Is aggressive s** rape if you don't say stop?

Went to meet someone just as a friend although we have had s** before, but he started to grope me aggressively, he was turned on and i tried to take his hands off me but he just got stronger and wouldn't stop, he asked 'why are you fighting it' but i didn't say anything. He then got his p**** out and without thinking i gave him oral s**, i didn't want to and i still don't understand why i did it. he then tried to lead me to have s** with him i said 'no i'm not on the pill anymore' and he said 'Oh please? just sit on it'. then eventually i gave in. he took of my clothes and started, throughout the whole time i didn't want to do it but i couldn't bring myself to say anything. i said 'it hurts' then he mumbled something but kept ******* me aggressively. i couldn't say the word 'stop' he carried on i felt like crying, he pulled my hair and said 'yeah who are you *******? tell me who your ******* you *****'. then we stopped. he started kissing me violently grabbing my neck and biting my lips i didn't know what to do so i kissed him back after just sitting there helplessly. he said things like 'whats wrong?' when i was cold after wards, but he continued to smile he said things like 'i couldn't help it you're irresistable' and 'your beautiful' i felt disgusting, and disgusted with myself i still feel sick 2 days later. I can't stop thinking about it but i don't know what to do i will never see him again i have blocked him on facebook and its unlikely he will be able to contact me. i have only told my closest friend. i didn't think this guy was capable of doing what he did, in the past i really cared for him but now i find him repulsive. what should i do?

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  • Rape ghost.robot chicken.

  • Legally it's not rape. But this dude only wanted s** and didn't care if his partner enjoyed the experience or even wanted to have s** with him. In an instance like this, for it to be considered rape, there would have to be threats involved, physical assault, or for the victim to be incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. That being said, dude is an a****** for only caring about what he wants and you're right to avoid him and never see him again.

  • So if this ain't rape then i guess i can just go to one of my female friends(that i had s** with since it was consensual) and chat with them, then out of the blue AGGRESSIVELY grope them like h*** then pull out my c*** and have them suck it and later f*** them huh.

    and lady, on the other hand you have to have the courage to say "Don't, No, and stop."

    I mean she could have said "NO" and should have, but then what if that triggered her friend into something worse. most rapes that are reported when it's done by a friend they thought they knew or a stranger, they don't fight with that rapist for long since something bad can go down if more resistance was was.

    It's like saying you go and rape this random hot blonde with a perfect body and a pair of "DD" t*** and then she fights back and you're just like ok im going now and you stop and leave. that would be attempted rape or a wussy trying to rape but don't have the guts to finish off what he started and runs away. No, I'm pretty sure no rapist is like that unless the victim has a weapon on her. but my point is if she fought back things might have gone sour for her. either way it should be considered rape.

  • Definition of rape:
    any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.


    to force to have sexual intercourse.

    to seize, take, or carry off by force.

    Synonyms for Aggressive: Destructive, Attacking, Barbaric, threatening, militant, rapacious, and warlike.

    "but he started to grope me "AGGRESSIVELY", he was turned on and i tried to take his hands off me but he just got stronger and wouldn't stop, he asked 'why are you fighting it' but i didn't say anything."

    "He then got his p**** out and without thinking i gave him oral s**, i didn't want to and i still don't understand why i did it."

    in my opinion you may have felt threatened so that's prob why you went ahead and gave him the b******.

    It don't matter if you went first and gave him a b******, he initiated that he wanted s** by pulling out his c*** in which it is considered rape.

    some would say it's not rape but he did forcefully grope you and pulled out his c*** and you did not want it so it is indeed considered rape.

  • Its not rape, im sorry you didnt like it but that doesnt make it rape. you willingly went into it and if you wanted to stop you should have made him stop. i know it can be hard but if you dont say stop you are a willing participant.
    you arent compatible sexually, but he is a d*** to have not let you know he was into rough s**, and unless you mentioned you liked it in the past to him then he shouldnt have done what he did. i hope you find someone you can work with sexually, least now you know more of what you like and dont like in the bedroom xx

  • I'm not gonna lie. It's weird that you went ahead with it. You say you weren't thinking, but it's still weird for you to call him a rapist since you were the first to give him a b******. I guess after a while you might have felt scared or something. I don't think it was rape. I think the guy is obviously an a****** since you said you didn't want to but he kept insisting, but he's not a rapist since you went ahead with it and everything, and even kissed him. He does know that he manipulated you but that wasn't really rape. Just forget about him, forgive yourself for acting stupid and not fighting for your word, we all make mistakes. But don't call him a rapist either, because a rapist is someone who has s** with you when you don't give your consent. You gave him that consent when you went ahead with it.

  • I'm really sorry that happened to you. I would absolutely call that rape. I get the vibe that he knew he was manipulating you into it and taking advantage of you. That's so wrong. I don't know the situation, so I won't give legal advice. But know that this doesn't define you. It's something that happened to you, something wrong that someone did to hurt you. Get whatever help you need, do whatever you can to move on with your life. I know you will be okay. <3

  • Please! She gave him oral s**. And she, on her own will, had s** with him. Stop defending her just because she's a girl. You knew what you were getting into, OP, you're just a s*** who now regrets it and she calls it 'rape' because it's convenient. YOU GAVE IN, HE DID NOT RAPE YOU. Stop acting so high and mighty when you took part in the whole thing. I might sound like a horrible person to some, but a rational person takes all things into account, and you weren't raped, you were just persuaded into s**, and you're just as responsible as him. If there's someone you need to be repulsed by, be repulsed by yourself, because you let yourself have s** with him, and that is by definition not rape.

  • Clearly you have never experienced sexual abuse. F*** off. OP, don't mind this a******. Rape is not always what the media makes it, a woman screaming and struggling and fighting for her life. Rape can be subtle, manipulative, coercive. I understand that. Clearly this bag of d**** does not.


  • It's rape if OP says it is, period. You don't get to say what other people's experiences were for them. Period.

  • So if I willingly have s** with someone, I can say its rape, because I feel like it right? Use some common sense.

  • Final rape fantasy 1 to 14.

  • I call bullshit, without thinking i gave him oral s**? yeah, i either gotta start pull my d*** out when i am with a woman so that she can give me oral s** with out thinking about it before hand

  • I know right? Nobody forced her to do anything. Now she blames the guy because "she wasn't thinking"

  • It's good you told your friend, you'll need the emotional support. What he did was slimy. He pressured you into s** even though you didn't want to. What you decide to do next is up to you but it may be hard to get a conviction for rape. He didn't use force or threaten you, you didn't say 'no' and at points you co-operated with him. Plus, of course, there are no witnesses, it's your word against his. You may need to just chalk this one up to experience so the next time a guy tries to initiate something you are clear and direct in your refusal. Consider taking an assertiveness training course to learn how to say 'no' effectively.

  • You're an idiot, and so is OP. Why would the guy have to pay for this when she went through with it, gave him a blow-job and etc? Can you please just grow up? Only a r***** needs "an assertiveness training course" in order to say the word "no". What kind of world do we live in, when people stop thinking for themselves only to later blame others for their own actions? Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's a victim, and it doesn't mean she isn't held accountable for what she does, maybe indeed she's too dumb to think for herself, but that's her own fault, not her partner's fault.

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