S** Dreams

My boyfriend and I have many guy friends which I'm not attracted to any of them. Weird thing is, I have s** dreams about them. How fu**ed up is that?

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  • Dreams don't actually mean what they seem to mean. The fact that you are having s** dreams probably just means that you are not getting enough s**. The men in the dreams are just there because they are men that you know, so your subconscious just inserts them in that role. Tell your boyfriend that you need to have s** more often. When you have it often enough then the dreams will probably stop.

  • A s** dream often has nothing to do with s** at all. Dreams about a s** partner or sexual desire are more often implied. If something like nudity or s** acts is happening in a dream it could have to do with discomfort in a relationship, for instance; do the guy friends respect your boundaries and your boyfriend's relationship?

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