Cutting for escape!~

I'm a cutter. Can you believe it?? I never thought that I would be when I was the youngest innocent age of 3. I was happy go lucky. Then teen years came. My ex won't talk to me about our breakup and it happened a year ago, but I just want to know what his problem is with me. He talks to my friends when I'm around. Knowing I'm there. Ughh. It isn't very good idea. Since I'm a cutter and very emotional. I have a new boyfriend. We've been dating for 11 months now. I still want things to heal between me and my ex. To get on with my life. Is that so hard. I can't say anything bc I'm afraid of the resolutes I will get going to him to talk. Now I'm in my room searching for bandaids. Will the emotional pain ever stop?!?

Aug 23, 2013

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  • I almost hate to say this but I'm gonna. At the risk of sounding cruel. I think all you little emo f**** need to get together, hold hands and sing k**-by-ya. Then jump off a f****** cliff. Cutting yourself is an asinine way to beg for attention. If you must do it...try to find an artery. Emotional pain my ass. Get over yourself. Spend all that energy you waste whining about how f****** sad you are helping someone less fortunate than your spoiled ass is.

    Embrace your life and enjoy yourself. You only get one shot.

  • Ever notice that the "cutting is my badge of honor" thing became much more prominent around the same time the first children of "gentle discipline" hit puberty? And they always think they're the first people to have ever experienced emotional pain. Yawn...

  • Awww... I understand how you feel. I cut, I'm in much emotional pain (family problems). I'm not going to tell you that there is always a rainbow, or some kind of s*** that adults say to mask real problems. Because there's not always a bright side in reality. Reality is harsh. I'm not going to use metaphors, or similes to get my point across. I'm not going to sugar coat reality. Will the emotional pain ever stop? I don't know. Only you can answer that. Life is how you see it. Now your ex. Do you know what I suggest you do? Get over him. And don't say that you can't. Or that it's not that simple. Because it is. He's gone now, you should forget what ever he did or said. Somethings, like your relationship between you can't bw fixed unless both sides of the problem are willing to. And if he isn't, then you need to be the strong one out of you two and let go.

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