I want s**

I am 23 and married, I love my husband to death but recently he has been so stressed he is never really interested in having s** with me. It has nothing to do with how I look, I am very attractive. Men have always been insanely attracted to me. I get really h**** and try things to get him to have s** with me but we only have s** once every 2 -3 weeks and he finishes so quickly. I have needs and I have resort to touching myself but I really miss being f***** really hard & long. I am always, always h****. I dont want to cheat on him but I can't help but think about having s** all the time!!


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  • You are not alone my dear...

    I'm a single guy. I've never had the desire to get married. I have had friend's with benefits relationships with many married women over the years. Most of the time the women just have a much higher s** drive than their husband does. Many men it seems are a once or twice a week guy when their wives need it once or twice a day. Some are married to men that travel a lot for work and that leaves the wife home alone and h****. Some are golfing widows or hunting/fishing widows. Then there is the erectile disfunction group.

    What I have done is created a very safe place for a married woman to come and feel comfortable. I have a big garage so she can park her car where it won't be seen parked in front of my house. I NEVER call them or interfear with their family life in any way. They know they can call me when the want to come over. I love making them feel sexy, valued and appreciated. I love to cook for them and supply them with great wine. They know they can come over for a naughty quickly or a l*** filled evening and kinky s**. I have all the toys a naughty couple needs for any role playing that might make her feel very naughty. If they have bisexual needs or fantasies I make sure there is another lady available for her naughty secret too.

    I love my naughty kinky married women friends...

  • Soory to hear about your plight.I want to f*** you for him till he recovers from his stress.Where are you @?

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