Letting another guy f*** your girlfriend

Is there anyone else on confession post that let's another guy f*** his girlfriend/fiancee/wife ? If you read my confession ( am I wrong to let this happen ? ) then you will see the lifestyle we lead, I would like to hear from either men or women thanks.

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  • My wife has f***** a few of my frends. Once infront of me. He made her suck his c*** topless and then he ate her out and f***** her. It was incredibly hot. He came in her mouth at the end.

  • My wife Tina is a w**** that's why I married her, she has f***** black men more than white, and yes that includes me, the more men that f*** her the better, gang bangs, passed around from man to man. I love to see her naked on her knees blind folded hands tied behind her mouth full of c***.

  • Hi bring her Sheffield and I will arrange a gang for her

  • More like Rotherham:-)

  • Your not wrong as long as you are honest and she is willingly participating. I allow and encourage my wife to play with other men. I had fear regrets at first thinking I may have messed up. However as she told me all the details the regrets melted away. Her reservations also evolved when she got it really good by are really big one. Now we both get what we like. If you like it then tell her and if she likes it. Well.. Make it happen.

  • I totaly agree if you both, love it why not enjoy the finer things of life, my gf loves to be with other men, and we plan our honey moon in hotel with another man to consumate our marriage.

  • That is what its all about good clean fun.

  • Way it should be

  • Nothing in life is the way it should be, it's only the way we want it to be.

  • I watched as my wife f***** another guy the soundnshe made when he put his d*** in her was beautiful after watching himbeat her p**** til she cam over and over he f***** her for a good hr im so glad i was able to help my wife

  • I think it's best it makes Them closer and hotter s**

  • I watched my now wife with other guys in college, even drove them around as they had s** in back seat, now were married and its even hotter now than before, she see s 3 different guys.

  • I wished I could have watched my wife

  • I think my wife may have a boyfriend, and i hope hes c****** in her. Ive told her i want her to have s** with other guys, and i hope she does. Pleeease baby

  • I would love you f*** her

  • I know my wife has boyfriend and he c*** in her all the time. has been so good for our marriage.

  • Tyggtty

  • She c** s** home full of c** for u to eat

  • I want my wife to f*** alot of guys. I hope she does so much. I get aroused by the fact that she has f***** other guys, and i want her to get a boyfriend and cut me off from s**

  • I want someone to f*** my girlfriend so bad! Message me for pics of her and us. She's sexy

  • Sure u can share her pics with me..

  • Sure. I'd love to see the pics and help you out

  • I will f*** her

  • Show me her

  • I'll f*** her

  • Where you guys located

  • Hi I will f*** your girlfriend

  • Send pics

  • I would love to f*** your girlfriend you can watch or we can both f*** her send me pics of her t*** and p****

  • Can I f*** her? I'll send pics if u send pics

  • Can I f*** her send pics bigguy73dj@gmail.com

  • Hot sexy Italian guy with a nice big 8 inch d*** would love to help you guys

  • Ill give her some meat

  • Unkown12@live.co.uk send her pics

  • Realtributex@gmail.com please send some pics, really gets me off..

  • What your gf look like

  • How do we message you?

  • When wife gets boyfriends it is ultimate in cuck relationship, and so good , me love it and the more the better.

  • M hey husband was working all sat at Marilyn s

  • I used to love watching my bi sexual girlfriend f*** another woman.

  • Not at all its a teal turn on for many men.

  • I love watching my well endowed boyfriend with other women especially married women because he's amazing lover and can go all night and watching these women stumble out the door and to their car sore and exhausted is just hilarious to me,then I wanna beat their a****. I'd love to be there as they explain to their hubby. I'm sure quite a few of them get caught up with. L****

  • If that turns you on,then have fun with it.

  • I love to watch my wife get shagged by another guy, makes me so hot. she obviously loves it too. There is nothing wrong with all three of us having fun.

  • I'm a guy and I'm into it to I love it

  • If I'm not making her c** then I owned that

  • We were at a nude resort one nite in the hot tub and she was talking to another guy. I told them I was going to go get some drinks. I was gon for about 20 minutes and when i returned he was gone but she told me that he wanted to play a home of pool and the winner would get oral s**. I said OK but come let me know what happened. She left and after awhile she returned and said she lost. I went with her to his room and they got on the bed. She started giving him oral. All of a sudden she got up and lowered herself on him. I thought it was just going to be oral s** but it turned out to be a lot more. It surprised me and I was totally fine. They played for some time and then I joined in for awhile. I then left and went back to our room and she showed up about 3 hours later . She has done a few more guys after that. Some with me and some without. I am ok with it all.

  • So hot! Xo

  • You are not alone I want to see my wife f***** made to suck c*** & eat p**** by a black couple she is vergin in ass fu**** so is very tight but so is er c*** she would love to suck a 10 inc c*** or maybe larger she has blue eyes blond hair god figure large t*** 110 pds 5ft 1 tall

  • Yes I would like to see my great looking wife blond blue eyes 34 dd s tight p**** suck and f*** a large black man its been a dream of our for years just afraid she will like it too much

  • My wife is doing that but I haven't watched.

  • I have been with my gf for a year now and about a month ago i suggested she f*** another guy while i watch she gladly agreed she was a virgin up until my neibor came over the first time he f***** her hard for at least two hours i cummed twice and finally they came too he cummed inside her the first of many times my gf wont let me f*** her only letting him in he c*** in her every time its so f****** hot shes pregnant with his kid now but hasnt stopped him yet he's coming over again later cant wait

  • Want my gf, or fiancee to get pregnant on our honeymoon. by another guy.

  • My wife had anothers kid since we got married, and like you girl , wife bf keeps c****** for more and she gives him all he wants.

  • Wow, been there, my wife has had 3 kids from 2 other guys none from me, and we love that she has had their kids and i am dad.

  • Yes, I wanna see my gf with another guy! A bi guy so we can all have fun but I'm nervous that I'll get mad...

  • Try this first, I such you hard then guide your c*** into her. Or would you rather do that to me?

  • I want a 3some I have a sexy girlfriend I want a male to f*** her with me

  • Would like to see my wife have s** with her friend, Shannon. Shannon is in her early forties, my wife in her fifties.
    Pam has never had s** with another woman.
    I'd love to see them together, eating each others p******. When they are done, I'd join in for a threesome, eating them out and f****** them both.

  • No, you may find, as I have, that can be the most exciting time of your life. A couple years ago, i let my wife get fingered by a mutual friend and she loved it. More recently, she's allowed that same friend to finger her, eat her out and she give him a b******. It was wild and she climaxed 6 times...they will be together again this coming week. She lets me know he will be visiting, but she doesn't want me to know she is about to f*** him. What she doesn't know is I am secretly recording her and have been for months. It is so erotic!!!

  • I would have liked to have seen my wife f***** by her former boss.
    Pam is five ft, six, blonde hair, blue eyes, 55 years old, full figured, nice 38DD t*** and a big ass.
    Her former employer, Lester, five ft, ten inches, slender and most likely had a nice c*** on him.
    Would have liked to walk in to their office at the plumbing company in Lancaster , Ca to find him bending my naked full figured wife over the desk and pumping her fat wet p**** hard., or her on her knees sucking his c*** and him face f****** her.
    It never happened, but one of my lasting fantasies that I m********* to.

  • I would have liked to have seen my wife f***** by her former boss.
    Pam is five ft, six, blonde hair, blue eyes, 55 years old, full figured, nice 38DD t*** and a big ass.
    Her former employer, Lester, five ft, ten inches, slender and most likely had a nice c*** on him.
    Would have liked to walk in to their office at the plumbing company to find him bending my naked full figured wife over the desk and pumping her fat wet p**** hard., or her on her knees sucking his c*** and him face f****** her.
    It never happened, but one of my lasting fantasies that I m********* to.

  • Last summer I was sunbathing in my back yard wearing a bikini I wouldn't wear to the beach that my husband bought for me and his son by a previous marriage and his buddies(7) came in to use the pool but I think that they stayed around me to stare and get worked up and dear ole husband came home sat beside me and put more lotion on me and said I see you have quite a audience and I answered yes they have been here about a hour but you have them all worked up I see and laughed. He said you should give them a show as he untied my top and let it fall and I had 14 eyes on my several licking their lips and a few started drooling and dear ole hubby left and said I will be home at seven and I heard the car leave. It wasn't three minutes till I had a dozen hands upon me and they started in arousing me to no end.
    I am 32 still in great shape and my step son is 17 and I think all the guys are around the same age but that afternoon I was f***** by all and it was very exciting and now I never know when I am about to be taken by one or more of the seven at any time Does my husband know? Not on your life and I wont tell him, it was him who put me up to this and if I get caught well it's his fault putting thoughts in their minds.
    On the week ends when hubby has to go out of town I sleep with at least 6 boys and last week I got turned onto weed and OMG does it make making love to even more intense.

