I had s** with my bestfriends boyfriend.

I am 16, and had the most amazing best friend in the world. Please don't make fun or call names, I just need to get this off my chest. I had s** with my best friend Mya's boyfriend. Oh, it gets worse, on their 7th month anniversary. He is one year older than me, she is one year younger than me, but I still wonder why I don't necessarily feel bad about it. She knew I liked him, and I left school for a week because I contracted mono (from an infected water fountain in our cafeteria) and when I came back, they were dating. I guess I've always envied her because she has his heart.. We skyped the night before and thought he could sneak me in his window (we only live a mile apart), and that's exactly what we did. His mom almost caught us twice, but he wont admit it to her. Now, she hates me, he wont tell the truth and I lost a Best friend, a very good friend, and I got suspended from school and I'm in virtual school now. I couldn't tell her how sorry I was, but I really still like him, and if the opportunity arose, I would do it again. I hate her. But then again, I want her back.

Oct 23, 2013

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  • F*** the person who told you to kill yourself. I understand how you feel, l*** is a powerful chemical. I think you feel betrayed and he had good d*** plain and simple. Too be honest you should send her and apology somehow but dont expect her to forgive you for years. Trust me ive been that guy...i AM that guy, ive cheated with my girlfriends, best friends, sisters, brothers, enemies, and one girls mother. I'm not proud of my actions anymore but trust me that guy doesnt care about you at all he was just using you. if you need more advice ill tell you how to contact me

  • Thank you for your comment and offer for more advice. I suppose I could use some more, if you don't mind. I'm sure we could become good friends.

  • Kill yourself

  • Someone's being optomistic :)

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