I have been doing this with men for a long time and I have never got caught and so I don't think I'll get caught here. But if I do get caught I'll work my way out of trouble and I know how to do that because I'm a woman AND THAT'S WHAT WE DO. We're born with that ability and we're f****** good at it. I may not get this boy but I'm not going to stop wanting him. But if I do get him............I'm gonna f****** keep him. Call that whatever nasty name you want and I will consider it flattery.

  • You sound like a bunny-boiler. If he has any sense, he'll run a mile

  • So I read this and it sounds like you'd rather be a s*** and w**** than a faithful mother/wife? I applaud you for doing something so bold and such but their is a point/reason why you married your husband, he must have given you something so special, that no one else can give you. Heck there are many other girls I want to get it on with too, but there's just something about my girlfriend that I can't let go or don't wanna lose and it's that special something that makes her unique. And if there's nothing like that in your life then I guess you must've married him just to get laid and such. It may not happen now or for a long time, but eventually everything you do that is wrong/bad will come back to haunt you in the future.

    This is just my opinion but if a lady had the hots for me then I'd gladly let her hop on my magical broomstick for a ride anytime.

    PS: this was only if i was single lol ^_^

  • My girlfriend left me saying I was old and no good.She has had 3 relationships, that I know of, in less than two years,that have failed badly.She is now on my phone calling and texting 24/7 wanting to come back.But I have told her I have a woman who is very nice to me and that has made it worse.Everything she has been doing and saying to me has come back to haunt her for sure and its like she is losing her mind.If i did not have kids with her I would never talk to her ever.I know payback is a devil and hubby could get AIDS,Herpes,Syphilis,Gonorrhea or some other incurable disease just because this lady want to gratify herself.Can you imagine the 17 year old picking up such a disease? Few days ago,met a 21 year old bisexual patient who is HIV positive and does not know it and we are trying to figure out how to tell him because he is already suicidal over other issues.

  • ^^best observation about this sorry-ass situation^^

  • I'm so glad that the two of you chose to speak reality to this poor, sad woman. And I'm even more pleased that you are men, who can -- perhaps -- put some sense in her head and let her see this situation from the male perspective. The RATIONAL male perspective, that is; not the "let's f***" perspective of these other clowns here: Anthony Weiner would be very proud of all of them. It's so obvious that what she's doing is wrong, that it's hard to believe she can't see it herself. This boy may be beyond the age of legal consent, but HE IS STILL A MINOR. And he is the son of the man who signs her paychecks every week and keeps food and clothes and shelter available to her and her family. And her husband would be DESTROYED if he knew how sexual she was and how many men she'd been with and how h**** she is FOR A CHILD. Thank you two guys SO MUCH for offering some sense of sanity and morality AND PROPORTION to this (ahem) 'discussion'. I just hope this woman reads it, hears it, understands it, and accepts it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • they used to call women like these "tramps". words like "w****" and "s***" are too kind for what she is.

  • Here's what the OP sounds like in her posts: "me me me me me me me me c*** me me me me me me me me me me dripping me me me me me me me me me me me me s*** me me me me me me me black d*** me me me me me me me me me me me me long nipples me me me me me me me me me me secret me me me me me hump me me me me me me me me long-term affair me me me me me me me me me me me me underage boy me me me me me me me me." Do you see a pattern?

  • shes delusional if she believes that the new job the boy got had nothing to do with the fact that she was prowling around on all fours sniffing his ass.

  • When she gets caught, and she will get caught, she won't be able to comprehend what all the fuss is about.

  • serves you right. your a predator.

  • She's right: you were about to take advantage of that poor boy. He doesn't know how lucky he is. It's shameful.

  • Well I guess it is probably over. My young man will be applying to colleges for next fall soon and he decided he needed to beef up his resume and so he got a job as an intern at a local P.R. and political firm because he thought it would look better than working for his father. Naturally his father helped him get the new job which he started last Wednesday so I don't see the difference but maybe I'm a little biased. I don't think the decision had anything to do with me because his dad kept talking about the new job like it would be exciting for me to know all about it when in reality it was just totally f****** ruining all my plans and dreams. I may still see him from time to time but I won't have the opportunity to work on him like I had been working on him. I really thought this affair was going to happen, I really did, and he was so close to giving in to me and becoming my lover. But all that time is just lost and I have also lost my love. I feel sick.

  • Ohh my goodness! you lost the chance?I am devastated for you. Did you even ask him for his number or email or phone? Well,since its a local job and you gonna be seeing him at your job here and there,there is still hope.Hang in there,don't give up. You need a long island ice tea or a margarita or a shot of something to calm your nerves?

  • It's still theoretically possible that we might hook up but without having him here next to me so often and being able to apply subtle pressure toward an affair its going to be so easy now for him to say no to me where if we were actually together I could almost make him say yes. If I had known he was going to be leaving I would have been more direct and worked faster but I was sure he would stay here until he was through with high school at least so I just took my time and led him along and now its all been a f****** waste. I mean I think he's still realy hot for me but when he doesn't see me as much he won't be as likely to succumb to a seduction and stay in a relationship which was my goal all along. I really could use a tea and a rita and shot. :) I really don't understand why I'm so totally and completely depressed by losing a man I never had. It was almost like losing him to another woman because she was younger and prettier. It hate this feeling and I hate losing him right when I had him where I wanted him. F***!!!

  • My people say people meet,mountains don't.Its not like they shipped him to Siberia or still have a good chance to find him and give him the b*******.Have you looked him up on facebook? Well I owe you the shot of something,sounds like you need it or a miracle bad.But u gonna make it for sure.They are still turning 17 daily:)

  • Thanks for being supportive, and for the shot! I love that saying and I never heard it before: it's very true isn't it? Yes he's not far away but being able to put myself in a position to work on him in a way that isn't so blatant is going to be practically impossible. I may have to take more drastic measures and be more brazen. I'm certainly capable of that but it wasn't something I wanted to use in this particular situation because I wanted HIM to think that the affair and all the nastiness I had planned was all HIS idea and not my idea. I don't use Facebook (I hate it to be honest) because I can't post anything about what I'm really up to and posting fake s*** to placate hubby and kiddies is a waste of time that I could be out f****** something hot and long and thick and yummy!