  • You must be one hot looking woman ..those kids love plugging you

  • Did you ever give one of them a b****** ? they c** in your mouth? you will never get rid of them now .......get ready to swallow a lot babe !!!

  • .. And then you woke up..

  • All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual and it turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big - all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge c****. We all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it. My current wife knows everything and has now started dating too. I'm not sure what it is they see in me that I don't know? -FH

  • Same with me. It's soo h**** knowing her p**** is being used by another guy

  • I want my wife to sooo bad.

  • All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual and it turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big - all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge c****. We all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it. My current wife knows everything and has now started dating too. I'm not sure what it is they see in me that I don't know?

  • I love women's panties and camisoles more comfy and helps with tummy

  • Women's undies are way more comfy than men's. I wear panties with a cami all the time and sometimes go all out with a garter belt, nylons and a bra hidden under my suit jacket. Talk about a rush knowing what I have on and that nobody else can tell (or at least I hope not.........)

  • I hope they do know, esecially want my wife to know. I think she knows im silly, and i hope she f**** other guys, so much.

  • I love panties

  • Love is between one man and one woman .....either she don't love you or you don't love her

  • If you let your wife have s** with another man or a girl or a dog -- join in or run away from the depravity! Some girls like p**** and enjoy getting f***** by a big dog in front of you! There was a lot of c**. She did not say that she did not enjoy it so I f***** her and ate her p**** then I got a bigger great Dane---See if she can handle that!!

  • I am a male 54 looking for 2 or 3 girls for a pee party any one intrested?

  • My BF has let me f*** other guys with him there or without him being there. He has brought several guys home for dinner and s** from work. I think he's even brought strangers home to f*** me. One time this month he had a football party at our house and there was 11 guys there,. Yes I got f***** by them all some several times. One guy three times a big Mexican and god was he hung. We have met several time since then by our selves and he f***** me silly till it was time for my BF to get home.

  • You have one good bf, and you should latch on to him for keeps, and you are an awesome woman who knows what is good.

  • Where are you from

  • Spokane Washington

  • I'm from Spokane. Are you still interested in meeting new guys?

  • Must be something in the water here. Me and my gf do this all the time.

  • I'm from Spokane

  • Let her have her fun

  • My New Year Resolution:
    I have resolved not to resolve again. I used to resolve not to “f*** any girl” but to concentrate in my studies. Then by January 7th, I had “f***** 7 girls” and counting! My albatross was: hanging out with the wrong friends, clubbing and booze; they usually followed in that order. And then, the garnishing would be s**, even orgies. By the second week of January, what I usually called my “New Year hangover” had set in. It was a mixture of guilt, self failure and worthlessness.
    It was when I got married (to the most loving and pleasant lady I’d ever met) that I found out that I was in for a big trouble; a very huge dilemma. I knew it won’t be long before my very sweet and loving wife would both kick at my ‘kind of friends’ and lifestyle. I knew It wasn’t going to be long before she’d kick me out for infidelity. But I had thought that I’d change once I got married to her; that I found out was deceitful to my person to say the least. I tried resolution again (for the last time perhaps) but by the third week of January, my hangover was strangulating. This time I was betraying someone who all she had done was to love me and care for me!
    That January, my brand new car began to act up. I didn’t expect to visit the auto workshop for “real auto work”, until at leas two years after purchase. It was a struggle on the road for about a week. I came back from work and complained bitterly about how “not smooth the engine sounded”. My beloved wife consoled me and told me that “we’d solve it”, she gave me my meals and garnished it with a “night of passion”; we so made love that night that I forgot my sorrows. She soothed me to sleep on her bosom and I slept like a baby.

  • MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION CONTD: 2 a.m. she woke me up from sleep with the most surprised look on her face. I looked at the table and found out that the car papers were spread all over it. I was alarmed. “What’s it?’ I had asked her. “J****”, she called my name quite characteristically of my alarmed wife, she didn’t call my pet name. “We’ve been using the wrong grade of gas in the tank!”. She had discovered that from the manual. More so, she discovered that we could have simply put a call across to the auto maker and gotten it checked for free since we had such a warranty. That was what happened in the morning. I took a cab to work and when I came back, my car was parked in the compound and revved beautifully; that was the end of that issue.
    Now, back to my main challenge; had to fix my life and marriage. I took a cue from the experience with my car. I had not taken time to read the maker’s manual for my life. I hadn’t “put a call across” to the maker to help me fix my life which was spinning out of control; out of the beautiful boundaries of my lovely home and marriage. I had been getting depressed and struggling on this voyage called life with which I have a beautiful “all through life” warranty from God the maker of all souls. I had been filling my “tank”; my soul helplessly with the “wrong grade of gas”; alcohol and the doctor had warned me of its effects on my liver. I knew that my wife read the New Testament and prayed before we slept and before I went to work. She would always ask the Lord to keep me safe as I operated the heavy equipment and really, I have never had an incident at work; the only one in my department with such a record.

  • MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: CONCLUSION: I was reflecting on all these, as I drove back smoothly from work . As we knelt down to pray that evening, I held my sweet wife in her hands and asked her to “put a call across to the maker again”. She was alarmed and asked me if the car was acting up again. I shook my head in the negative. “I need Jesus to fix my life; my drinking habit etc.”. She brightened up, held my hands lovingly and did. She said a simple prayer, something like this; “Lord Jesus, take away this burden of sin and guilt, this “acting up” habits of my sweetheart and make him whole; amen”.
    My life was back to brand new! No more struggles with my chains; wrong “friends”, clubbing, booze, orgies etc. No need for “New Year resolution” and its “dissolution” , the “hangovers” of guilt, self worthlessness, wretchedness and so on. I realized that my sweetheart had been aware of my “escapades” but had been “praying for me”. How she loved such an unwholesome life like me was beyond me. She is an embodiment of the Christ that I see; loving me in spite of my deficiencies. I began to understand why she wanted us to “use condoms” until she was through with her degree to have the baby she so much desired!
    It’s been five years and we’ve had twin boys and I have been free!

  • My new years resolution is to let any guy that wants to f*** me he can, where he wants to , when he wants to. Since the first I have had 11 strangest f*** me good.,
    I am 17 and the oldest was 61 and the youngest was 14 and he's been f****** me daily since then.

  • Can i f*** you

  • 17 your so stupid and all them perverts that want it ...you need to stop before you get aids or get yourself killed by one of these sick folks ok

  • Hey u got whatsapp

  • No WhatsApp but wchris552@gmail.com email me there

  • That a bit wierd but ok i could go for that. mabe a camping trip!

  • God I love to go camping

  • Pervert

  • In leather

  • Oh I do. it was my wife who initiated it by "accidently" walking in where I had a friend talking. It progressed to her being topless and I would make an excuse to leave the room to see what .Most of the time my friend would go right for the t*** and put his hand under her skirt. On occasion I would have to go to the plant to fix a problem but parked down the street and came back to watch. She would waste no time in stripping and pulling out his d**k and sucking it to completion. I loved it.

  • I even talked my wife into f****** her younger brother it was unfreaking real and turned us all on big time

  • Your sick

  • Yea right

  • Yes i have many many times

  • I wonder if you would feel blessed if she came home and told you she was leaving you because she found a guy that could f*** her better than you did?

  • Why would she want to leave you? she was getting other guys c*** and still had security of being married to you, having her cake and eating it, and why stop her from enjoying good stuff.

  • We all know the real good stuff. S** !

  • Thats it? h*** yea!

  • My wife Tammy has been sleeping with other men for 16+ years and we love it! She has been with 100's of men and shares herself and details of her dates when she gets home. I am blessed to be married to someone willing to explore her and our sexuality together.

  • Yeah some guys dont understand what real love is and a real awesome marriage.

  • Don't really sound like it's together, does it?

  • That happened to me and I left the old boy friend and took up with the good looking sexy guy who gave me a better time than the old boyfriend. I am happy the I did it.

  • That is what some couples need, some guys got it others dont,

  • I would like to confess, that I have always wanted to watch my girlfriend get f***** by a good looking guy with a big hard c***, like one of her old boyfriends. I would play with my c*** as she gets f*** by him. I want him to f*** the s*** out of her and c** inside her p****. After they are done I would take my turn and f*** her wet c** filled p****, while he watched.

  • F*** yea

  • I like to M********* While Another Guy F**** My Girlfriend

    I stayed at home masturbating while another guy f***** my girlfriend. She let him f*** her and c** inside her twice after a movie date she had with him. She told me that she came while he was f****** her the second time. She sucked his c*** to get him hard so he would f*** her again. She wants him to f*** her twice a week. She said, “You can j*** off while he f**** me.” We’re going steady so I asked her if she would wear my ring while he f**** her so he knows that she’s mine and she said that she would. I love her.

