P***** off Ex-Girlfriend

Am an older guy. I have two kids with a younger woman (28) that I have had lots of problems with. We have had to fight for custody for the last 4 years and she hates that I want to raise our sons.
We have been on and off for the last 5 years. She left me because she said am old, bald, have two older daughters, etc. Exactly two years ago, we broke up because she went back with her ex. That relationship failed quickly. Then she picked another guy immediately and lived with him for about a year and that one ended badly too. While with these men, she was meaner to me than I can ever explain here. What upset me is that she was denying me the kids and teaching them that the boyfriends were their dads. She was telling the kids to call each of them dad and could tease me about it.
She has been communicating with me a lot lately and our babysitter had warned me to be on the lookout; she wants to move in with me because life has become impossible for her. The reason she has been talking to me is to lie to me, make it look like she really wants a relationship with me and states that she wants to raise our kids together. She has no clue that I have not forgotten how she always gets back with me when life has beaten her up away from me, that two months ago, she got fired from a job I helped her get 5 years ago, and that she most likely has no money and about to lose another apt lease. She is in nursing school and about to finish so she just wants get me to help her through the hard times and so disguises the whole effort to look genuine. If I take her back, she will run again as soon as she graduates and gets a decent job.
What has her p***** is the fact that, while digging around to see what I have been up to, I told her I have dated several women and I am serious with one, who has seen our kids twice since in the last 9 months. Last weekend, the kids told her, in front of a group of women, that we both went to my gf apt and I hugged and kissed her. She text me very mad about that She is upset because of a woman she knows nothing about, so she says mean things about her and her race and age (new girlfriend is 4 years older than I), says I should not take our sons around the new woman (that she is only a sugar mommy because she buys me stuff) when she has living with men and the kids herself!
Though I was hoping to consider thinking about working to better out relationship, and try to get along, I realized she is still impossible. I was mean to her myself and told her that the new woman has been the best I have had my whole life (true) and if she wants to be with me, she has to be better than her(no way). She got upset because I compared her to an “older wrinkled woman”. She had sent me a few pictures of her p**** earlier, so she asked me to go compare her p**** with that of my gf and see which one looks better. I told her the new gf bought me a washer and dryer this weekend (I was illustrating to her how peaceful & comfortable new gf wants my life to be) and that drove her off the edge. I heard she told our babysitter that if she had a key she would come over to my apt and destroy them. When I text her about the women, she told me she wanted to throw her Iphone and break it into pieces, because I gave her TMI. Why insist on info she knows she can’t handle or does not want to hear?
I am not sure why she is p*****, she has been f****** men and bragging to me about how good they were and now she can’t handle the fact that I have a woman who treats me exceptionally nice and genuinely cares about me as a person and all my children. Sorry this is so long, I just don’t understand some women.

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  • Your ex sounds like she has extreme control issues, she is manipulating and immature. She doesn't want to be with you but doesn't want you to be with anyone either. In saying that, your kids need their father in their lives. I would seek some legal advice right away. Having her move in for a set period of time may give you leverage to get custody, and you could have HER removed from the home if needed. I think you need to try and do what is best for the kids, as utimately they are victims in all of this. You will have the rest of your life to date and enjoy a relationship with a woman, but I would put the issue with your kids first. Just my thoughts.

  • Very nicely said.Thanks.

  • Why waste your time with a dumb woman? I feel bad for your kids, growing up with a loser like her. She obviously thought she could use you forever and now she realizes what a catch you are and she's still bitter about her own life and how much of a failure she is. Don't accept her back, she would just use you again. Focus on your new woman and on being a good dad.

  • I took her back and within months,we broke up again.We have not been in good terms for the last 30 days today.I think she has become worse.She is doing clinicals in nursing so wanted someone to help her take care of kids and drop them in school and pick them up.As soon as clinicals got close to completion,she started being herself and I said no way.She even told me to go back to the woman she was begging me to leave for her!

  • You said it all perfectly.She always told me that no woman would want to be or live with me.She is very upset that I am dating a quality woman and is making a fool of herself

  • Forget the b****. With her behavior, you could probably get your kids.

  • I will be happy to get the primary custody because it will be good for all of us.I will make sure she sees the kids when she is supposed to and all that.If she gets primary,she will sure I don't see them and will try and make my life a living h***.She always reminds me of that.

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