Animal S**

I wanna have s** with dog or goat. whenever I see a dog or ship,it turns me on.Even I masturbated by seeing mating of dog in animal planet.Ohh god that was so great.Idk but i wanna try.In future whenever i will 1become rich,Ill wanna have a yard full of ships and dogs to get laid.Cuz life is just enjoyment do whatever u want.Keep chilling.

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  • I bet you're white.

  • WTF is a ship My guess your trying to say sheep .

    What dose the Holy Bible Say about having s** with an animal , let read
    shall we ..

    Leviticus 20:15
    "'If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he is to be put to death, and you must kill the animal.

    Exodus 22:19
    "Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal is to be put to death.

    Deuteronomy 27:21
    "Cursed is anyone who has sexual relations with any animal." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

  • You are sick

  • Please don't hurt animals.

  • As long as de animal is "big" enough, it won't get hurt. Say horse or a Cow... But yeah... Don't do it with a dog! To little, that will be animal cruelty... unless you are a girl of course

  • How abt oral s**?

  • I think you are f****** sick and need help. The animals don't want your nasty junk so leave them alone!!

  • Do u have any dog or sheep?
    if that then u need to try.

  • ... i think you mean 'sheep'. but i will say that i have the same feelings as you, although not about goats or sheep. i dunno why, just watching them do what they do gets me excited, that's all. i don't feel bad about it.

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