  • If you get to watch, you can c** when they do, dont even have to jack your tool, it just c*** so strong and good, when other guys load your girl or wife with his c**.

  • Mmmmm that's so h****

  • That's hot

  • My hubby encouraged his friend to crawl into bed with me. At first I resisted but finally gave in and it was enjoyable. Now I like it and so does my husband. He gets seconds.

  • Seconds are best especially if you get it right after other dude is done.

  • Mmmm I should try that.

  • I am 22 F and I can remember very well my first time with another guy besides my BF. I was asleep in bed and I thought it was my BF that got in bed with me and he immediately started fondling my b****** and he slid his c*** tight against my ass getting me wetter and before long he slid his c*** into my aqss and started in f****** me really slow but god oh so deep. He's never f***** my ass before and his c*** was a whole lot thicker and that's when I knew it wasn't him but I continued to let him f*** me for he made me c** so many times and when he finally filled my ass with his s**** he kept himself in me for the longest time and he kept playing with my nipples and my hands would hold his on my b******
    we now meet secretly almost every three days without my BF knowing about it and he f**** my ass really good. I love his 9 inch by 2 1/4 inch c*** or I should say my ass loves his c***.

  • I asked my BF last night if he would f*** me a*** and he said no so I asked him if a guy would f*** me only analy would you mind, His answer was you can have as many guys you want but only analy I gave him a big kiss and he said also I had to tell him when I did. You know who I am going to call tonight being my BF wont be around all week end.

  • My husband loves watching his friend f*** me, then he f**** me while Dave's c** is running out of my p****. We both love naughty F******.

  • Naught and soooooo good.

  • My wife and I both love naughty f****** like that.

  • I let my buddy nail my wife.

  • You are good friend.

  • I wish my husband was into this. I still f*** other men but he would die if he knew. The best is when I come home h**** with another man's c** in me and then I f*** my husband. It is such a turn on I'm getting wet from thinking about it. I'm going to get pounded tomorrow and I wish he could watch, but the best I can do is use someone else's load as lubricant. Better than nothing.

  • Too bad for your husband , he dont know what he is missing out on, just knowing your wife is getting laid is so awesome, and ultimate is when he watches or joins in.

  • Mmmmmm that's so naughty and h****.

  • Would love to be in a c** soaked p***y

  • Mmmmmmm would love to be in a c** soaked p****

  • My husband loves to f*** me with another man's c** running out of my p**** while I tell him all about it. I also like too suck his d*** when it smells like another woman's p****. we both just love naughty f******.

  • Nice we need to hook up girl

  • Can i pound your p**** do you wear thongs when you go f*** other guys

  • I usually don't wear anything beneath my skirt

  • My girlfriend didnt either .guys at work love seeing her p****.one wanted her so bad he told her he was going to beat me up ......he did beat me up then he nailed her .she loved me getting beaten up and getting nailed by the guy that did it

  • Neither do I

  • Hey

  • My boyfriend (I'm a girl) and I are in an open relationship, so we don't have quite the same dynamic, but I totally understand where you are coming from. If you both are okay with the situation, then more power to you!

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • It sounds as if you have a freaky nature and voyeuristic tendencies. Accept it, this is who you are.

  • There was a lady who had HIV and Hepatitis B (most doctors will tell you how deadly this one is) from "opening legs" around. She confessed to having been sleeping with up to 10 men in the past 2 years. The moment she saw the diagnosis, she discharged herself (a minister met her in a hospital evangelism but kept contact). Had forgotten about our encounter but not her soul in prayers. 3 months after, she traced the minister back and was weeping profusely . . . in her own words "I went for the "sharing party" . . . I had unprotected s** with all the ten men and even serviced their friends who had been pestering me at the back of their so called friends (she has a body that you hear about only in fairy tales). I thought my broken heart will be healed but I feel so empty and afraid of death . . ."

    Well the lady in question is late but she made peace with Christ before she slept . . . are you going to make peace with him too?

  • Ten men in two years is nothing!

  • H*** I am 18 and I have had over 20 different guys this year alone

  • Wanna make it 21

  • DAMN.. YOU are a s**** W****.. I bet your p**** is a massive hole.. what a nasty c** bucket you are.... good luck with AIDS..

  • I'm in my fifties and I'm sure I would make you c** my young lady.

  • Iv always wanted to watch another guy f*** my girlfriend it would make me so h**** I would have to get in on it to I love love love having s** playing with my d*** I want to have s** with someone

  • This seems common. As long as you're both consenting adults, I don't see a problem or weird about this.

  • I would love to see a guy with a huge c*** f*** my wife so he stretches her tight p**** out so she is never satisfied my little c*** again. Then I could watch her f*** huge d***** or she'd make me wear a strapon or c*** extender to satisfy her.

  • Can I try and stretch her?

  • With what?.. that TINY thing couldnt stretch a mouse p****.. go back to tranny p*** you sissy...

  • I'd love to see my wife being pounded by another guys hard c*** as she screamed her head off for him, only conditions I'd have is that she has to c** at least once and take his load in her p**** :3

  • I would make your wife moan my name infront of you whilst she creams all over my d***, right before I blow my hot load in her hot married p****.

  • Mmmmm f****** your wife's c** filled p****. Done that a few times with mine, she got so h****.

  • Damn man that would be amazing

  • I would love to see pics of your girls c*** fresh from her boyfriends just dripping with his c**.

  • I want to steal julies panties and c** in them

  • I like to M********* While Another Guy F**** My Girlfriend.....
    I stayed at home masturbating while another guy f***** my girlfriend. She let him f*** her and c** inside her twice after a movie date she had with him. She told me that she came while he was f****** her the second time. She sucked his c*** to get him hard so he would f*** her again. She wants him to f*** her twice a week. She said to me,“You can j*** off while he f**** me.” We’re going steady so I asked her if she would wear my ring while he f**** her so
    he knows that she’s mine and she said that she would. She told me that when she becomes my fiance she is still going to let other guys f*** her and c** inside her. I love her so much!

  • I'd luv it if my wife would do another man. I have asked he about it and she got mad at me. Now I m********* all the time and imagine her naked with another man.

  • Yes I shared my girlfriend with my best friend, I had a girl he didn't he wasn't good with girls, so I asked her if she was interested in a threesome , who with, I told her why not it would be a new experience, you will have to show him the way, so we spit roasted her, and changed ends many times, we used her for quite a while then dumped her, lets face it girl are for f****** and nothing else.

  • A guy with hiv and aids is having ago on her now, but she would love to have a go on you after.

  • I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

    never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

    1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

    2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny b**** who looks underaged.

    3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

    4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

  • 5) All goods from China are questionable. H***, have you read the news recently? They distributed FAKE EGGS in Malaysia. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FAKE EGGS WHEN THE PRODUCTION OF EGGS IN MALAYSIA HAD ALWAYS BEEN OPTIMUM??? The milk scandal, the writing utensils, their handphones and h*** anything that was made in China - im sire as h*** not gonna but it. These people care only about money.

    6) They breeds spoilt kids. I know every race has this but look at a Chinese couple with a son - then you would know what Im talking about. The treat the daughters like trash but the son...WOW. They grew up to be some piece of work.

    7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

    Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious m************. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

  • What the f*** is wrong with people this is wrong

  • Its how I lost my wife. We decided to try hotwifing but she got carried away with it and it got out of hand. She comes home maybe once every couple months to see the kids, but not otherwise. Otherwise she's just f****** all the time and I get no p**** at all from her. She's even f****** a friend of mine, a guy who was in our wedding. I'm a laughingstock now, and I hate that.

  • yes you are wrong to let that happen. shes going to get used to having s** with other men and she wont come home anymore.

  • So true shes now a full blowing s*** hahahaha means more p**** for us.

  • I found out my wife when away has s** with other me . She always denies it. They texted me pics last summer. It is ok, let her have fn

  • I have found out my wife has had s** with several other guys. Last summer they texted my pics yet she always denies it. Know she enjoys it so I no longer press the issue

  • Yes, I do. She's my fiancée and my friends all say I should dump her, but I really love her so I put up with her infidelities. I have no idea how many lovers she has but I know she's f****** two friends of mine and a guy she works with. There are others but I don't know how many. I admit that it does turn me on to know I'm engaged to such a wildly oversexed woman. It seems like the more guys she f**** the more I want her. I don't know why, but my friends say I'm crazy to be marrying such a major w****. I know that's what she is, but I love her.

  • Had same feeling for my now wife of 12 yrs, marriage has been good for us and yes she still gets laid from other married guys.