  • You just made me laugh so early in the morning. I use gmail so write to me using manardency.

  • i am so sorry this happened to you. i thought he was about to tumble. i think you did everything that you could of done and i think you did everything right. i'm sorry.

  • in hindsight you probably wish now that you had done what you first said and just jump him in front of the entire office. very sorry about your awful luck.

  • You're so right. Now I wish I had just f****** THROWN myself at him and not worried about his sensitivity or the possibility of losing my job. Because right now, I don't even care about my job anymore, and I would totally trade it for having a relationship with this young man. I wish he were here right now: I would soooooo show him exactly how I feel about him and give him anything he wanted.

  • Sorry to hear that, but i think if you get to see him before he leaves, maybe you can invite him to lunch or something like that and just get it on with him before he leaves....what a great going away present you would be

  • Thanks for your kind flattery!

  • That is the horrible part: he's already gone! He got the job one night after work and was gone the next day! I didn't even get to give him a going-away blow-job!

  • For what it's worth, I think you should start calling him on his cell, like, every day. Or at least maybe 4-5 times a week. You don't need to be sexual or suggestive.....just maintain the contact and DO NOT LET IT DROP. Be his favorite employee at dad's business and his best adult friend. Be supportive. Lend an ear. Maintain the contact no matter what. Eventually, he'll start calling YOU, and then you can ratchet up the heat, and it seems to me that you can ratchet up the heat just fine, because YOU ARE SO F****** HOT! It makes we wish I was 17 and working near you. Damn my godawful luck!

  • I have the same deep feelings about my bosses brother and i wish i had it in me to do what you are doing here. he makes me so hot that i almost faint whenever i am around him. i love my husband but whenever this man is near i just want to mount him and not care whose looking. i just want to walk up to him and tell him to f*** me and i would even let him knock me up if he wanted. i doubt that any thing will ever happen between us but i wish it would. i wish i was like you with this young man.

  • Don't punish yourself.... but thanks for sharing.Please find a way to mount your boss' brother.It will be the most fun and therapeutic thing you have ever done. Keep us posted.

  • thank you but i dont know if i have the nerve to actually do it. i fantasize about doing it but when hes actualy around me i get so nervous that i actually cant hardly breathe sometimes. and i always get so wet (down there) i get afraid that him or his wife will smell me creaming for him and they would know how i feel for him. its not like i even think we would ever be anything other than an affair but really an affair with this man would be enough for me or for any woman. and i would have his baby on the side and i would love doing that and my boss would never know that his brother and me were together that way.

  • You are a woman...naturally,women are very resourceful when they need to achieve a goal.I know you gonna find a way to bed this guy and have his baby.Just don't have the baby and put the guy on child support and all that mess.If you have the baby,make sure you will be able to take care of it and love it by yourself or with hubby.Hopefully,you wont announce to hubby that you had an affair and got knocked up...believe it or not some people have affairs and confess to their spouses/loved ones afterwards.I do not believe it will take you more than a minute to let this guy know you are into his d*** and want to milk it for all the millions of sperm it can produce for your fertile womb!I know you gonna find a way to f*** him...its just a matter of adequate planning and timing.If you deny yourself this man and possible affair now,you will get resentful down the road and have many useless affairs, just for not granting your heart,mind and p**** its greatest desire-your boss' bro.Why are you making yourself so powerless and helpless?

  • you seem to have a lot more confidence in me than i have in myself and i really appreciate that because its not something i ever got very much in my life especialy from my husband and all of the other men i knew before my marriage. i still dont see this man getting with me but i admit that i have thought about it so much that i already know that if it did happen that i would never tell anybody about the affair especialy my husband and that if this amazing man got me pregnant i would not use the baby to try to make him stay or even pay me money and i would not tell my husband. i would just make sure i could make hubby think the baby was his while all along i would know it was mitchell's baby. i even love the sound of thatand even just writing that.....mitchell's and my baby. i would always know for my whole life that mitchell was the father of my baby and i would love that baby soooo much. i mean i admit that i would want him to still be involved in that special relationship with me for as long as possible but not because i was carrying his baby and then had it. i would just want him to stay having this super hot affair with me behind everybodys back because he just loved me and loved to f*** me all the time maybe even more than his wife or the other girl he dates sometimes. its so strange how you describe me wanting to milk his d*** for millions of gallons of sperm because that's just how i think about it too sometimes and about him having so much c** to give me over our lives. its even more strange how you seem to know me and seem to know people so well and understand them all you are a very smart and sensitive man and that is so rare. thank you. :)

  • I love how sweetly you wrote that,showing so much care,admiration and desire for everything Mitchell:)If you happen to have a son with him,name him Mitchell and if a daughter,choose a name similar..Michelle or something.I am not sure if you are of child bearing age or on the pill.You have to find a way to convince hubby that you no longer want the pill..give an excuse like it gives you an eye ache or something.Then find another way to get close to Mitchell-hopefully he works in the same company.Show some genuine interest ask him something weird like what his favorite color or food/cake is,or something like did you buy that shirt,tie,whatever...just to spark a thought in him and also show that you are interested in him as a person.Or ask him even in front of co-workers,what time he's taking a lunch and whatever time he says,just tell him we'll go together,your treat.Be bold but SUBTLE.I am sure he knows you are married and sees you as no threat.At lunch,act kool,enjoy the moment,have a nice conversation and remember Rome was not build in a day. If he does not work with you,just ask your boss how his brother is doing,casually and just say I haven't seen him lately,tell him to say hi.Boss will probably tell bro you were concerned about him and Mitchell will start thinking about you.Given that you really care,you are not going to sound or look fake. Whatever I just told you may not work...but am just illustrating to you that something you already know; its not rocket science hooking up with a man or woman.I have dated and been seduced by enough married women in my lifetime to know that when a married woman wants a guy,she will go after him and almost always score big.If you don't believe me,try to seduce Mitchell even just to prove to yourself that you can do this.Always be considerate of the other woman,enjoy just what you need,don't be greedy and eat the whole cake,leave her a piece too.

