In love with my husband and my boss

I have been married to a wonderful man for the last 17 years. We have great s** and are truelly best friends. But in the last few years I have developed feelings for my boss. I haven't acted on it and I think that he feels the same way. I make up excuses to be around him but always leave when the conversation turns personal. I don't know how long this cat and mouse game will last until someone gets caught up. I have lost weight to be more attractive to him. My husband has noticed the weight loss and has started paying more attention to me but its still not enough. I don't know what to do!

Sep 12, 2013

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  • ya gotta bang the boss otherwise you will always wonder what if.

  • You are married, meaning there shouldn't be a question on what you should do! if you want to stay with your husband then leave things alone with your boss! like it's wrong for you to even think about going there and stop making situations that can get you caught up. OR you can get a divorce...because clearly if you're having temptations like this you're not meant to be married right now or you're just not married to the right person

  • The likelyhood of it going right with your boss is low so just keep it as an unsaid romance, at least it'll give you something to rub your button too ;)
    being attracted to more than one man id normal, its nature, other men will always have something different that you may find attractive but you need to look at things in perspective, look at your husband, now imagine yourself if he died. what would you miss? are you willing to give that up? hormones and feelings are a right b**** sometimes but hey-ho its life xx

  • Tell your boss how you feel about him. Ask him if can be, and is willing to be, discreet. Tell him that it's imperative that the relationship, if it continues, be kept secret. Explain to him that eventually the two of you may decide to disclose it and openly become a couple, but that for now, you both need it to be completely confidential. Assure him that the private nature of the affair will make it more exciting and that you'll do your part to heighten and maintain that thrilling feeling of cheating and make it delicious for him. Remind him that the weight-loss you've already done was entirely for him, no matter what your husband thinks or says. Tell him that if he wants it, you'll be his alone, even while the affair is going on, that you won't have s** with hubby but only with him. Let him see and feel that he's in charge and make it clear how badly you want him . . . and how badly you have BEEN wanting him. Be brazen about it. Be sexy. Be aggressive. You already can see he wants you, now make him want you even more. Think of him as already belonging to you, and GO GET YOUR MAN.

  • Take a good look at your family ,,,, why do you want to give that up ,,, your childrens and husand your home over your boss ,,,,it not worTH it ,,,,,if you going to cheat get a divorce frist give your husband the childrens,,,, now wht appen the boss wife fine out you be out of a job ,,,, think about your self ,,,,,where would you go,,,,, cheating is not the answer ,,, you said your husband notice you now ,,,,,


  • Do what all whores do. Betray your husband and what you built together and act only on your hormones. It's not like your family will suffer. And if they do, it's not like you actually care.

  • You need to audition the boss and see how he is. Then you can decide whether you want him to be husband, lover, fling partner, or gone. Don't limit your options: find out how this man makes you feel and then decide what to do. You want him, and it seems obvious he wants you. Let it happen.

  • Another option - while having s** with your husband, bring up the fantasy of you having s** with another man, with hubby watching or not. Some men are into that fantasy. If it turns him on, bring it up more and more often, and eventually ask if he'd like to make it a reality. It may happen. If he is against it, then like the poster below says, you might want to start looking for another job, or things may get out of hand and s**** up your life.

  • You don't know what to do? I see only two choices:

    Start looking for another job and stop playing with fire, or go ahead and start sleeping with your boss and suffer the breakdown of your marriage, life, security, and all you have worked for and built up for 17 years.

  • I have strong feelings with my neighbor lady, one time her husband left the state for a month and she asked me to help her with something around the house, not a thing happen. But she knew i have the hots for her, Im friends with her husband now if she ask me for a glass of wine after i helped her , than i would have took that as a come on and i would have tryed to get down her pants, most guys would. It sounds like to me you want to get laid. DO IT. dont let your husband find out.

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