NYC s** story

I work in Telecom in NYC and I'm surrounded by young h**** attractive twenty something year olds that chase fat rich guys. This one girl who works on the floor above me is this petite really cute blonde from Ohio. She seems really nice and I notice that every time she goes out to lunch and has a little wine she comes downstairs asking me all questions about computer stuff and If I have this or that she can borrow. She has all the traits I find hot in a woman and that is a fit thin body blonde hair blue eyes and tiny delicate features. I think she has the hots for me. About a month ago she asked me for a patch cord which is basic cat5 cable for internet connections. I gave her the cord but it was yellow and about 20 feet. She asked me if i had a black one that would look better than the yellow especially for her apartment. I said no, but what I can do is stop by your apartment on the way to the ferry after work on Thursday and custom fit the cable and secure it to your wall. She said that would be so awesome and I would really appreciate that. I'm such a snake because I knew it would be a few more days so I decided not to j*** off till after I go to her apartment or get lucky and bust my nut in her apartment. On thursday after work I bring all my tools and wear my tight jeans with no underwear so my bulge sticks out. I get to her apartment on Water street and she's wearing tight black leggings a red university tee shirt and black framed glasses with her hair up. My heart starts racing immediately. We exchange hello's and to my surprise on the wall is a framed engineering degree from an Ohio college. I thought she was just some dizzy blonde working on a trading desk looking to meet a rich guy. I said wow, what are you doing working for our firm when you have this she said she really didn't like engineering and found it boring. She offers me a beer and I said if only you have one and she said thats easy. She's in the room tidying it up and she's bending over on her knees in these see through lululemmon tights with a yellow thong showing and in my mind I knew this girl definitely wants to fool around with me or is just a real c*** tease. I'm 38 years old and not the greatest looking guy in the world but I couldn't believe this young hot girl is giving me signals. I finish the job and she says it looks great and what can I give you and in my mind I'm thinking a b******* would be nice. I say to her another beer would be good. We move to the couch and we start talking and her slippers are off and she's sitting on the couch what her feet up. She's about 5'2" 115 pounds and I'm 6'2" about 190 and she seems so much smaller sitting next to me. We start talking about working out and she says what's your secret to staying so trim and fit. We have another beer and I ask her what's your secret and she says hot yoga and she says watch this. She stands up and is able to put her head between her legs staring at her ass. I said wow thats great and I was on the better end of that deal and she laughed. She sits back on the couch and I instinctively put my hand on her thigh and say wow you are very tight. She looks me in the eye and smiles and i went in for the kill and we start to tongue kiss. By this time my d*** is throbbing hard and I unzip and put her hand in my pants. She starts jerking me off and said wow you have a big d***( I really don't its just really thick) I start to push her head down there and she puts her little pink lips around the head of my c***. My d*** was so hard it hurt and was turning dark purple. She is no pro but just having a hot 24 year olds saliva on my c*** was a major attainment for me. She thinks she knows what she's doing but she doesn't. My hand is down her pants and I'm rubbing her a****** with my middle finger and she starts to moan and is really wet by this time. I'm pulling my finger out and sucking on it and putting it back. After only about 10 minutes of this I blow a week old load on to her lips and face. It's one of those thick yellowish loads that's been in there too long. She was a little startled but giggled. She then cleaned herself me up with a dish towel on he table. It was real sticky because it looked like it came off her face in one piece. We start to peck a little and she tells me she is going to meet a guy friend uptown that's in from Ohio and must get ready. I said I'll get going and she said thanks again and I said "No thank you and we should do it again sometime Emily, I had a really good time. I knew we could never start to date because I'm just the telephone guy and a young female trader wouldn't be caught dead dating a phone guy even a phone guy with a big d***. For a 38 year old guy that still lives at home this was a score:)


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  • Fake

  • It sounds legit to me.

  • That sounds hot and you seem very humble. Your c** is that thick? Did you ever hear of drinking more water. I hate when c** is thick like snot. Come over to my place and fix my cable, LOL

  • You lucky telephone guy. Am a guy and so happy for you.I am glad you narrated without bragging.Very humble.Ask her out for coffee and see id you can f*** her for real:)

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