  • god i love the ideas about the names! did you know that giving them actual names would make them seem more real to me and that it would make the affair with him seem more possible? you are so smart and have such good intuition! as soon as i saw the names it felt like they were real children that we had planned and then i started thinking that maybe they would be twins which made it seem even better somehow. and the ideas about connecting in the beginning are good too but i am not sure i could do that its just not something i think i could find the courage to do. mitchell doesn't work with us but he comes by to see his brother pretty often so i see him maybe every other week or something like that. i know it seems stupid that i cant just throw myself at him and see what happens when i could easily be in an affair with him since he already has a g/f outside of his marriage. i mean if he was the one to come on to me i would say yes in the blink of an eye or less and i swear to you that if he told me that the only way he would start an affair is if i let him f*** me raw in front of the whole office, or f*** me raw in front of my husband and kids and then move out, i still would let him. that's how powerful the s** spell is that this man has over me and he doesn't even know! you said to be patient and i can because i wouldn't care how long it took to get him in my pants i would just do it. i am almost 40 (next april) but i can still have children. i am on b.c. now but i could get off it without anybody knowing. i would NEVER let my husband know what i was doing with the b.c. or try to prepare him for a pregnancy: it would just have to be a surprise or accident and i would keep it that way. he doesn't want any more children and he wanted me to get my tubes tied but i refused, partly because of the Mitchell situation and partly because i think its just a little unfeminine to not be able to have kids (just me). thank you for caring about somebody you don't even know!

  • Welcum:)Some guys are so lucky...he has a wife and girlfriend? You stand a very good chance of being a co-girlfriend and mother of his kid(s)!Your humility is very sexy.It looks that you have done a lot of secret planning about Mitchell.I have a feeling you gonna find a way to do whatever you can to turn your dream into a reality.I don't ever remember a married woman wanting my baby though.How I wish..that's so erotic.I also have to tell you something you already know;not that you are old or anything but in birthing years,time is not on your side very well. Don't be too patient unleash your creative talent.You almost there.I can even picture your swelling belly in alternating ,over sized blue and pink t-shirts written Mitchell and Michelle.Honestly,I have nothing to gain from this other than the joy and satisfaction that you would have lived your dream and enjoyed achieving your goal.If I lived closer to you,I would help you out for free any way I can and make sure Mitchell is yours,even for an hour on your most fertile day.

  • i honestly would love to have this mans baby or babies but its just getting with him that is the main thing to me and the babies would be a wonderful extra bonus in my life. i want to be his lover even if he stays with his wife and keeps seeing his girlfriend but if he wanted to marry me i would let him play as much as he wants as long as he always comes home to me after he was finished with the other women. i just want him in my life and in my body so bad that i would let him do anything to me (even hurt me) and do anything to other women because hes that much man. i know that i don't have forever if i am going to have him knock me up but i think i have enough at least for now. i dont know how many women feel like this about a man andlikeyou said its probably not very many but i worked with a woman about 15 years ago who was my best friend at the time and she had two children by this one married guy maybe 4 years apart and she never told her husband they werent his while her lover and her actually planned the children together. it was so sexy to me at the time and i always marveled about how she and her boyfriend were able to make that happen and nobody find out except me. and i never thought i would ever even come close to do that but i hope that's where i am today. i appreciate your saying so many nice thigns.

  • Though you are planning to have an affair,I think you mean well and your whole heart and mind is in it.I don't feel like you plan on hurting the other woman;and that is very sexy,attractive,unselfish and considerate.I adore the way you speak highly of this guy and hold him up on a pedestal despite his philandering ways- its as if you have accepted him for whom you know he is and your life is sort of empty without him.You have mentally and emotionally surrendered yourself to him.I will feel very delighted to know that you have quenched your desire.I need to find a way to keep in touch with you beyond here.If you accomplish your goal,I will for sure buy your baby a reasonable gift:)

  • if i am being honest with myself i have to admit that mitchell is man enough for several women and it would be foolish of me to ever ask him to limit him self to only me whether we were married or just having an affair. where i am right now i actually love the fact that he has a wife and children and then has a mistress on the side (one that i know of, but maybe more) who is younger than any of his kids. i mean i think thats sexy as h*** but i think there is something really beautiful about that too because of the difference in their ages. maybe i would feel different if i was the wife and he was still with that girl so much younger than me but i really don't think so. as long as he came home to me after he wore her out then i think i would be okay with it and love him for always coming home when he got enough of the others. and OMG you are so right! i hadn't thought of it the way you said it but i think i really have surrendered myself to him mentally and emotionally since i think about him all the time and spend so much time dreaming about our life together as a couple or in an affair. and you also amazingly realize that my life feels empty without him. the more i write about him and talk about him the more i love him and the more i want him and the more i want to be in that relationship with him. and yes.....the more i want his children just like you said. twins.

  • There is a new reality tv show tonight on TLC about a guy in Utah with 5 wives and 24 kids.I think you may enjoy watching that one.I will be watching it.I read about it on yahoo so you can at least read about it.

  • Since you have been thinking a lot about it over the years,what is your plan of attack? When f****** hubby,are you thinking about Mitchell or fantasizing about him? What do you think would happen if your sought hubby's permission to spend time with Mitchell?

  • i have to force myself to think about my husband when he's going at me. my default position is mitchell and its always him who first comes to my mind especially when I m*********. and in my fantasies i often do really filthy things that i have never done but only read about or dreamed up in my own head. my husband would never allow me to see mitchell or any other man alone even if i could convince him that it was just friendship. but with mitchell i dont think i could even say his name in front of my husband without it being really clear on my face that i wanted mitchell to be f****** me right then and there.

  • Jesus, what your friend did really was amazingly sexy. Wow! Many, many more women should be that bold, don't you think?

  • I adore a bold woman:) am just waiting to hear that this couple has a baby coming.I was amazed by your friend who had two secret babies.I would be so gleeful to have a woman plan to have an open or secret baby like your friend did or as you are planning to do.Very discreetly sexy indeed!Are they still married?