  • I knew if I asked my husband if I could date that he would say no so I just told him I was going to start dating and it shocked the s*** out of him. I don't put up with any s*** from him anymore and if he ever crosses me on anything whether its money or the house or whatever I just go out and get laid and he gives in. He says he hates it but I think he secretly gets off on what a w**** I've become and how many men have had their d**** in me in the last year and a half since I started dating. Its a wonderful arrangement we have now and I should of started it even before we got married. So much wasted time and so many missed affairs. But let me tell you......I'm making up for lost time now. :)

  • You should come f*** me then I'll give you a good time baby

  • Awesome, let me know if I can help

  • Good for you, girlfriend!!!! Men think that everything revolves around them, it doesn't. And they think that if they claim dominance over us women, we're scared of them.
    But reading your story has really inspired me to tell my lover that if he ever threatens me harm, or claims financial dominance over me, I will run out and have as many affairs as possible. Our relationships should be based on trust, not dominance.


  • I guess this tells me that women who get involved in swinging are man-hating b******.

  • LOL! Yeah, the only dominance that should be going on in any relationship is US dominating THEM! Good luck to you, Jayme! And don't keep waiting like I did: go get you some NOW!

  • I'd like to bang your wife.

  • My wife has had several lovers during our marriage though I can't claim that I "let her" do that: she just did it. She told me she was going to and then she did it. She never tells me anything about the other relationships, whether they are purely sexual or more personal than that. Others say she's a w****, but at least so far, she keeps coming home after.

  • Love women who have a life, and are not afraid to seek what they need and want, real strong women with awesome drive.

  • I would want to know all the details if it was my wife :-)

  • your girl is a ho

  • I had a girl in my life that I discussed it with but wouldn't let anything actually happen. If anything, I might let her give b******* all she wants when I'm out of the house because she loved sucking so much or especially on her birthday in front of me if she wanted, but I wouldn't let anyone f*** her - that would just be something to think about when I'm alone & talk about with her when she jerks me off or wants me to c** more.

  • that girl totally sexed up yo

  • I think this is one of the most sexy and romantic things I ever read.

  • I don't but I fantasize it. It is exciting but I wouldn't want it to happen. I just enjoy roleplaying about it with my wife.

  • my wife and I started out roleplaying this scenario too but unfortunately she took it so far that she wound up getting pregnant for the other guy and then wound up leaving me for him. these games never end well.

  • Yer know the feeling my wife got her belly filled

  • Well yeah if she's not on birth control and he has no condom then u have a good chance ... DUH

  • Thanks for sharing ^ that piece ^ of incredible brilliance.

  • My BF does about the same thing to me when I've had a bit to much to drink, sends guys over to flirt with me as he sits back and enjoys the show and when someone does get to me and I let em go all the way he breaks out his little video cam and takes a video of it all happening then shows me on the way home then we make love till the wee hours of the morning sometimes into the following day. Now and then if the other guy is willing Gary invites him over later and we go at it again and again.

  • My BF did the same thing to me at a party we went to and I got turned on by this one Mexican and he f***** me for what seemed like hours filling both my ass( Which my BF wont do) and my puss and mouth with his c** and then four others had their way with me to and he captured it all on cam. We have watched it over and over and he keeps asking me if I would do it again and I said yes but we haven't gone to any parties yet, but what he don't know is that I have been having s** with the four guys weekly since.

  • My husband lets me f*** all I want, as long as he gets to f*** me while I am still full of their C**.

  • Hey ! that is what makes seconds so awesome. sweet and slick, best lube ever. your husband is a lucky guy.

  • My wife got pregnant by my mate it wasent a big problem but every one knew as I had t6he snip

  • Several people know our kids are from other men, and we love the fact that they know, that is besides they guys who knocked up my wife they both knoew it was their kids my wife was carrying, and they let others know.

  • Wow! Now THAT s*** is REALLY sexy!!!!!

  • My wife gets extremely sexy when she's drinking and flirts with guys a lot. I would always step in when it was going to far. Well, a couple of years ago I let it take its course. My cute little wife ended up getting royally fuckd by two guys she'd been hanging all over. It turned out to be a turn on for both of us, and we occasionally fulfill that excitement.

  • Hot as fresh s***!!

  • Me and my gf both fantasize about it,we just haven't found the right guy.

  • Wish I could get my husband to think like this........

  • I wish I could get a wife like you :)


  • You are crazy limey.

  • Some of these comments are so creepy.

  • As are you.

  • I think she lives in a convent or should.

  • I think she live in a ho-house.

  • My wife is submissive but proper. I made her let a masseur give her legit, non-sexual massages at a respectable massage parlor. She didn't want to go at first. She didn't want some guy rubbing her all over even if it wasn't sexual. I had to order to go. Then she reluctantly went. Now I don't have to make her go. She goes willingly and is h**** when she gets home. I, of course, benefit from that. The masseur is professional. He doesn't do anything that would break any rules, but my wife gets hot now from being touched by another man, especially when he rubs her legs.

  • totally sexy totally hot

  • I want my husband to let me do this. I won't leave, I just want to play.

  • Usually if hubby trys to hold wife back from what she needs she will cheat or divorce him, so why not open up and share?

  • Can I play with you I won't take you from him just f*** you

  • That's hot.

  • It's a beautiful thing.



  • It's human nature to express ourselves in whatever ways we feel are healthy for our own relationships.We, as human beings, are different from other animals. We have been blessed with the gift of giving and receiving pleasurable physical contact. As with any decision you consider throughout a relationship,you should discuss the pros and cons of sexual explorations with your partner and explore the mental and emotional well being of your partner. Respect one another, have fun, and live life to the fullest. As long as the 2 of you are comfortable with the previously discussed actions you both agreed to participate in. Stray dogs roam when they don't explore their fantasies at home. Let's face it folks, it's just f******.Let's all get over it and enjoy life together with our better halves?!There is a reason why the p*** industry is successful, but at the same time "no one is watching it". Time to wake up and pull ourselves out of denying the fact that we like to get f*****, make love, and watch other people f****** each other In ways we never dreamed about. Accept it, respect it, respect one another, do not judge or label others sexual acts and/or preferences as good or bad. People, it's f******, and my do we love it. Just think for a minute how many names we have invented to describe sexual acts in depth! Do not underestimate f******. It's is often confused with many sensitive emotions that result in undesirable consequences. Simply put, explore yourselves together. We don't have a long time here. Determine each other's PRE-SET boundaries and stick to them. Do not be pushy with your partner as this is the person you want to please. F***, suck, lick, play, m*********, and grow up. Throw your insecurities out of the window already. You can burn that extra energy on sexual gratification, the acceptance of human sexual behavior, fulfilling your partners UNJUDGED acceptance of all forms of f******. Strike up the convo. Take small steps.Reinvent.Rekindle.Make love

  • You sound like a septic tank w*****. You do.

  • I agree. He is a septic tank w*****, and probably a girly man.

  • "girly man" I like this comment

  • No, you're wrong. This situation -- for the people involved -- is actually INCREDIBLY romantic, and is more loving than 99% of the conventional marriages out there. He loves this girl, more than anything, and a part of the concept of love is wanting what is best for the other person, wanting what makes them happy, and then going out and making that happen for them. That's what this OP is doing, and yes, that IS romantic, and no, she is not a w**** for wanting what she wants. We cannot control our hearts, and it's not for you to say what is and isn't love for anyone other than yourself, or what is and isn't within the heart of another person. My money is on this arrangement working out far better than most marriages. But whether or not it succeeds, the effort is admirable, and is worth the work that they are putting into it, and none of the three of them are wrong for wanting it and trying it. And in addition to that, it is the sexiest idea I have ever heard.

  • You sound like a septic tank w***** who gets randy around sheep.

  • Go get some better banter you pedo c***.

  • Suck my t***, p*** face!

  • The girl is trash. Really, just human garbage. Surely you can do better. Can't you?

  • She really does have to make you suck his big c*** in front of her and gets him to shoot his c** in your mouth and make you swallow it....good luck cucky boy.

  • Wow just wow i wish my husband would let me do this, i would just love another guys c*** inside me and i would suck his c*** so good and drain his b**** of all his c**
    But i dont think he would ever let that happen ...were in our forties and a younger guy is so appealing to me, god this is making me so wet reading this, i think your a special guy doing this for you gf , and i hope he makes her pregnant, Shes so f****** lucky

  • Yes, she has a need, and her hubby lets her, she wont ever leave him but still get to really enjoy her marriage and life.

  • You don't need a young c*** to make you happy older big c*** will surprise you trust me

  • Your husband is a lucky man. My 55 year old wife has had a strangers c** twice in the last 6 months. It makes me HOTT!!!!

  • My wife used to like to try another c*** and was at it foryears and still at 55 she loves to have a fresh c*** up her

  • S** is a natural thing, and if hubby is ok to let wife play , who s permission does he have to get to let her play?

