Mulitple O******

I am jealous of women's ability to have multiple o******. After I climax I have to wait at least 20 minutes before I can get hard again. It's frustrating because (mentally) I'm not done yet. Women can just keep going as long as they want. I wonder what it's like to have 5 or 6 o****** in a row, to drive every rational thought from your mind and be nothing but pleasure from head to toe. I can experience that only for a moment but you can experience it for minutes on end. *sigh* I know the grass is always greener but dammed if this doesn't sound like a heck of a fringe benefit to having ovaries.

Sep 29, 2013

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  • Learn to have prostrate o******. you can have multi

  • We get to have multiple Os, PLUS our daily lives are not mostly taken over by our 'nads!
    Well, except for baby-rabid ho-bags looking to entrap a man or crap out a meal ticket so they can be worshiped and not expected to work. But the rest of us don't claim those psychos, any more than you men claim rapists =D

  • Not always. I'm kinda like a guy myself-- one and done! Although I do have to admit, sometimes that "one" can last a little while... if the guy can be bothered to keep it going. (When it's me doing it, nooo problem!)

  • ^f****** hotttt

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