  • they are both still married to their original spouses and still involved with each other. the youngest of their children will graduate high school next year. i cant believe that they have been able to keep all of this a secret, the affair, the planned pregnancies, the paternity, for as long as they have. they never said this but i always have thought that once the children were grown they would divorce their spouses and marry each other and tell everybody who had fathered those children but so far almost everybody is clueless about their relationship. about two years ago they stopped having s** with their spouses and now they only make love to each other. they are really an amazing couple. i also keep thinking that they might have a late-life baby but i don't know.

  • How so sweet and wonderful! Love is an amazing thing.I cannot say they are in l***,I think they are both in true love with one another.Imagine the unsuspecting partners can say they have been married this long ...but they really aren't married at all in the hearts...just on paper!I am happy when finds a relationship that truly works.

  • you are really understanding and aware. the two of them really are married to each other in fact but just not on paper. the relationship they have always had has always been better than their actuall marriages and its not even a close call. i am very impressed that you picked up on that so easily and quickly when most people wouldn't and especially most men. that's amazing. and your right about them being in true love too because they really are. i don't know if they say it to each other or not but the way they act around each other is so much more loving than they are with their actual spouses. i haven't seen them together in about a year but that is the way they are and the way they always were and i'm still just amazed that you knew that. maybe its because you have had that kind of relationship with a woman outside your marriage. or outside hers. my guess is that married women flock to you and that you know how to take care of them probably because you have been doing that since you were a teenager and probably with some of your mom's friends. very hot. very very very hot.

  • Another thing about them that i didnt say but that you probably already know is that both of them love to cheat on their spouses. they say it makes everything more exciting not just the s**. i think thatsprobly something else you have incommon with them.

  • Lets communicate in a more personal and private way.Write to me at gmail and add dotandcom using manardency.Its gonna be discreet and I think we can talk better like that. I would like to communicate with the lady who originated this post too but I dont think she even reads it anymore. I'll be waitin:)

  • so sleazy

  • YEP...

  • I've been talking to him more at work and at lunch (I started going to lunch late after he comes in from school so we can sit together in the lunch room) and without me directly telling him what I am up to he says he would not go after a married woman but he might hook up with one who came on to him. He's never done that before he says but he probably would. I never indicated that I was interested in hooking it but I think he gets the idea. He's had s** before (a lot he says but I don't know how much that is) but the oldest woman was 29. I think its progress and I'm going to keep working on him every day he comes to work. My panties get so soaked every day he's there and every time I even so much as think about him and how delicious he just has to be. I just feel all hot and filthy when I'm working him. I want it to happen faster but I do not want to scare him off. I appreciate everybody saying the nice things they have said and being worried. I really think this could happen as soon as next week or the week after. I wish I could show you just how yummy this boy is but I can tell you that any woman here no matter what age she is would get on this and let him hit it if they could.

  • Spending that much time with him in the breakroom is a bad idea already;its a give away to others that you are up to something already.I am sure co-workers are sensing what you are up to.You have made a very drastic change in your routine by changing your break times.Dad knows for sure or it will click for him soon or later. The sooner you do it and "get it over with",the better it is for you.I c*** wait for the details:)Enjoy and do your best not to get caught or hooked for good:)

  • I don't know how you know that (WOW!) but you're right because one of the other women in the office said something to me about just that thing this morning. I said it was just coincidence that we wound up in the lunch room at the same times so many times and I made a joke out of her thinking I was trying to 'pick him up' (I said he was too heavy for me to lift alone). But people do talk so you are soooo right and I have to be careful about all this. I don't think his dad would notice but sombody else in the company could tell him if it got to being real obvious. Yes, I do have to move fast for that reason and because I don't want any of the other women in the office going after him and getting there first. There is this one divorcee in particular who has a reputation for going after young men and getting them so I definately need to land him before she has the same idea and starts trying to hook him for herself. I like the way you said "c*** wait" (LOL!) and not wanting me to be hooked for good. I don't think of this as a lifetime thing with him because I know it won't be but if you read another section you probably saw that another guy has me thinking about dating black men now and that would be a more probable thing to get hooked on and not be able to go back and that would worry me but this boy I think I can control.

  • I am the same guy:)

  • Oops....sorry. :) I realy did love what you said about the maried white woman having a baby for her black lover and then having him knock her up immediately.....all of it right under her husband's nose. I really think that is so beautiful and romantic and sensual. I admire that woman completely and the way she seems to be able to manage so many full relationships. I mean its not like she was just married and having one or more affairs on the side: she is really directly involved with both men as primary relationships and THAT is incredible. I'm sorry if I offend you by asking this but as you've probably already seen I'm really nosy. Are you the black lover (and the father of her children) in that relationship? I suspect you are or that you have done that in the past. It's just so hot and.........WOW!

  • No I am not the lover of the women.They wanted me to get the wives pregnant but did not do it because of distance.These couples are not related and don't know each other. I simply encouraged them to find someone and they each did rather quickly.The wife of the first couple moved out and now lives with her scond son's dad( a black guy) and the wife in the second couple was ovulating and spent saturday night with a black guy and she could possibly be pregnant as we speak.I have kids but they are not biracial.

  • Oh my dear sweet Jesus you just made my ovaries start to throb! The second wife KNEW she was ovulating and she went and spent the weekend making love with her young black boyfriend???? Christ that is so incredibly sexy! I'm almost afraid to ask this but you already know I'm so nosy so I have to ask! :) Did her husband know what she was up to or was she hiding it from him? And did her black boyfriend know she was there in his bed trying to get him to knock her white ass up? OMG this is almost too much!

  • The hubby has low sperm count.They are both white.They live in a predominantly white country.They decided they gonna find a black guy to knock her up.She is 40 and has an ovulation patch on always.Hubby found a 25 year old black guy and wanted to pay him to do it, after meeting her at a local bar, but the guy was late.While waiting,she found another black guy,who was visiting from another country and was hanging out with his married host,and she went home with him and f***** him all night.The guy she f***** has no clue she was ovulating and wanting a biracial child.He is leaving that country in 2 days.Women can do amazing things when they crave something.

  • your playing with fire and the situation is going to blow up in your face.

  • This is correct.

