I want to be kidnaped and raped

For a few years now, I have had the intense desire to be kidnaped and raped. I have thought again and again about what would happen and how it would happen. I have even put myself in positions that are not safe just so there was a possibility of being abducted. I started masterbating to the fantacy of being molested when i was twelve. When i was sixteen I started watching rape p*** and I can't stop. I even will porpously go to guys apartments and get really close just to see if they will take advantage of the situation. I am now eighteen and I dream of older men tying my down and having s** with me.

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  • Yeah, I'm about the same way. As far back as I can remember I have had the craving to be kidnaped and raped. When grown-ups would tell me horrible stories about little girls my age getting kidnapped or molested, instead of being scared, I'd feel intense jealousy. What was so special about those other girls and not me? It felt like all the other girls my age were having great "horrible" stories of being sexual victims. Why wasn't I one too? I stopped closing my blinds all the way. I started keeping my windows a tiny bit open so they weren't locked closed. I started wearing less in my room, hoping I had a Peeping Tom that might like to come in for more. I started experimenting with self bondage-until I almost got caught. After I got a little older I'd take walks alone in dark or scary areas. At parties I'd tell rape jokes and leave my drinks alone as much as I could. When it finally happened I was P*****, HURT and MAD! That is, until I got home and thought about it. When I realized I just got what I had been craving, then I couldn't stop playing with myself while thinking about it for weeks. For me, the waiting and hinting was WORTH IT

  • I did this Zarantonello an older lady didn't kidnap her just raped her

  • I find younger legal aged girls sexy in mini skirts or dresses with white underwear.
    And would love to kidnap you and touch you all over while together in my car.
    From the UK.

  • Thats funny- this is my fantasy too- but i never wanna really harm someone- its just a fantasy- but tieing a girl your age up and doing every pervy thing i can think of to her is beyond hott- i would spend the day seeing how many times i could make you C U M M !!

  • I am sure there are plenty of us older men out here that would gladly help you out with this fantasy and many of us also share the same thoughts, wishing to rape a younger woman. Play it out and explore it without putting yourself in danger. H*** have fun with it girl!

  • I am sure there are many of us older men out here that would be more than glad to help you out with this fantasy, and yes if you play along right and resist enough to make it fun for everyone, it would be a blast.

  • I fantasize about kidnapping a lady all the time not to harm her, but to make her feel so good that she stops objecting and begins to beg for more. I would die to be your captor. joseywales33@nokiamail.com. if your over 18 and on the up and up.

  • I have no problem kidnapping some one but i need to know where and when ;)

  • Rape fantasies are not uncommon for women. Taking steps to try and make it happen suggest your desires burn a little more intensely than most. I suggest posting an ad on craigslist. I know it's not quite the same thing but if the guy knows what he's doing he should be able to make it feel very real. Also, you have a responsibility to play your role well. Struggle, cry, scream... put up a convincing fight so he has the satisfaction of defeating you. Remember, you're not supposed to be having fun, act like you don't want it.

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