I Can't Stop Watching P***

Back in middle school, my friends peer pressured me into watching p**********, plus this was around the time I hit puberty, so of course I got curious. So I kept watching videos about girls with large b******. I didn't watch any videos with two people actually having s**, just girls who play with their large b******, because quite frankly, that's the only thing I would actually find sexy.

I kept telling myself, I'm going to stop, but I haven't. It's become a drug, which is ironic because I don't smoke or drink.

I'm in college now and my addiction has gotten worse. Now I watch videos about lesbians sucking each others breast milk. I don't understand why I can't stop. It's just fascinating to me how this one part of a woman's body is seen as the subject of an entire video.

Just for the record, I completely respect women as people, not as s** objects. But I do notice myself sometimes looking at their b******, but not staring at them for long periods of time. I feel like I'm such a pervert. But I have female friends who respect me, and I respect them.

Now I'm watching these videos on my phone before I go to sleep. Does this make me a bad person? I don't know how I can stop.

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  • Dude it's perfectly natural for a man to dig a ladies big b******. Enjoy it. Beat your meat. That's what is there for. Don't be ashamed. Love it.

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