  • Get yourself in Shape , and make sure you are awesome beyond Awesome ..Nothing more Pathetic , than seeing a Fattie 37 Year Old , with a Young Guy and REALLY embarassing for Him .

    He will give you a Trusting ..thats okey , but dont Bring Shame on Him , You are L****** . Make Sure your Weight and Fitness is Correct or it just looks Sickening and Pathetic .

    Nothing Worse than a Fattie with a Young Guy .

  • I'm in good shape because I dance so much and have a lot of s** and don't eat a lot. Unfortunately "37" is long behind me (let's just say late 40s) but I don't think I look my age. As for the dating appearance......yes we would probably go out sometimes but not much because the age difference would be impossible to explain away. Mostly we'd just be alone doing exactly what you think we'd be doing and the age difference is of no consequence there. My body is in great shape for f****** and I'll keep myself that way for him. He'll love me and he'll love our s** life together and I'll make sure of that because I know how.

  • Wellllll he got out of school early today and came to the office at lunchtime. He spent the entire afternoon inside the office itself moving furniture and readying an office for someone to occupy. Sooooo, I got to see a lot of him but I didn't get to talk to him very much. He went to the break room once but there were six other people in there so I didn't try to go talk to him there. I caught him in the hall briefly and talked to him about school and flirted with him and he seemed like he was picking up on my sexual cues more than normal. I winked and blew him a kiss when he left for the day and he blushed bright red so I think hes starting to get the idea that I'm interested. But he still has no idea that I ache for him and that I WANT TO GET ON! Next week......I'm going to start being more blatant.

  • I am sure that made your weekend so dripping wet:)

  • This young man has soaked more of my panties than any other man I have ever known. He is just soooooo amazing and I want him soooooo f****** much.

  • Well if you Dont go to Jail you Certainly should . YOU CERTAINLY WOULD HERE IN AUSTRALIA , he is over 16 Years but you are well over 25 years .

    Look its pretty easy for you to get him to Sleep with you , But its certainly not a Wise Choice , and is Rather Sickening to be Honest , Nothing Worse than seeing a woman your Age loose all Dignity , and have no respect for herself .

    He's probably Nervous Because the Boss has Worded him Up . Steer Completely Clear , and let the Young Man loose his Virginity to a Nice tight Young Girl around 16 Years Old .

    STAY AWAY from him , and have some respect for yourself ( More Important ) and your own family ..Its Disgusting Really .

  • I won't be giving up any dignity or giving up anything at all in order to be with this male who the law says is old enough to have s** with whoever he chooses to have s** with. Have I had fantasies where I force myself on him? Of course. All women have fantasies of all kinds and I have some pretty perverse ones. But I would not force myself on him. I would only go to bed with him if I'm sure of two things: first that he totaly wants it; and second that he can keep totally quiet about it. I won't be taking advantage because I will always be giving more than I am getting with him because take my word I am reeeeeeally good in bed and because I will be teaching him about the art and beauty and skill of lovemaking. Yes I will be receiving as well because I love this young man and I ache painfully with desire for him but we will be a couple and we will be wonderful together IF those two conditions can be met. And just so you know: I dont have a general desire for boys his age. His age does have a part in this desire but I want to be with HIM not just some random guy his age. I won't stay away. If I can get him and if the conditions are there.....I WILL HAVE HIM! And trust me: it will be good.

  • Sure He Will Bang you , Because any Young Guy like that Would , but outside of S** It cant do anywhere so Dont Sell it that Way , The Window is EXTREMELY limited , and he will be Interested in Young Women , you Will then be Devistated .

    There is No Future in It ..So as long as you Understand that , and Dont Hinder the Young Man , He needs Young Women ..But he will eventually Give you a Solid F*cking , thats fine .But understand the Facts for the Facts . The Only benefit for him is your Experience .

  • I agree with your point and that is the way I always think of these relationships outside my marriage. I never ask them to stop doing their wives or girlfriends or break up with anybody. In fact with this guy my intentions are to encourage him to date as much as possible with girls his own age. I WANT HIM ACTIVE. The more he f**** the better he gets. But I also admit to something selfish.....there is no way in h*** that any girl even within 10 years of his age can compete with me as his s** partner. So the more girls he f**** the more he'll realize how good he has it with me and the more he'll keep coming back to me for more. I haven't been with someone his age since I was 12 but I've f***** a lot of guys and I've had a lot of affairs. Thanks for your advice but THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO. :)

  • love it! go for it!

  • Do not act on this. You will be labelled as a sexual predator if you do and get caught. And you will get caught - no one his age will be able to keep his mouth shut; he will be bragging to his friends about getting laid by this old married woman at his dad's office.

  • I admit that most guys his age would do just that but this boy seems different to me. Hes shy and nice and conservative and he seems like the kind of boy who wouldnt talk if his older lover (much older) asked him not to and promised to take care of all his needs no matter what they were and if she let him have girlfriends. But you are so totally right about that being one of the things I would need to be more sure about before we start an affair or even a fling. I wont be a predator because hes not underage where we live. I mean our relationship wouldnt be discovered but even if it did ...... it would be the sort of thing that a lot of older gals would be proud of, don't you think? :)

  • One possibility: when he has errands to run, tell him you want to ride along with him, or that you want to drive him around to do them. Get alone with him in whatever way you can, no matter where or how long. Get him thinking of you as a friend and companion, and then.......turn on that powerful charm of yours. I think you're hot, and I think you're going to get your man. Or boy! :) LOL

  • Ooooooooh that would be so wonderful and sexy to have him away from the office and with just the two of us alone and its a great idea! But in order to do that I would have to explain to his dad why I was leaving because hes my supervisor and I would have to tell him if I was going with somebody from the company so it would spoil the secrecy. An after work thing would be better but I dont know if I could convince this young boy to go off with me or meet me away. But God knows I want him and I would do anything to get him in between my legs but it has to be quiet and something I can control. But thanks for thinking of the idea!

  • This will not end well....for anybody.

