After Years of Harassment .. I gave him a good kick in the B****

This has been going on for Three years and Im certain many girls will relate to this Circumstance . I have been constantly Verbally Harassed By a Mindless " Jock " , he has a Girlfriend , I've addressed it with her , she says " Ohhh He's just being a Guy ..ha ha ha ha " ..Yeah , well Sorry in this Day and Age this is simply not an Excuse .

Comments like " Heh Babe ..when you wanta be with a Real Man " .." When we hanging out Babe " " Hey Hey ..Great pants , I can see what you had for Breakfast " .." Woooww ..Those Canns are to Die For ..Can I touch them ? ,they cant be Real " .." Woooww Hoo ..Here she comes , just the Hottest " .." You and me Babe ..any Time you like " , and much much More .

Girls would Say " He' s so Hot , and he Likes You " ..Ohh So Friggin What ! I cant stand the Dude , and his Bunch of 4 ( 4 other football Hangers On ) . All F/wits .

I made a decision that the Only way was to present him with the Humiliation , Pain , and demotion down the Pecking Order was to give him a Swift , Solid , Really Hard kick ..In a Public place , right into his Manhood .

I practiced my Action on a Dummie , this guys is Very tall , and Im much shorter so I had to make sure my Kick was presented with Relevant Power and a " Flat Foot " ..Similar to the Action of Kicking a football , but with a Large Follow though . Im a right footer so the Idea was to Come Directly in and Deliver a solid Kick from the right hand Side .

My opportunity came in a Social environment , he had the Gang of 4 around ( as Usual ) , He yelled out a Comment . I walked positively , accurately and BANG with the Right Foot ..BOOM ! I could feel the Manhood and the little boys Squashing against my Foot . The immediate Shock , Pain , Total embarrassment in Front of Many . With the " Gang of 4 " all kind of Moving their Hips at Once as The leader lay Groaning on the Floor .

The Feeling ,Incredible Power and So fulfilling .
The next Day he said " You F----- K Psycho B*tch " , I simply smiled and Laughed . I've Told the 4 ..They will also be Kicked Over Time ..1 has pleaded with me privately Not to get him ..ha ha , I told him ..YOU are getting the hardest kick .

Its just a Threat ..But it certainly feels good . :)

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  • I applaud you for standing up for yourself, people say "Don't stoop to their level and if you do, you're no better than them." But i say i won't stoop to their level but if I don't and this keeps happening then my final straw will be snapped and i will beat the s*** out of them. some people don't ever realize that if you don't stoop to their level and do something to them, it may go on for the next couple of high school years you have left. Most common thing they tell you is tell the the principle or teacher, well guess what i learned from my teacher in 4th grade as she tells me "we don't like tattle tellers." so handle your own business(only when you can't take it any more)

  • Moron

  • You obese f****** mule,i hope you have a heart attack sooooo big,it kills your whole f****** family.

  • r-e-t-a-r-d-s

  • Go f*** your self.

  • brilliant.......

  • You obese f****** mule,i hope you have a heart attack soooo big,it kills your whole f****** family.

  • I think it would be far better and more sensible if replies had something to Say ..Its rather pointless to just list abuse . Constructive Input would be ideal .

  • sometimes abuse is what's called for.

  • again.....brilliant!

  • You returning the abuse,you are no better than he is,right ever think about that.don't sink to his are much better than this jock a****** is,think about it next time.

  • Well , I take you point to a Degree ..But Honestly he Really Really deserved it , Unwanted Sexual advances , and unwanted commentary . I bet many in my situation would have had pleasure in completing this Punishment . The major part being the Humiliation , of getting what he deserved from a small framed female.

  • GOD! WOULD YOU PLEASE LEARN HOW TO TYPE??? iT Isn't comfortable to My Eyes when i See yOu writing Like tHis. THANKS!! And as a small framed female to another small framed female, grow up. Verbal abuse is to be responded with an equal amount of verbal abuse, or the simple act of ignoring the abuser since in your case they didn't actually cause harm. You don't really need to kick a man's private parts. You're just a b****. The physically weaker (YOU) shouldn't abuse their privilege that let's them do such things since the laws are on their side. In a perfect world, I wish girls like you would get punched in their b**** by the guy you kicked, because if we are really equal it would be fair. Just remember, in a one on one fight, the tall guy would definitely win, you useless weak b****.

  • Dont AgreE wITH YOUR input ..bUt thankyou anyone :)

    Abuse comes in Many Forms , not just physical ..By trying to mentaly s**** me over 3 Years , the embarrasment of a Physical responce was extremely Important . Im told he is far more Guarded Now ..and he certainly deserved the Solid Kick ..In my opinion .

  • Actually you're right. Sorry for calling you a b****.

  • Its certainly NOT a Fake ..I sure Did it , after much stress over years of Abuse . And I'd do it Again :)

  • whack job

  • Soo

  • No , its not ..

    Fact is often far worse than Fiction . This Story has been brewing for Years ..Literally .

  • I don't give a s*** how long its been's still fake

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