I feel sorry for the people who died on 9/11. But all of the nationwide mutual masturbation that happens every anniversary of this event disturbs me. It was very sad, lots of people died in a gruesome way. But... we should let them rest, and move on. This idea that we should "never forget" is flawed. Of course we won't ever forget. We should move on. The dead would want us to. Besides... fewer than 3,000 people died in the attacks in america. Over a million civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. have died in the years since. I'd say that's a much greater sorrow. It's all awful and pointless death, but the irony is that we say we'll "never forget", but we so easily forget the vast majority of deaths that happened as a result of this violence. - 9/11/13

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  • Can't you see that this is what your people do to appear like they care about their country? What about all those people who they kill in your useless wars? Does someone remember them?

  • Uhhh, OP sees it just fine. Why don't you loose your whimpering at the idiotic nationalists who think of themselves as "patriots"? Just look for anyone wearing clothing with an American flag on it, the bigger the better (which goes against flag code, but good luck telling them that)

  • Exactly. No one cares about the furriners. Only those of the 'home team' who died become martyrs worthy of worship. My country embarasses me.

  • Misplaced idealism will cause even more deaths in the future. Never forget so you learn from history and don't repeat it.

  • Agree, but even your suggestion is too idealistic for the human species. We will NOT learn from history, and we WILL repeat it, ignoring all the signs until it's too late then running in circles blaming everyone else for the "unforeseen circumstances". It's happening right now, as I type this in my office.

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