Scared of V*****

I'm a 19 year old guy and I'm not gay but I am scared of vaginas. I'm not sure why but I'm quite scared and everytime I see one in p*** I feel intimidated and disgusted. I don't know why, maybe I have a castration complex or something. I know if I stick my d*** in there nothing will happen and I won't lose it. I want to help change this thought so I can see a v***** not as gross or disgusting but as something normal and natural.

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  • I hate how men always says s*** about vaginas stinking, if anything d**** smell pretty similar...get over yourselves boys we all f****** stink unless you take a shower first.

  • Read my story:

  • Yer all idiots. If you are scared of p**** yer gay.

  • OMG.. they are scarey. And they fuqn stink. UGH.

  • Don't listen to these negative comments. It's a lot more common than you would think. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not gay. You are not a p****. You just need to overcome your fear. Trust me, once you get your d*** inside a p**** your fear will completely disappear and be replaced by exhilaration.

  • ­f**­

  • Ypu p****.

  • P****** are perfectly beautiful things. It's the c**** they're attached to that are so frightening.

  • true

  • Not to worry: once you've actually entered one, and you realize what you've been missing, your perception of them will change entirely and you'll never be fearful of them again. Not ever. When you find a girl who you really want sexually, or who you actually love, you'll develop a comfort for the act of penetration that will crowd out the fear long enough for you to penetrate her and . . . this is important . . . focus on using yourself to please the inside of her. Relax. And enjoy. It only gets better and better and better. Eventually, you won't even be able to remember being afraid. Good luck!

  • You have nothing to worry about. Watch more p*** and j*** off while you're watching it. Imagine that your d*** was inside a v***** while you're jerking off. That is what it will feel like. It's a good feeling to stick your d*** in a v*****. It will make you feel good.

    If that doesn't work there's always a blow up doll.

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