Compassionless s***

I had s** with a guy after he threw up in the toilet after a night of drinking when I was completely sober. He also flirted with my friend but I didnt care because i didnt care about him and i secretly thought i was hotter than my friend.I never liked him and only found him decently attractive but i spent the night with him several times because i liked his bed/apartment and it was close to the bar and my college. He was also a b*** lover and my previous sexual partner that was twice my age (i was 19 and he was almost 40) was an ass man. I later found out that he was really crazy and that the b*** man and the ass man hated each other. The b*** man's p**** was so awkward. It was skinny and furry but the old guy's crazy ass-loving p**** was gorgeous. Most people that know me would be shocked and sickened to hear about how I view my sexual partners but i have s** with people i don't even like pretty often...because i like getting laid and i dont want a boyfriend and i like group s**.

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  • Happy f******.

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