The s** is really good

Ever since I broke up with my ex a couple months ago I've been going a little wild. Partying, drinking a lot,(among other things) and waking up not knowing where I am or what happened. On top of that I'd only been with one person for so long and never so much as blinked an eye at any other guy so I decided to be open and talk to as many guys as I like. Maybe have s** with a few just to get it out of my system. I've been talking to tons of guys, but out of all of them I've slept with three. The first one I slept with was just kind of an instant attraction. Really hot marine who knew exactly how I liked it. Purely just a s** thing. The second guy was an old friend who I knew wanted to hook up with me for awhile. Really cute, sweet guy. The third was this guy I USED to be friends with but stopped talking to him because I thought he was an obnoxious pervert who thought he was gods gift to women. Come to find out he's a really cool guy, not to mention he's EXACTLY my type appearance wise. I wasn't planning on getting into any kind of relationship but now I'm in this really awkward spot. The old friend opened up to me and basically told me he loved me. I felt awful because I don't share those feelings, but I don't want to hurt him either. The guy who I used to hate, I became REALLY attracted to him over the weekend we spent together and I definitely did develop some feelings for him. It doesn't help that he's gorgeous and kept telling me how amazing I was. But he's soooo unavailable it's not even funny. The fact we spent a weekend together was like a HUGE thing because he's constantly busy with his career or doing something for his family. When he's free, I'm not. So I'm stuck here and on one hand I have this guy confessing his love to me, feelings that I don't reciprocate and on other hand I actually have feelings for this completely unattainable guy. I don't WANT to have feelings for him, but the s** is so good and I'm so attracted to his personality that it's just impossible to be around him and NOT feel that way. I'm not sure if I should just stop seeing him completely or tell him how I feel and get it out of the way. I don't want to have to answer to anyone, or be in another relationship but then when I think about him I have mixed feelings. This sucks!

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  • U sound like a narsasist. To have s** with three different guys after a breakup is not normal behavior. U should check out some mental disorders and look at your behavior

  • Usound like a narsasist. To have s** with three different guys after a breakup is not normal behavior. U should check into some mental disorders associated with that type of behavior.

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