  • Something similar happened to me about 10 years ago, i had kept on at her to f*** another guy while i watched them in our bed, he has a fairly big c***, ( i only have a small one) ...he was a salesman that dealt with the company she still works for....it was really exciting watching him f****** her...she always let him f*** her bareback, and he always came in her, he eventually made her pregnant, she left me for him and had his baby....believe me this will all end in tears for you and like me you will be devastated...please don't do it....she married him after our divorce...it took me a while to get over it...please put an end to it now.

  • Same for me, too. We were living together when she met him and she flaunted him in front of me and told all our friends about their relationship and the horse sized d*** the kid had (he was about 12 years younger than we were). She would break up with him every now and then and promise to stay with me, and on one of those breaks I asked her to marry me, thinking that formalizing it would end her flings with him. She agreed and we got married. He was at the reception. The son-of-a-b**** waited for us to tie the knot and then he shows up and tells me that he's going to bust up our marriage and take her permanently. She says no, we're married and that's that. Seven weeks later, we discover she's pregnant, and after some arguing she tearfully admits the baby's his. I foolishly ask her to stay anyway. She laughs at me and says, "Why would I stay with you when I can go get that big f****** d*** of his." She moved out the next day and filed for a divorce. This is your future.

  • your about to marry a w****. she will never care about you. she will only care about herself.

  • I love to watch other men f*** my wife.


  • Lucky You!!

  • Same here. There's nothing sexier, because it's not just some woman I'm involved with: it's my wife. Very, very, very sexy!

  • If you both agree its fine and you have no regrets its fine.
    Its a matter are you willing to let her continue in this way for as long as she wants.

  • Yes we both agree and it works so well for the both of us, and yes i am willing to let her continue this way for as long as she wants, she's with him just now at his apartment, she left last night as she always does, she always comes home on a sunday evening, and always with a big smile on her face with a I've just been f***** silly look about her, and it's so sexy to see her that way, ive been masturbating my little c*** as i always do when she's with him, thinking about him f****** her so good with that big c*** of his, we always kiss passionately when she comes home, and i can taste his c** in her mouth as she always sucks his c*** before leaving him, and she always has his fresh c** stains in her panties, and it usually has been dripping down the inside of her thighs.
    We always go straight to bed when she gets in and i can smell him off her, sometimes she lets me f*** her, but with me always wearing a condom now ( my request so he can make her pregnant ), they both know that i m********* my little c*** when she's with him and i c** so much, but life couldn't be better for the both of us as she gets to have incredible s** with him and that makes her so happy, and it makes me happy too, what really excites me as well now is that she's wearing my engagement ring when he's f****** her, and it will be even better when she's got my wedding ring on as well.

  • That is so incredible, your a lucky guy, I too would love my gf to get pregnant by another man.

  • F*** you,brad pitt.

  • Oi! Where's that chicken s*** limey bloke hiding? Did he get p***** and forgot his way back here, or is he just scared shitless like a p**** tank w*****?

  • Seven hells! What am I to make of this?


  • This is all just so wrong. All you people are f***** up.

  • I need a date. I broke up with my boyfriend and I'm lonely. I'm not picky. I don't care what you look like. Your personality is more important to me. I am considered beautiful and very easy to get along with and I know how to take care of a man. My only requirement is that I see your bank statement and your last pay stub before I decide if I will go out with you. I live in Boston, MA. If you are interested in the opportunity to date me, meet me at the Boston Public Library Saturday at 1PM. I'll be the hot blonde in the red dress next to the big muscular bald headed guy (he's just a friend who will be with me in case any weirdos answer any of my ads for Saturday). Bring your bank statement and pay stub. Love, Michelle

  • The world only spins in one direction, and the laws of physics that rise from that are immutable. (1) If you're really beautiful then you are NOT easy to get along with. (2) If you're really beautiful then only thing you know how to do is let a man take of you (not the other way round).

  • Meow is a t*** burglar and a bum bandit.

  • That's hot! I have fantasied about it and it gets my wife hot talking abut it during s**.

  • Brenda aka meow you really do need some professional medical help ...obviously there is something severely mentally wrong with you...you're so sad and you're a lonely sexually inadequate being, i say being as i think you're not human in any shape or form, the truth hurts doesn't it brenda, so please for all our sakes seek out a good psychiatrist and hopefully he or she can help.
    This is a site for people that have true confessions which is what this confession is and idiots like you should not be allowed anywhere near it, get a life.

  • My husband is 37 years older than I am and he allows me to play as much as I want as long as I don't ever go out on dates in public, dress like a w**** in public (it's okay if I do it in private), f*** anybody who works for him, f*** any of his friends or relatives (especially his 2 sons), f*** any of our neighbors, stop taking my birth control (unless we start trying to have a baby, which I don't want right now), or make postings in my own name on dating websites or married-and-dating sites. And he doesn't want to know about my extramarital f****** or have me tell him anything after. It's a decent arrangement, and I wouldn't have married him if he didn't let me play, but I would love to have what your girlfriend has, I mean S***!!!! To have a guy with such a humungous c*** ready to f*** me whenever I want and have my husband support it and know that he's totally going to knock me up? JESUS, that is so sweet and so sexy and so hot! Your girlfriend is lucky and I hope she knows!!

  • I'm really happy for you that you have this arrangement with your husband to let you play with all these other men, it must be very satisfying sexually for you, you said he doesn't want to know about your extramarital f****** or tell him anything about it, well i suppose all men are different, but you still get to have these guys f*** you and satisfy you sexually like every woman does, my fiancee doesn't dress like a w**** anyway , she doesnt have to as she is so very sexy whatever she wears, and she does go out in public with him and they kiss passionately, hold hands etc like an ordinary couple.
    She can do anything she likes and i encourage it, and as long as she always comes back to me as i totally love and adore her, but if she didn't then i would be truly devastated, but i know she wont as we love and trust each other.
    You say that you don't want a baby right now, but that maybe change in the future ...you never know , maybe one day you will have what my girlfriend has, i hope you do, but thanks for saying all you have said thats very nice of you, and my fiancee does know that she is lucky, but i think I'm more lucky to have her, especially as shes going to be my beautiful and wonderful wife.

  • Oh GOD I would soooooo love to be able to be publicly open and passionate and sexy with the guys I date and even to make out with them in public!! Your girl really has it so good and I hope she knows! I mean I do love the cheating and it's thrilling to do that and to be involved in a lot of affairs, but GOD if I could do it in public like she does? I mean, s***!! S***!!!!!! Just the idea of that makes me wet and hungry and it makes me want to go out and do that! I just wish my husband would allow it! And I'll confess that there is a young guy who works for my husband that I would just TOTALLY hook up with if my husband didn't make all his employees off limits, and THAT would be a hot affair to have because he is just so hot! Anyway I love what you are giving your girl and I hope she realizes how lucky she is! So nasty and hot and great!!

  • Thank you for your comments it means a lot to me, yes my fiancee knows she has it so good to have a free reign on what she does in private and in public and i fully support and encourage her to do so, I'm sorry your husband doesn't give you the freedom that i give my fiancee, but then again every man is different i suppose.
    But you love the cheating and being involved with other guys that you have affairs with, so i suppose you have at least got that, i take it from the way you are talking that your husband doesn't know that you're having extramarital affairs with other guys ?? , i know that if you were my wife then it wouldn't be a problem with you doing that and i would fully support you and encourage you to do so,if my fiancee wanted to f*** any of my male employees then that would be ok with me, even the thought of that excites me, with whoever it was knowing that he was f****** my wife and that i was ok with it, if you ever had the chance to hook up with your husbands young employee would you do it without him knowing ?? If you did and he found out then the consequences would be severe for the both of you, but i think you wouldn't go there anyway , but you can always fantasise about it as theres no harm in that.
    The thing thats different with my fiancee and myself is that i love her oh so much and her happiness is the most important thing to me, she of course loves me as well and i think thats why this works so well for the both of us, and for her young lover as well of course.
    I sure hope that one day you and your husband will lead the lifestyle that we lead, it is very exciting and so hot and very sexy, and the most exciting thing for me will be for her young lover to make her pregnant with his baby and i hope its soon as i would love her to be showing on our wedding day, but if that doesn't happen then i would love him to impregnate her on our wedding night in our bed when he consummates our marriage as i will be in another room.

