Attractive & Topless?

I received a legitimate email from OkCupid that, based on profile clicks, I am now amongst the most attractive female users on the entire site. Also, when I hang out alone I'm more comfortable topless. I am the only one who can appreciate this information. :/

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  • After our children moved out my wife declared our fenced-in yard a topless ptional area.

  • Nothing wrong with hanging out topless..My older sister did it in her apartment all the time, even if I, or people she knew, where there. Even went topless in my college dorm room in front of myself and two of my guy friends. They loved her! It's all about your own comfort.

  • :) nice

  • Oops, i "voted" by accident, didn't mean to click it.

  • I take the bote back too

  • Looks like you have problems with your self esteem. Go do something more productive other than using the internet all day

  • Ugh, you sound like you have a big ego. If guys would see you irl they would turn away because they see your head can't move through the door

  • Need proof here! at least you'll be able to convince me and not just bullshitting about it. othawise you're all s***. send it here hope to see it soon!

  • I bet it's tearing you up that nobody is commenting on this. Narcissism. Look it up.

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