Fake t*** and lips Holly Wood

Ladies stop f****** up your bodies with fake t*** and fake lips please. Stop f****** up your faces your beautiful the way you are. I dated a lady with fake t*** and it may look good but sensually it f**** everything up and it sucks. I like nipples that react to my every touch and touching lifeless plastic that's like tity f****** two kickballs sucks. I'd rather use my own hand. Personally, thin lips and a small delicate mouth is sexeir. It's just so sensual when I try to fit my thick veined pulsating muscle into soft tiny delicate wet mouth. Lohan is the perfect example of f****** up a beautiful delicate mouth. Those stupid fat f****** lips look ridiculous unless you were born with them and your face is proportioned to accommodate them then its sexy. There are only extreme cases like car accidents or having cancer which resulted in tissue loss.
Rose McGowan is another one that f***** up a pure delicate little hot mouth. Just stop, because it looks really bad and kind of dumb to go to a plastic surgeon and tell them "I want to look like the f****** JOKER ! Leave your bodies alone. Our varied features are what makes each of us unique and beautiful. Don't follow the actions of these Hollywood freaks. Their going through a meaningless rehearsed life that lacks true depth. They may be able to by lots and lots of stuff but it's not the answer to true happiness. True happiness has only one direction and that is from within out and not from out to within. So all the porsches and a bottomless vat of silicone could never fill that lonely and depressive void. True happiness lies within and you just have to do a little dusting that has accumulated over the years contributed by the media, hollywood and society as a whole. Start following your own path to true happiness which is right now. I love you just the way you are please don't change anything about yourself it's what makes you special to the world.

Sep 24, 2013

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  • Lindsay Lohan and Rose McGowan are two of the most beautiful women alive. Both of them are marriage material.

  • Last week I met this married woman I used to f*** just getting into work. She had some stuff pumped into her face and she looked swollen,She realized I was going up the elevator,could not look at me,looked at the wall and she decided to take the stairs to the basement. She must have been so embarrassed.

  • Rose McGowan was in a bad car accident.

  • That's right, and I think her surgeon did an amazing job. She still looks so unique and so beautiful.

  • I'm a big advocate of letting women [or anyone] do with their bodies whatever makes them happy. But.... yeah. Implants creep me out, big time. And they don't look real in the least. But I understand that some people are into that aesthetic. Just not my bag, at all.

  • Most women are good at displaying fakeness...it's what they do best.

  • Found the incel!

  • You're nuts. Implants are INCREDIBLE! The bigger, the better!!

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