  • It definitely wont end well if I dont get him in me because I want him so so so so so so bad. But it will end well for me if I get him and if I get him I will make totally SURE it ends well for him over and over and over and over again. I know how to please a man and make things "end well". :)

  • You are soooo about to lose your job and marriage and even go to jail!If you want someone to f***,just try his dad.I have f***** hundreds of women,single married or whatever and I know what I am talking about and am sure you do too.Don't think by your dripping p****,think by your head!.Ask your self this question; what will the following people say or do if they find out that I am interested in or have f***** this high school kid?The people you need to think about are:the boy's mom and dad,fellow employees,your husband and children,your pastor,the neighbors,the media,the court system.....the boy himself.

  • LOL. He's legal where we live (17), so no jail time could happen (YEA!), and as far as other people finding out, I've had other affairs that never got discovered, and I wouldn't start up with this boy unless I was pretty sure I could control him and control the possibility that his family or mine would find out we were a couple on the side. You are so totally right about the dripping p**** thing! That really, really, really IS what's driving me with this boy and making me crazed for him, OMMFG!!!!!!!!! Yes, the dripping does affect the way I think about the possible relationship, but I really think I can manage things. And you're right too about this making my pastor totally S*** if he found out! The main thing worrying you was jail, and that's not going to happen, so I think I'm okay as long as I'm careful, and as long as I can keep him from blabbing, but I don't think he's that type. But thanks for worrying about me! That's so nice. I appreciate it alot!!!

  • So you're just sort of a s***, huh?

  • I realize you were trying to be mean but I'll just be honest.....I have loved the word 's***' ever since I was in middle school. I don't know why but I just love it. I love the sound of it and the feel of it and every single one of the many filthy implications of it. It's a great word, 's***'. And I'm proud to say that I am a total s*** and always have been. So the answer to your question is no I'm not 'sort of a s***'....I'm a complete s*** and happy to be one. I mean I'm careful about who I hook up with and I dont take foolish chances with skeevy dudes just so I can get some random d*** in me but if I know the guy and I convince myself that he can be trusted to keep his mouth shut then yeah.....I'll hop on and take him for a ride in a heartbeat. And you know what? So would your mother.

  • I would pay to see that, she's been dead for 5 years.

  • Well,since you cant go to jail,you can do pretty much whatever your p**** desires-however if dad finds out,you may need to find another gig.
    The chances of him telling someone are high.Its a big deal for a boy that age to score with a cute sexy MILF.
    I work with young people under 18, in a huge hospital.You cannot believe the stories we know hear and report to authorities and how many parents and step parent,relatives,siblings,strangers and acquaintances get arrested as a result, from even looking at some youngster the wrong way.
    As a male,young girls always want to hook up and I have to strongly fend them off.When that fails,they try hooking me up with mom or some other person.That is why I was worried for you.
    Maybe in need to relocate to your town and state sounds like laws are more liberal.Enjoy

  • That's so cute and flattering! Yes, please do relocate here and we can have some extramarital fun, fun, fun! :) Soooo, you know young girls who p*** out their moms??!? Wow, now THAT s*** really IS hot and I'm glad you're getting some of that filthy action! Jeez! But you are right again, I admit: if his dad found out I'd be SOL and looking for work, but I can find other jobs: I don't know if I can ever find another situation where I've got a young male under my nose who is so totally delicious and ripe! I want him, but yes, I will be careful: think with my head and not my privates, right? :) Thanks so much for your kind words!

  • Out of curiosity what state do you live in?
    As I mentioned earlier,I had affairs or s** with married women and do enjoy doing that whenever I can get lucky.Your creativity and assertiveness is hot and is turning me on.I find the idea of "promised to take care of all his needs no matter what they were and if she let him have girlfriends" to be very kinky and hot.
    This one divorced lady I have been dating since January has a tendency to take care of my needs(no gf though).I have never experienced anything like that in my life.I am in my 40s and she is in her early 50s and we are both unattached. She buys me lots of stuff-I wear a pair of $200 to work that she bought me:I have never bought a shoes that expensive for me in my life! I get paid decent but she gives me money($800 cash so far)sometimes, after s**, and teases me that I am her w****. She gets me groceries and is exceptionally nice to me. Few weeks ago,wanted to buy a newer car and give me her older one as a 3rd car for me.I have a key to her apartment and as far as I know she is devoted to me.Sorry about the long story,you just said something that clicked with me.
    Ps:I have not had s** with any of the young girls from my job or their moms.I don't like trouble like that.

  • I think that older gal of yours wants to role play with you in the sub role and her in the dom role and I cannot think of a single reason for you to not do just that. I think it would be total fun and completely harmless and I think you should encourage her in her fantasy and not wait a single day! Yes, you should be her w****!!! Sooooooooooo hot!!!! And I wish you would see a way to connect with at least a few of the moms whose daughters are pimping them to you. What their doing is so blatant and sexual and its possible that the moms are putting the daughters up to it and asking them to make the connection. I mean that is just incredibly sexy and could be such a source of nasty fun for you and for them because I think they would all love to hook it up with a guy who loves married women as much as you seem to love them: married women need love, too! :) We live in Missouri where the age of consent is 17 but I have to secretly admit that I started having these filthy urges about the boy last summer and there were times when I thought about throwing him in my car and driving him over into Kansas.....where its 16. He is so yummy I can hardly stand it! :)

  • Waooo...maybe Kansas is better for me,lol. I must tell you that when I had my daughters,their mom was barely 18.I was in my early 20s and it freaked me out.
    In my 20s,I slept with women older than me and it was so much fun.Most of them used to seduce me and all I had to do really is oblige and f*** them.To this day,I love it when a woman younger or older comes after me;its such a turn on.But I would not want to get in trouble with the law.I could hook up with clients mothers but,it may get me to lose a job or be a public relations nightmare lol.Just like you,I go after someone I know will be very discreet.I hope that boy can.Beware,he may tell more boys and they all come after you and it will be a secret no longer.Happy f******,you total s***!lol

  • Thanks for using one of my favorite words the "right" way. Do you know what I mean? A man can call me a s*** in one way and its an insult but another man can say it different and it makes me want to get out of my panties and get him in me! LOL! Years and years ago I dated a man who used "s***" with me all the time and it just made me soak my undies. Of course it also made me f*** him too!! I really wish you could get with at least a few of the mothers who are getting pimped to you but I understand that you have standards and I admire that. But you really HAVE to go to work on this woman you're with now and start playing up to the idea that you are her w****. I'm telling you she wants you in that role and she wants it BAD. You have to start telling her that you really are her w**** and you want her to treat you that way: there's just too much fun and hot s** laying out there waiting for you and you have to let it happen. Good luck to you! And don't give up on "The Mommies" yet either! LOL! :)

  • A couple of months ago I was doing a married woman who does not live with hubby coz of work.Hubby visited and she told me after that she wants to stay faithful,though we talk.The lady I talked about here is extremely nice to me,not even sure why I cheat but I have always strayed discreetly so cant help it.There are cute 17 year olds that I have known who later turn 18 but I am even scared of them due to reputation and clinical condition.Most look so yummy though and maybe one day I will give a mommy a chance,lol.
    Are any of the guys you have been f***** of a different race than yours?

