S****** Fantasy

I am a married straight man, love my wife and son, but I have an overwhelming desire to have s** with a s******. I'm not interested in a bloke who wears stockings, but a proper feminine sexy slim girl with nice t*** and ass, and a nice hard c***. I want to give a b******* but do not fancy men at all. Women are beautiful, but a woman with a c*** would be amazing!

Oct 13, 2013

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  • I've wanted to have a girl bobbing on my k*** since I was 12. At some point I wondered what girls think about while they do that, what c** tastes like, I wouldn't mind a little s****** c********** action, because its the perfect opportunity to satisfy ones desires, while not having some hairy dude, saying "ya baby, suck my c***" that would ruin it, I think, because then it sort of drives home the fact that you're doing something gay.

  • You are attracted to the feminine form and yet you found it erotic when that female sexy form has an extra equipment in between her legs. There is no branding with that. You are not gay, you are a straight man who happened to adore a chick with a d***.
    I should know because this phrases always come out on all of my straight guy admirers.

  • Intresting! I agree with anonymous, if you don't fancy men at all it should probably just stay a fantasy! Perhaps a woman with male parts intrest you because you yourself have man parts!

  • I'm into women and ts girls too, but in your situation it sounds like it should stay a fantasy.

  • I want to be f***** in the ass by a s****** and blow her ohhhhhhh yessssssssssi want s****** sperm in my mouth

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