I Like S**

Okay so I like s** its not a bad thing I'm a teenage girl with insanely powerful hormones and I'm h**** ALL the time. Now I've been going out with this guy for almost 6 monthes and he hasnt even implied the idea of us having s**! My guy friends act like they wanna see me naked more than my boyfriend! I'm not used to it he makes me feel all unwanted its irratating, what should i do

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  • S** is a very powerful tool, especially in a woman's hands. Use it wisely and use your brain too. I won't dictate your actions, only caution you to be thoughtful in whatever you do. And ignore the nutcase who responded before me, they made a comment on one of my posts just the same way, not even worth dignifying with a response.

  • For sure you will end up pregnant and you obviously are dysfunctional . If you are so stupid to have s** so easily you should at least make sure you use precaution and he does also . Do not be surprised if someone tries to murder you , or rapes you because you are such an easy target , you probably for sure are not a fighter and will allow it to happen . men and boys are basically trash and have no respect for anyone except themselves , many are better off dead . If you do not watch yourself your hormones are going to get you into serious trouble if not dead .

  • Make the first move if your sure you want a relationship and s** with him. if you dont want to be with a guy who doesnt make the first move then leave him. theres nothing good about staying in a rut just because your scared. take the dive, one way or another xx

  • Maybe he's afraid to make the first move. If you want to bone this guy you may have to initiate it.

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