  • I'm so sorry to hear you lost your affair partner - breakups are hard in any relationship no matter what it is. But they can be even more painful when they are between two people who are married to others anyway. It hasnt always been that way for me but I have felt that several times. There is one man in fact who I felt like I was "more married to" than my own husband and when my husband and I moved away I was heartbroken for months. We still see each other maybe every other year but its not close to the same and the s** is sort of without heat that comes from regular cheating. Warning: DRAMATIC SUBJECT CHANGE! Yesssss you should totaly be getting that mommy ass and you should be hitting it like a m************ madman. I think you should be tearing a wide path through the mothers of those girls who are blatantly pimping them to you.....unless there are just NONE that interest you sexually. I guess that is possible but I dont think that could be so. Just try ONE. ;> As for different races no I haven't tried that. I have a married girlfriend a few years older who swears that black guys are the f****** BOMB and that's ALL she dates on the side. But she can't go in public with them so all of her dating is in apartments and motels. I love to dance so I have to be "seen" if I'm seen at all with white guys and in groups so nobody thinks I'm on a date: if I went black I could only go to his place or to a motel. Wait......why do I think that's a problem???? L****!

  • Yes why do you think that is a problem? If you gonna cheat as much as you are,enjoy a variety.How would anybody looking at you know or even think the guy is not your hubby?The loss of the lady is not devastating but I liked f****** her she was so shy and drips with wetness,I have to wash dishes after each f*** coz its like gallons of water poured on my sheets,lol.
    You are one s*** i wanna f*** for sure:)I wish u were closer

  • It may not sound like it but I actually do love my husband but the main thing I hate about him is that hes a racist. He says he isn't but he's at least very prejudiced. We argued about it for years before and after we got married and I hoped to change him but I finally realized he wasn't gonna change so we just stopped talking about race. I have a few black female friends but he would yell and yell for days if he ever heard about me even being around a black guy even casually and really I don't want to hurt him. I think a part of his problem is that he secretly believes that black men are sexually superior to white men and I would get really easily stolen not that he would ever admit it. So if I ever started seeing a black man I couldn't do that where any of our friends would see me even in a group with my lover because hubby would s*** his pants. If I decided to do it in private my married girlfriend could hook me up because somehow she seems to know ALL the black guys and they all seem to have huge thick c****. :) Plus she owes me anyway because I loaned her one of my men several years ago and she never gave him back. LOL! That was before she went all-black but she still talks with him. It was no loss to me because the guy was just somebody I went out with like maybe 3 times but she wanted him so I let her have him for a night and she kept his ass. And BTW as long as we're "confessing" here....... I love it when a man calls me a s*** and tells me he wants to f*** me all in the same sentence. It makes me warm and h**** and somehow it makes me want to undress. ;> Not that it takes much with me....... :)

  • Well,what hubby hasn't known all these years hasn't hurt him so find yourself an awesome black guy this holiday weekend and just f*** him to your heart's content.You have to find out what it is in a black d*** that has your hubby so scared and so racist.Just find that black d***,look at at it up close and personal,play with it,suck it,feel it deep inside and get used to it.Don't deny yourself variety coz you dont want to hurt hubby;he will be hurt anyway if he finds out you have been f***** all these white guys all these years and even loaning some of them out!Let me know how much fun it was:)

  • Being with a black man is just one other risk factor and I have tried to limit those as much as possible in my infidelity but the idea is completely hot. I think probably ALL white women fantasize about being with a black man and even submitting to them and I'm no different that way: I've had my share of daydreams about being mounted by a black man and becoming his s** slave. But I wonder if what they say is true that once you go black you can't go back? That kinda worries me.

  • It is very true mostly...from what I have seen,read or experienced in my long f****** life:).As in many things in life,there are some exceptions.Just try..I am sure your gfs have good pointers and experiences they can share with you.Maybe make it your Xmas gift this year:)

  • Just came back from lunch with my girlfriend Gail and told her that a friend of mine (that would be you!!) had got me to thinking about going black and she laughed and said that would make her sooooooo happy. She said she's going to a cookout on Labor Day afternoon to meet her current "black stud" and she said I totally have to go with her. She said she could put three of them on me and fill up all my holes at once since she knows I'm such a serious three-holer BIG time. I told her I would have to think about it because I not only worry that if I go black maybe I can't go back but if she puts three of those p****-killer s** animals on me I might not even be able to go HOME! Or at least I might WANT to go home. :) She said black c*** is addictive but it can be controlled. I'm not at all sure..........

  • Now that is tremendous progress! So what happened at the cookout and after???????????????????????;)

  • Unfortunately I won't be able to find out. I got called to come to work for Labor Day so Gail will be going on her own. :( Maybe I'll go another time but I still worry about that "not being able to go back thing". You said you think it's true....have you ever had a woman go black and not come back? With my s** drive I just wonder if connecting to a black man or men won't get me so overstimulated that I can't help myself and all I'll be able to do is f*** and f*** and f*** all the time....... Gail says no but I'm not convinced...... Apparently you think it's true?

