Blindfolded wife

I blindfolded my wife one night during s** and let a friend have s** with her. He was waitng in the spare room and came out when i gave a special code we had. She was told not to take off the blindfold until i said she could and didn't even realise it wasn't me having s** with her. I watched him take her from behind for 20 min before c****** inside her. He went back to the spare room before i took off the blindfold and asked her if she enjoyed it ? She said she loved it and to this day still doesn't know my friend had s** with her. I wish i could tell her my little secret.



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  • Oh she knew. And she loved it obviously

  • If my husband did that to me and I found out about it, I'd arrange to have him killed.

  • Has anyone thought about the fact maybe the girl didn't want another c*** and is essentially in a r*** situation without even knowing, I mean yes fantasy but there are two sides and one should be her own safety on HER TERMS.

  • That is so hot.

  • Love watching wife having s** she loves a gooood pounding

  • You should set that up again but this time just as she is about to o***** pull the mask off her

  • It’s a great story. As I do you also take pleasure on watching your wife f***** by another man; however she thinks it’s you. My thing is watching her without her knowing I’m watching, in other words I like to watch her cheating. Our friend is a massage therapist. One day after dinner with two other couples in our house she partially unbuttoned her shirt for him to massage her shoulders. She got so aroused in front of everybody I started fantasizing about him f****** her. I ask him to come later on to give me a formal massage as to paving the way for my wife to also asking him to massage her. I secretly set the video camera to watch later. He seduced her and f***** her on our bed.

  • This is a very effective way to safely get your wife/girlfriend f*****. I hope many more men go forward with such a wonderful tool.

  • I hope scum like you are beaten severely and left for dead somewhere.

  • I tricked my blindfolded wife and had black man in spare bedroom. I started the massage during which time he snuck in. we traded with me massaging back of right leg then pretended to walk to other side and he massed the left leg. After a while her breathing started getting labored as we in turn played with her p****. She turned over without being asked. I took off her panties then my friend started eating her p****. When she started humping his face I retrieved my I phone and started recording. His d*** is about an inch longer than min=e and thicker so I thought she would say something. However, she humped and f***** him ending with a screaming climax. The next day she thanked me for the special massage and said we could have our friend back maybe once a month, with blindfold. So she knew it was not me but she does not know he was black. Someday I'll show her the recording

  • The first time this was done to me, I felt myself getting very aroused by the idea of being tied up and blindfolded. I thought it was just my boyfriend, but he seemed more excited, harder than usual, but when he came a second c*** even larger entered me and I began asking who was there.

    I am not sure how many men used me, nor who they were. It did go on for hours and I had more o****** in that time than I usually manage in a month.

    After I was left alone, still tied and still blindfolded. Then my boyfriend gave me a wonderful massage (he is a professional and actually how I met him).

    I asked him who the men were, but he would only tell me that they were people I knew. He refused to give me anymore information.

    Now, men have always looked at me but for the next fe weeks I tried to read more into the looks I got. I still do not know who they are.

    He has repeated this any number of times, I should mention, before sending me home to my husband.

    At first when I met my boyfriend, I was reluctant to let my husband know anything untoward had happened during my massage, but later his secretary let slip that my husband had requested the masseur give me the "full treatment," which the masseur explained he did not normally do because he never used condoms.

    My masseur-boyfriend is quite dominant and has made me do any number of quite humiliating, but incredibly exciting things during our relationship.

  • Sounds like you love too watch your wife get f*****. I let a friend f*** my wife sometimes, I like to watch, then f*** her with his c** running out of her hot wet p****.

  • That is so hot.

  • Yes i have let my best friend f*** my was a total turnon.sometimes I made like I was tired and went to bed.drinking was involved.she asked him to please f*** her and I watched my beautiful sexy wife become his w****.this was such a turn on.I told him later he could f*** her when I wasn't around but don't tell her.this eventually ended.I had a black friend who I showed pics of my wife nude he was hot for her.I invited him over and told my wife that she was being pimped out for all the times shefucked my other friend. She striped for him and took him to our bed when he took out his c*** it was so big and shiny black. He f***** her so hard and they both came multiple times. This guy really opened her up.she was sore from his c***.we both take her at the same time.she now wants two c**** once and awhile. She get so wet and h**** when she is taken by me and a friend. This was both our sweet it is.

  • How can i do tht to my wife but i don't want her to know

  • My husband did this to me, I knew it wasn't his c*** in me, which I loved. Not knowing is so good I haven't told him but I know every Friday night when he comes home and strips me in the lounge and bindfolds me as I bend over the dinning table, my p**** is going to be filled with someone elses s****. He suggested using condoms but I said you don't need a condom your my husband

  • My wife wants it this way can't wait

  • She must have known it wasn't you, going by his smell , touch, the way he used his c*** to f*** her etc, he's maybe f****** her and you don't know about it or he's been f****** her for a while and you didn't know about it, has your friend ever told you he wants to f*** her again with her wearing the blindfold ? Or is he just happy that you allowed him to f*** your wife that one time ? If he hasn't mentioned it to you then he might be f****** her presently.

  • When I did this to my wife I made sure I didn't miss even the smallest detail that she might notice. The escort I hired was about my build and I had asked him to have his body cleanly shaven and not to wear any colognes or use any scented soaps. When he got there I had him spritz himself with my cologne and spray his pits with my deodorant. I put headphones on her ears to mask any inadvertent sounds we might have accidentally made. The position that I had her restrained in was the most important detail. Bent over the corner of the bed with a pillow underneath her pelvic area to prop up her fuckholes provides incredible ease of access. It makes it possible to stick it in without any other part of your body having to come in contact with her. I had used a fairly large d**** to stretch her out and desensitize her p**** to make it virtually impossible to tell one from another.

  • Did you ever think that maybe they've been f****** all along and just wanted to see how stupid you were? You think that you were tricking her, and all along they were tricking you!

  • I think she did know; unless he f**** exactly like you and his d*** is exactly the same as yours, she knows. She could even tell that it was someone else's hands holding her hips while he drilled her. that's why she loved it - because she knew it was a new d***. Ask her if she wants to do it again. I bet she would be very excited about doing it again.

  • You better watch out. She may end up meeting him alone for more with you knowing.

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