I just want lesbian s**

So, lately i've been watching p***, mostly lesbian p***. Now that i've watched it, I really want to try it. I think it would be fun to do it with some stranger, but it's also really dangerous. I live in MN, and i'm 13. Yeah, i'm a minor. I reaaaaally want to try it though..just once. What should I do?

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  • I've watched lesbian p*** too and I also want to try it too. I'm 13 too. I thought I was alone though but I guess not

  • I feel the exact same .. I live in Canada MB . 16 .female. Aahaha;)

  • S** is a fundamental part of who we are. To say she should figure out who she is, and in the next breath tell her not to explore her sexuality, is to contradict yourself.

  • Please take what i tell you seriously.considering i for one am responsible for raising girls and boys your age i know what im talking about.
    This phase in your life you starting to develop alot of energy that your gana have to put in a specific interest.dont watch p*** and stay away from all that.because at this age you should discover yourself as a person not you s** life.that comes later.hopefully when your married.go look sports,arts, hobbies,interests, thats the stuff that you should be emptying your energy in.because what you do at this age will shape your personality forever.go read about religioun, islam for one teachs great discipline( not preaching just saying).read more.you need to educated more and be smarter not hornier.and stay away from pointless free time.cuz when you have nothing good todo.you will probably do stuff that are bad for you.

  • Stop talking s**** when my p**** is wet and itchy sport and passtimes are no good i want s**

  • You could just stop watching p***...you're 13... learn self discipline...go focus on your studies...act like a 13 year old...find yourself...hobbies,interests, faith, away from the whole s** thing cuz then itll be all you think about and youll turn into a s*** without even realizing it...

  • Just dont go and ask someone you gotta be subtle and slow about it and you will find a perfect girl for you dear! If i was younger i wouldnt mind helping(/

  • No responsible adult will have s** with you but maybe there's a girl a school you could experiment with? Careful though, you tell the wrong girl and she'll blab it all over school.

  • Wait until you're AT LEAST sixteen. there are some laws that could cause the other person to be charged with rape because of your young age. it could ruin someone else's record and life, even if it is consensual.

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