im 18, iv never had a boyfriend, never

im 18, iv never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never had s**.. Im at University now..

Everyday i feel like a pathetic loser... as all my friends talk about things iv never known, and too shy to try for..

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  • It is okay to be a virgin! Now that you are in college, you will have plenty of guys trying to turn you out, just save it until you are sure you are ready, because if you have s** with the wrong guy in college, it could be really bad. Once you feel the pleasure of s**, you may end up wanting it all the time (like I did), and you don't want to become a w****, so find a boyfriend while in college, preferably not one in your actual school!

  • get laid! its a great feeling

  • Yea, ur that stupid loser guy who wrote, a confession about not being able to get a girl, freak!!! Oh and ur officially the f** of the month!

  • i know the feeling i'm 20 and never had a girlfriend

  • Yeah i agree with 5th commenter atleast ur not someone that goes and screws anyone theyve met five minutes ago.

  • dont beat urself up are u wanting a bf? maybe start talking to a guy or something lol.

  • k that is not bad at all wait til u get married or atleast in a steady relationship for a long time with a person u really love.

  • I swear to god you just need a c*** to rape you in the ass..

  • I swear to god s** is so over-rated all these men out there that think they are studs but truly duds.Your not missing much,I think you should be glad that your not a little hobag thats a reason in itsself to feel proud of yourself.If your overweight lose weight for yourself not anyone else.If you think your ugly-which i seriously doubt go get a makeover for yourself.There are also life coaches for shyness and such.I wish I was 18 and in college.You are luckier than you know.Love yourself sweety and then look for a boyfriend or even ask a guy out(double date)when you get more confidence.

  • Go get a c*** and stop complaining !

  • oh come on, i know horribly ugly girls who have gotten guys, and you know why? its because they didnt let things like this bother them!

    try not to think about being the "pathetic loser" you envision yourself as and put yourself out there. go to clubs, bars, shops, h***, go anywhere guys will be. trust us, we are everywhere and most of us are looking for chicks ALL THE TIME!

    dont be so h****** urself. just have to try.

  • are you really ugly or over weight?? or do you just like hide away so you wouldnt find anyone anyway??

  • 18 isnt THAT bad, more sad than anything.

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