  • I wish there was some way you could talk to my husband and convince him to let me have Ryan that works for him because we are hot for each other so bad. He's younger than me by a couple years, and he's even younger than my husband's son by his third marriage, and we flirt when we're together and even have played kissy-face and rub-rub a few times when nobody was around at the office who could see us. I wish my husband thought like you do and then Ryan and I could really have a seriously filthy go. I have even thought about having Ryan's baby but not right away: I've thought about how hot it would be to fling with him for a while, then have a real affair, and then have him knock my ass up. I don't know if I could even start that though, because I think my husband would be able to tell how hot Ryan gets me whenever he might see us around each other, so I'm just scared of letting it start and then not being able to control myself with Ryan and wanting to mount him like every time we were around each other. Since you asked, yes my husband knows that I play but he doesn't know when or with whom, and I don't tell him because he doesn't want to know: he just wants it all kept private, and so that it can't cause him embarrassment in the business world and at church and among his friends. So far, I've been a very good girl when it comes to that, but reading all these posts here and seeing how lucky your girl is, it makes me think more seriously about Ryan and how delicious he is (oh my!) ................ and I guess it makes me think about a few others, too. I think if Ryan really made a serious move on me, I might not be able to resist, and then I could be in trouble. Makes me want to be like your girl! Especially since I think Ryan has a gigantic c***, like her boyfriend. LUCKY!!!!!!!!

  • I wish i could do that for you i really do, i think you would love to be in our kind of lifestyle by the way you're talking, but your husband by what you are telling me would be dead against it especially if it interfered with his business, church, and private life, all that doesn't bother me as i am a very different man in my business life ( ruthless actually ) ...but i can understand where your husband is coming from and i respect that, sorry for asking you about your extra marital affairs but i took it that your husband didn't know what you are doing, i so hope that you do hook up with ryan as he probably wants you as much as you want him, and I'm positive he does want you, so why don't you try really flirting with him and give him the come on, hes a young guy and i don't think he will have to be asked twice.
    I think if he does then you both will have the best s** you will ever have, and i take it you have seen him aroused ? And you girls always have a good idea whether a guy has a big c*** or not, but i hope all your dreams come true, please keep on trying, i wish you the very best, please let me know what transpires.

  • On Friday a friend of mine told me that he thinks I'm crazy to let this happen and if it had of been his wife then he would have beat the s*** out of her and him, but I don't care its what I want and what she wants , he told me everyone who knows us knows about what's happening , some say its wonderful and sexy and others say I'm sick in the head, well I did want everyone to know, and I don't care if some think I'm sick in the head, hebsaid that there's no way he's coming to the wedding, I replied who said that we were inviting you anyway lol.

  • i admired you before just because of how you love your gf and being so open to whatever pleases her, but after this i really really really admire you because dealing with the fact that all your friends now know about your situation and her relationship with such a young guy (who has SUCH a big d***) has to be very hard. i mean on one level its exciting and sexual and all that but then having everyone think of you and judge you without really even understanding what your feelings are has to be so hard. and having everyone know that any babies she has will be his babies just ratchets up the way they will ostracize you. i love what you are doing and you are so not sick in the head you are just in love and you show it in a unique and beautiful way that allows your wife to express her personality and her sexuality in a very natural way and in a way that is sooooooooo HOT!!!!! i think that among your friends all the selfish macho guys are going to run you down and say ugly things behind your back and all their wives will agree with them in public but in private the wives are all going to wish that they could find a guy exactly like you and then dump there husbands and live the lifestyle of you and your wife. if i recommended anything it is to deprive them of their gossipy bitchy pleasure and just be even bolder about the arrangements you have and the frequency of the intercourse that she and her bf are having especially when shes ovulating. i wish you so much good luck and good s**.

  • Thank you so much for your very kind words, yes you are absolutely correct that the guys will gossip and probably ostracise me, i know all of the guys and their wives/girl friends will do that, maybe some but i hope not all will think like that and hopefully the guys wives will feel that they did have a man like me that lets his fiancee/ wife have s** with another man, but no matter what they think its our lives and our lifestyle, and as long as were not hurting anyone else then thats good.
    Yes she does love her young lovers big c*** and she cant get enough of it or him, i cant really satisfy her sexually in that department so I'm really glad that he can and that she's happy and i am too, her happiness is the most important thing to me, and yes you are right i do love her unconditionally and she loves me, after all she wouldn't have said yes when i proposed to her if she didn't love me.
    I have been called a wimp and a disgrace to the male gender and that I'm weak as a man, I've also been told that i am a cuckold , and i think thats what i really am, but i had never heard of the term before but after looking it up then yes they are right.
    Regarding that i want her pregnant with his baby or babies, then i fully want that and encourage it as i probably don't have strong enough genes anyway.
    I really cant wait for her to be pregnant by him, and hopefully she will be showing on our wedding day taking our vows with her young lover beside us as my best man and knowing its his baby that shes carrying.
    I really will do anything for her and i will try to be the best husband i can and i will be good to her, that really goes without saying, she is a gorgeous and an amazing woman and so very very sexy and I'm very fortunate for her to be going to be my wife, sorry for this being so long but i could write forever about her, I'm truly and so much in love with her and its wonderful for me, what a feeling, thanks once again for your comments as it really makes me feel great.

  • Let him walk her out while everyone is throwing the rice, and then let him drive her away from the reception. You need to let them announce to the world that, even though she married you, she belongs to him. She does belong to him, doesn't she? She at least belongs to his d***.

  • Brilliant idea there again, yes that would be great, but she does belong to me as well as him, butnyou are correct she does belong to his c***, and I suppose her p**** belongs to him as well, thanksbfor posting.

  • Well said/

  • do you know if your girlfriend's lover is bi? has he shown any interest in doing you?

  • No he hasn't shown any interest in doing me ...so I would say he's heterosexual and not bisexual, we've only shown each other our c**** flacid and hard ( with my fiancee present of course, his c*** puts mine to shame as I only have a little c*** and his c*** is very impressive, I can't blame my fiancee wanting it inside her and him f****** her with it, if she ever wanted me to suck it and have him c** in my mouth and he was ok with that then I would do that for her if it made her happy, I'll do anything to make her happy.

  • i had a gf a few yrs ago who kept hooking up with her ex-bf and would never stop. she hid it from me at first but finally just said he had a d*** she couldnt quit and she wasnt going to sneak around anymore and i could just 'take it or leave it' and so i made her move out. after reading all this i think i made the biggest mistake of my life and i wish i could go get her back and marry her and just let her have her fun. i wouldnt even care if he knocked her up and we raised them like they were just ours. she was the best f*** and the hottest f*** and the nastiest f*** i ever had and she never left me wanting but still was able to take care of her big-d*** ex-bf too. amazing that i was so stupid.

  • This is similar to what happened to us, but the only thing is that I forgave her, she never gave me an ultimatum like your gf did to you,my fiancee is not a girl like that, it made me so turned on to know that a big cocked young guy was f****** her and that she loved it, it made my little c*** rock hard , such a sexual turn on for me which I was very surprised about, everyone is different in this world, after all it would be a very boring place if we were all the same.

    We all make mistakes, but you made the right decision for you at that particular time, I wish you could go and get her back and marry her and lead the lifestyle we do, but you never mentioned if she ever married him or if you know if she's still single ? Is there still a chance to get her back ? If there is and you can find her why not try, after all nothing ventured noting gained and you never know you might be lucky, you said she was the best f*** and the hottest and nastiest f*** you ever had, and her ex bf must have known that as well, so why don't you try, you never know, and I don't think that you were stupid it was just the way you felt at the time, I wish you good luck.

  • Find her and marry her if possible

  • At the end of the wedding ceremony, before you and she walk back up the aisle together, it would be sooooooooo hot to let her lover -- since he'll be standing next to the two of you anyway -- "kiss the bride". It would certainly announce to everybody there just exactly how close they are, and that the relationship begun that day clearly includes him (and perhaps even that it only happens with his approval). But I really like the idea of having him kiss the bride especially if it's a deeper and hotter kiss than she is willing to accept from you; maybe even have her pull away from you while you're trying to kiss her more, and then have her kiss him for several minutes. Even better if, while he's kissing her, she grabs that gigantic d*** through his pants and rubs it where everybody can see. She sounds so hot to me, and I think you are a lucky guy.

  • That is such a great idea and an over powering sexual turn on for me to think everyone there at the time to see that happen, especially if she's pregnant and showing with his baby growing inside her, then everyone will know that the baby she's carrying is his, considering their not blind lol, yes that would be wonderful and I would certainly go for that, but I will have to ask them if they would consider doing that, quite a few people on here have came up with great ideas for our big day , but couldn't put them all into practice unfortunately , but I will keep everyone updated the way things are going.

