Pretty hard core

Every body I'm around anymore are all cliché. Every body at school and all of my friends. I decided that I was going to keep em all guessing. I look like a cute makeup free innocent teenage girl on the outside. But I'm smart, funny, sarcastic, horror loving, strong, confident chick on the inside. I like to keep them guessing so I hang out with a bunch of different types of people. I stay shy so if people want to learn more about me they have to come and get to know me. It's worked for me this far in life anyways.

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  • OH MY GOD! You are like SO unique, a combination this unprepared world has never ever experienced!! What a combo!

    Typical arrogant yet insecure teenage idiot girl. I bet nowadays you take lots of selfies at the bars with your tongue flopping out and putting them on Facebook with "look how craaaazy I am!!!!" captions. So much yawn...

  • I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: literally everyone in your school thinks this exact same thing about themselves. Everyone. Every single person.

  • Good for you! you sound pretty awesome and just like my best friend holly tbh

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