  • From my experience and observation,its true and always will be.If you research a little,you will find that more and more non-black women are marrying black men or having kids with them,meaning lasting relationships of one form or another are being formed and at higher rates that before.I have personally had white women,married or single,get very attached to me...might not all have to do with race.I know white,asian or hispanic women who swear that all they want to date is black men.I have known many white women,married to white men but are granted permission to f*** black men of their choosing;just because they are so addicted to them and cant keep their p**** off their d****.One married white woman I know got pregnant, on purpose,by black guy,has a 3 month old son and is pregnant again by the same black guy.Hubby cannot believe it!Another white couple is hoping to get pregnant by a black guy next week.I tell you all these stories to illustrate to you that you may enjoy the s** and fun but;be careful,you may end up getting blackened.Don't be scared,you are woman enough and can take it,handle it and control it:)

  • I'm so sorry but I didn't realize you were black. I apologize for that stuff I said about black men stretching p****** and being s** animals and spraying c** like a gigantic fire hose. I really didn't mean it to sound like it did ..... I meant it to be sexy but I didn't know you were black. I'm so sorry. :(

  • LOl You just made my day! I see absolutely no reason for you to apologise. I have taken no offense in anything you have said about black people or anybody.I am very turned on by the way you think and write what you write and the amount of d*** you desire.Your sluty tendencies while married are hot.If you were any closer to me,I would want the whole of you for a while:).Thanks for the apology,though unnecessary,it shows you have a heart and feelings:)

  • I really really loved what you said about the white woman getting pregnant by a black man behind her white husband's back . . . . . . and then doing the same f****** thing again by the same black man! I'm not sure I ever heard of anything so totally hot or sexy or beautiful or romantic! Now THAT makes me wet! Damn! DAMN!!

  • Really this is HOT!

  • Amazingly hot...more and more married white women are having kids with black men.I know two trying to get pregnant like that tonight in two different continents and wish them success:)

  • I am sure if you wear sexy clothing around him, he will notice and just add some flirting and i am sure you will get him

  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your confidence. Yes, I will definately try that. Unfortunately, I don't have great big stripper b**** like most young guys want, but I do have long nipples that get hard pretty easily, so maybe I can wear tight things and a really thin bra (or no bra!!), and give him something to think about that way. He didn't come in to work at all this last week, and I actually ached for him every day. And every night. God, this boy makes me so hungry for him that I almost can't stand it! I want him so bad!!!! Thanks again!

  • Dam you sound f****** hot, you dont need to have stripper b**** to get a guy to notice you, but take advantage of any chance you get to be alone with him and get him to notice those nipples your talking about, i bet they will drive him crazy, i dont even know what you look like and your driving me crazy

  • Maybe your right but most guys seem to want a woman with minimum D-cups and much bigger if possible. My husband would never let me get implants but I've had several men that I was involved in affairs with who offered to buy them for me. Unfortunately I always had to decline. I have to admit tho that the men who have had me always say I have the best nipples and that makes me feel soooooo nasty and sexy. Just like YOU do when you say I make you crazy!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • I love to have a girls nipples in my mouth to make them nice and hard, i bet when you get your hands on this guy he will do the same thing, but dont worry about the size of your b****, i got some femail workers who dont have much but i would still do naughty naughty things with them if i had the chance...i am married by the way, lol

  • DAMN baby!!! Just reading what you wrote made my nipples stand up at attention. They are really long and thick and men love them even tho my b**** are a disappointment because they are so small. But I love all the attention you would give them and I am sooooooo jealous of all your co-workers and the attention you apparently are giving to their nipples. They are so lucky to have you and to be getting that sort of attention. And by the way.........I totally LOVE the fact that your married and are still taking care of the married girls around you. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Then you are gonna love this, one of the girls who i have hook-up up with before at work wants for her birthday, i repeat, its for HER birthday, she wants me to face f*** her and c** in her may be her birthday but i think i will get the better present

  • Darling you must have one helluvamotherfuckin c*** on you if you've got women in your workplace begging for it as a birthday present. I mean S***!! Not only are my nipples erect now but you got me dripping too. And BTW......just so you'll know, MY birthday is in November! ;> LOL

  • Lol, mine is in november too, but you gotta keep us updated on this stuff, your so hot for doing this

  • Birthday BJs!!!!! What could be better???? Only one thing ...... ..... adulterous birthday BJs!!!!!

  • I got one of those bj from another coworkers for my birthday a couple of years ago

  • You really MUST have some serious meat on you! And I like the way your swinging that c*** around the workplace! You and I think alike!

  • Believe me, i really dont have much meat on me to brag, but i think its more that these ladies and i are so sexual and not afraid to do and talk about these things with each other that makes them and i get together when we can and i love the way you think and talk, you and i would have so much fun together if we ever got the chance, plus just thinking about those nipples gets me so hard, i just gotta make sure nobody here at the office can tell how hard your making me

  • Hun, I totally LOVE a man who doesn't brag about his meat. Why? That tells me that he's probably hung like a f*****' horse and that he knows how to use that f*****' thing. It's a confidence thing when a man doesn't brag. My guess is that the women in your workplace all have little wet spots on their chairs from soaking their panties while hoping they are the next one who gets your c*** in them. You sound like a real man. And I already know the girls in your office agree!!

  • Make sure u keep us up to date on whats going on with you and i will make sure i tell you about any more fun i have at work, did i mention how me and one of the ladies here text each other naked pics of ourselves?

  • Sounds to me like you got a harem going there at your work so please do tell more about those hot b****** and how you're servicing them.

  • My next chance is this friday, we are going out for drinks with some coworkers and me and this chick are gonna try to get some alone time after so i can face f*** her and c** in her mouth

  • Dam, had to take a rain check on face f****** my coworker tomorrow, she had it all set up so we could get together and get it sad

  • Total TOTAL bummer. I hope it happens for both of you soon. My guess is that either your spouse or hers got in your way and I really just HATE that!

  • My spouse kinda got in the way, but unintetionally, but i am sure i will get to have it happen for us soon

  • I'm sure you're right, and I like your attitude about it. I also think the delay may make the f****** even better. If you're like me, you probably love the cheating almost as much as the s**! :) (And I did say "almost". LOL!)

  • Well i didnt go with that one chick, but i did start talking to another chick at the office and even got her to text me a topless pic of her

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