  • I'm not trying to rain on your parade, not even a little bit, because I admire your situation and your total devotion to your fiancée: I wish more men felt like you do. And I wish I'd had your attitude when I was married to my first wife: she had an ex-boyfriend that she couldn't give up (same reason as with your girl: the c*** was just too big and too good, but they didn't work together as a couple), and which I foolishly interpreted as a lack of love for me. Had I realized what she was doing and what her body needed, and what she could not live without (his c***), and had I loved her enough, we would still be together and I might be raising his children as mine, and if that were the case, I hope I would adopt your loving attitude about her. But that brings me to my point of caution for you. Regardless of where you live, a biological father will have certain legal rights that supercede the rights of the husband of the mother. There are legal presumptions of paternity (generally, the husband's mother is presumed to be the father of her child at the time of the birth), but those are rebuttable presumptions, which means that the biological father could come in and prove paternity and exercise certain rights over the child, as well as issues of inheritance and of support obligations. You need to visit a lawyer WHERE YOU LIVE (don't rely on non-specific advice you might find online or from other areas) and get documents drawn up that address all the relevant issues in ways you consider appropriate. Since you are the one in the exposed position, you need to go to the lawyer alone first and talk with him or her openly about the relationships, have the pertinent documents drawn up that create the result that you are the baby's father (the documents are going to be sui generis, so no existing form will cover these issues), and then get everybody to sign before the baby is born. Don't wait until after, because by then, it may be too late. I wish you well.

  • Thanks for your information regarding sui generis, I never thought on that as I was quite willing to bring his child or children up, so I suppose a trip to my lawyer won't do any harm to check it out, sorry about what happened to you with your ex wife but hindsight is a great thing, but none of us can go back in time and change things, mores the pity, and you are right if most women are honest they do prefer a guy with a big c*** to f*** them ( I think if I was a woman that I would prefer a guy with a big c*** to f*** me ) ...we are all very happy with our situation and I'm so excited that she is going to be my wife, I don't think that she would have said yes when I proposed to her if she didn't love me like I love her, maybe I am a wimp to let this young guy to f*** my future wife, but as I keep saying that her happiness is the most important thing to me, If I didn't love her then I would have walked away a while ago, but I do love her oh so much and I can understand why other men would loveto f*** her as she is gorgeous and absolutey stunning, I think that I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world to be going to marry her.

  • This other guy is totally going to take her from you eventually.

  • I don't think so as were all happy with our lifestyle and situation.

  • Your kidding yourself. She's going to him eventually.

  • I'm not kidding myself as you put it, and I'm certain that she won't leave me for him as we love each other and its an ideal situation for us.

  • Hofosho

  • What is hofosho?????

  • i didnt write it think it probably is shorthand for "w**** for sure".

  • Thanks for letting me know that as I didn't have a clue ....but she's no w**** she's going to be my lovely wife and we love each other ...her happiness is the most important thing to me, and if it makes her happy letting this young guy f*** her and for him to make her pregnant with his baby then that is wonderful, and it makes me happy as well.

  • I agree, you love her and are ok with what you both want and need, so envy you, your getting a good woman.

  • sexier than anything else here

  • Thank you, it is so very sexy and a massive turn on for me, but i think an awful lot of other men will be leading the same lifestyle as we do, whether its the sexiest thing on here i don't know as different people like different things, but thanks again for your comment and opinion.

  • Her boyfriend is going to give her some special presents that she'll pass along to you: Herpes, Hep C, and chlamydia. It's a f****** hat trick of STDs. Good luck!

  • I don't think that will happen as it would have happened by now, i will always wear a condom if she lets me f*** her, but if she does and shes pregnant then i will love having my c*** in her while her lovers baby is growing inside her, god that will be the ultimate for me doing that, i think i would c** in an instant, i know i give her oral and eat his c** from her wonderful p****, but as I've said i think i would have std's by now.

  • its called hotwifing and its hot as h***

  • Ive looked up hotwifing, and someone on here said i was a cuckold, i had never heard of these terms before until some people on here mentioned it,looking at the differences of these terms then i think i will be a cuckold, and she doesn't have multiple lovers just this young guy, who's big c*** she loves inside her f****** her so much, but yes she is so very very hot.

  • Eventually, she's going to be full of STDs that she picks up from her "lover" who will be f****** lots of other naïve whores like her.

  • Shes not a w****, and i dont think he will be f****** any other woman or women.

  • she is a total w**** and shes going to f*** other guys just like he is going to f*** other women. your sexual petri dish is a lot bigger and dirtier than you think it is.

  • ^so right^....shes going to be full of his c** and full of his stds and your going to be so sorry

  • He's clear of all std's and she is always full of his c**, i haven't f***** her in a while but if she lets me then i will always be wearing a condom so we know when he gets her pregnant that its his, its going to be his baby anyway, i have considered the thought that what if i contracted an std when I'm giving her oral and eating his c** from her wonderful p****, but i think that would have happened by now.

  • Oh, sweet m************ Jesus! "She is always full of his c**"???!? That is so so so beautiful! I just love the idea of a man not only allowing his wife to be full of another man's c**, but actively encouraging it! And it's even better just knowing that you want any baby that she carries and delivers to belong totally to that other man! It's the most f****** romantic thing I ever heard about and I know I speak for a lot of women who say that they wish their husbands loved them as much as you love this girl! She is the luckiest f****** girl alive!

  • Thank you ...yes i do love her unconditionally...i will do anything for her that makes her happy ....i want her young lover to make her pregnant and i will love the child as much as they do...in fact she has not long come home to me after spending a long weekend with him she took some new photos for me to look at of him putting his big c*** in her lovely p**** and one of his c** oozing out her p**** after he shot his load in her, and one of him putting the head of his c*** in her mouth, and the other when he had c** in it...so wonderful and exciting for me to see ...shes at her fertile stage just now and she told me that she hopes its not long till his sperm does its job, i agree totally, i want to see her showing her swollen belly on our wedding day knowing its his ..he will be beside us anyway as he is going to be my best man ....he is excited as well, she will be a fantastic wife and mother to his child....her panties are soaked in his c** and he came a bit on her nylon stockings as well ...the smell of their s** is beautiful, and I've not long given her oral ...she came on my face and i licked her and his c** dry ....i love her so very much.

  • When she goes to him for an entire weekend, do they make love the whole time she's there, or do they just do things together like a couple would? Does she talk to you about their relationship and does she tell you about how he makes love to her? Does she ever tell you what he does in bed as an encouragement for you to try to do the same things? This is all just so amazing and just so eye-opening! And I'm so glad that you are sharing it with us!! Have you ever thought about starting your own website to document the development of this relationship triad, and maybe to post the pictures that you mentioned? I just love this all completely!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  • Hi to answer your question yes she tells me everything they do together,they go for walks on a nice day arm in arm or hand in hand likea lot of couples do,they go for lunch in nice cafe's and go to nice restaurants to eat in the evening, they also go to night clubs, nice bars etc, sometimes he will take her to bed in the afternoon and make love to her but mostly at night when they get back to his appartment, she tells me every little detail, how he's f***** her in nearly every sexual position possible, how he starts sometimes starting sucking her toes then working his way up kissing and licking her legs then reaching her inner thighs, and eventualy reaching her beautiful p****, licking and teasing her c*** and putting his tongue in her p****, all this makes her c** so much, he then works his way up her body kissing and sucking her wonderful t*** ( she loves that it drives her wild ) then he will kiss her passionately f****** her mouth with his tongue, then she can't wait for him to put his big hard c*** in her, he teases her c*** rubbing his c*** head on her c***, she's always soaking wet so its so easy for him to enter her, she tells me that he's so gentle with her slowly stroking his c*** in and out her p****, she comes on his big c*** gripping it with her p**** muscles, and he only f**** her hard when she asks him to, she sucks his big c*** a lo!!t and he always asks her where she wants him to c**, sometimes she swallows his c**, sometim;es she asks him to c** on her face or t***, belly or p****, they 69, f*** doggy style, missionary( he usually puts a pillow under her so he can get maximum penetration, I could go on and on , but they always fall asleep in each others arms, and sometimes he will wake her up

  • With his hard c*** rubbing against her back or ass cheeks, and he f**** her again, she loves him kissing her neck and whispering in her ear how sexy and gorgeous she is, she loves that too, all in all he satisfies her sexually so much which I'm thankful for, he sometimes mentions me, sometimes not, but they never humiliate me, all this makes my little c*** rock hard, she will suck my c*** and swallow my c** when I do, I always do lol, she let's me f*** her after he's had her and I go down on her licking his c** from her p****, she also masturbates me whilee telling me all that and its really hard for me not to c** right there and then, you asked me if I would ever set up a website dedicated to our lifestyle and post photos, well I'm afraid I'm sorry to dissapoint you as I would never ever do that, I wouldn't even consider it, but what I will do is keep you all updated with what's happening on here, so thanks for your post and comments, and I welcome everyones thoughts, positive or negative, and I will always endevour to reply to all, thanks to everyone that have wished us good luck and congratulated us.

  • GOD THAT IS SO AMAZINGLY HOT! Thanks for sharing it with us and telling us how good they are together. She must feel like she's in heaven right now, to be engaged to a man who loves her so much and to have a man who can please her in every way. I especially love what he does to her by putting a pillow under her to be sure het gets in as deep as physically possible; she's obviously a girl who needs the most penetration she can get, and she's also obviously a girl who understands men and who knows how to take care of them. God I can almost feel how deep he is going into her little body when I read what you write about that. Do you ever get to actually see him going into her? Do you ever get to see her facial expressions and hear her moan?

  • Yes you are right she is a girl who understands men and knows how to take care of them. She is so amazingly hot , gorgeous and just oozes s** , to me she is perfect and all woman , to me a perfect body that any woman would die for, I'm a very lucky man to have her as she could and can have any man she likes, I've seen other men looking at her, stripping her and f****** her with their eyes, a head turner for any man, and any man heterosexual of course lol would be tripping over themselves to get her into bed and to f*** her, men always think with their c**** , I'm no different I have to add lol, but her young lover certainly knows how to push her buttons , she loves his big hard c*** inside her, either in her p**** or her mouth, I don't know if he' f***** her analy, she's never mentioned it to me that he has, I have never asked her if I could, I don't think I could anyway as my c**** too small , but I'm sure she would love it if he ever did f*** her there, I know when he's f****** her doggy that he pulls her hair, she really likes that, and when she sucks his c*** he will hold the back of her head to get his c*** fully in and she can hardly breathe, he doesn't hold it for long though or she would pass out lol, but she does like that as well.

    No I've never got to see them having s** yet only seen photos she took of her sucking his c*** and c****** in her mouth, she has phoned me one time or maybe a couple of times I'm not sure, and I've got to listen to him f****** her, she moans and squeels loudly, I've heard his b**** slapping against her when he f**** her even when he's only f****** her slowly, I've heard her calling out his name begging him to f*** her brains out when she wants it hard, I've also heard her shouting( f*** your baby into me, shoot all of your sperm into me, I want your baby, calling his name) that always makes me c** so much and so quickly even thinking about it now I've just came in my pants thinking about it without touching my c***

  • My kinf sexy woman

  • But hopefully one day I will get to see them having s** and I can picture in my mind the look of sheer extasy on her face while he's f****** her, she mounts him as well and rides him, I take it by the way you write that you're a woman, and I'm sure if you knew her young lover that you would probably like his c*** in you as well, sorry for saying that as I obviously don't know you and I'm only being honest , not trying to be rude or anything, but thanks for your comments, oh and just before I forget one of the first times when she came home from spending a weekend with him, he had f***** and came in her, and she had sucked his c*** and came in her mouth, she didn't swallow it all butkept a little bit in her mouth as she knew I would kiss her passionately with my tongue in her mouth as I always do anyway, and I could taste his c**, its kind of a salty taste the texture hard to explain really as I had never tasted a mans c** before, I wasn't sick or anything as I was so turned on , but this progressed to me eating his c** from her beautiful p****, please you can ask me anything and I will answer you.

  • This is all just so wrong. All you people are f***** up. The marriage is a sham and it is totally going to fail.

  • You're entitled to your opinion, but the marriage is not going to fail, its what i want, and its what she wants, and i will do anything to please her, her lover also wants it as well as he will then be f****** a married woman, and hopefully my wife to be will have her lovers children, I'm really so excited about all of this and they know i am as well.

  • OMG that is so hot for her to come to your house full of his c** and covered in it at the same time and then letting you eat it! she must be just like so sexual that its hard to believe your going to get to marry somebody like her!

  • Yes she is so sexual and really hot, and I'm a very lucky guy to be going to marry her, she will be a beautiful bride and hopefully she will be carrying her lovers baby and showing as well, he is trying so hard to make her pregnant and i hope it will be soon, but if not then i hope he makes her pregnant when he gets to consummate our marriage on our wedding night, I'm going to ask them if they will both agree to having it recorded on video, then i can watch it over and over again and obviously m********* so hard.

  • does she ever let you eat his c** out of her right after she comes home from being had by him? how does it taste to you? does she like the taste of his better than yours? does she ever leave it on her skin during the day so she can feel close to him? can you ever smell it on her when she's at home with you? do you ever see his c** like in her hair or on her clothes? just curious.......

  • Yes she does let me eat his c** after she comes home to me after being freshly f***** by him, it tastes salty to me and the first time she let me lick it from her lovely p**** i was kind of reticent, but it did give me an amazing h****** and i was so very excited doing it, she loves sucking his big c*** and prefers it to sucking mine and i have tasted it when I've kissed her, that was such a big turn on for me especially the first time i did it, she has come home with his c** on her black nylons and her panties as well as she puts them back on after he's f***** her and came in her amazing p****, she does sometimes c** home with his c** on her hair, and when we go to bed right after she comes home after being with him i can smell it and its wonderful,she likes it when he c*** in her mouth after sucking his c*** as she usually swallows it, she also likes him to c** all over her face and on her t*** and i can taste it when i lick and suck her t***, but the best is seeng his c** on her black nylons and that drives me crazy , she loves him f****** her doggy style, in fact she just loves him f****** her in any position and just loves to feel his big c*** inside her, i do still get to f*** her sometimes but only wearing a condom as he only gets to shoot his load in her as i want him to make her pregnant and she wants him to make her pregnant whether its before we are married and shes showing , or on our wedding night as he gets to sleep with her and f*** her in our wedding bed in our honeymoon suite while I'm in another room masturbating to him f****** her all night long, you will have probably read that he's going to be my best man and he's coming with us on our honeymoon and he will f*** her all the time in our bed while once again i will be in another room masturbating, when we get home he will be f****** her in our marital bed even if she is pregnant with his baby, shes only going to let me f*** her when she is pregnant, me wearing a condom of course, tbc.

  • Wow...you are an unbelievable p****...I would kick that bith out of my life. But, then I don't keep my b**** in some whores purse. You are a shame to my gender.

  • It will be a massive turn on for me to f*** her when her lovers baby is growing inside her, but i hope he makes her pregnant soon.

  • thanks for answering my questions so much! this is such an exciting thing that is happening with you and your so lucky its incredible! especially sticking your tongue or your d*** in her when shes full of his c**! the only thing better than that will be when you get to stick your d*** in her when shes full of his baby and i hope you get to feel that soon!!

  • The relationship that the three of you have going is so wonderful and unique and beautiful and I envy you all. I think I speak for everybody here when I say congratulations to you and I hope he does get her pregnant before the wedding because that would just make things even so much more perfect. The three of you have SO MUCH LOVE!!!

  • You stupid f***. You are a cuckold before you even marry. It's a good thing you won't be allowed to breed. The world has enough weak foolish men like you.

  • I don't think i'm a stupid f*** as you put it, but i agree with you that is what i am is a cuckold, and if she doesn't want to breed with me and only her lover then thats fine by me, all that matters to me is that we love each other and that shes happy.

  • What your doing is actually hotwifing, and you should look at all the websites for those types of relationships. They will give you some additional ideas...........or else you can give THEM some. :)

  • She's a cheap w**** and she's going to break your heart.

  • She isn't a cheap w**** and she wont break my heart ....shes beautiful in every way for your information.

  • it would be hot if she got one of those temp tattoos for the wedding something to show she is "property of" this guy or something like that to show they are together. she could get it visible or just like across the top of her mound or as a tramp stamp but at least all of you would know that she was marked as his when she walked down the aisle.

  • Now there is a hot thought maybe i'll suggest that ..thanks

  • For whatever it's worth, I recommend having her establish one (well, at least one) sexual activity that she reserves for him alone, and that she will always refuse to you, so that in addition to your being and remaining in the delightful inferior position to him sexually, there will be this one thing (or more, if she wants it that way) that she will ONLY give to him, and will (playfully) taunt you as being off limits to you, even as her husband. Maybe they already have that in their relationship and it's just a private thing that you may or may not even be aware of, but in case not, it might be something like a*** s**, watersports, public hand jobs in the car, public blow jobs in the movie theater, actual public intercourse on the patio of your house, etc.; just something that she gives him and that she LOVES to do with him to make it special and hot. I think it would be super hot to know she's doing that (whatever it is) or see or hear her doing that with him and to know that she loves it and she's not EVER going to give it to you. I wish you well.

  • I only know she loves him f****** her and she loves sucking his c*** etc ...but she has never told me that he has taken her analy or they have done anything else that you say in a public place or anywhere else for that matter, but i will ask that question to her, and i agree if they do have a special thing sexually that they do together and she will never ever give it to me then that will be SUPER HOT as you put it ...i sure hope she does, that would be so exciting for me to know that.

  • sounds like that b**** your marrying is one seriously hot piece of tail. lucky!

  • She isn't a b****, but she sure is so hot and incredibly super sexy, she is a dream, and when she wears her black sheer nylons and sexy black panties and suspenders you would just c** on the spot.

  • A suggestion. I think you should buy rings for the two of them -- you fiancé and her lover -- for them to wear on their RIGHT ring fingers, and you should have them exchange them in a ceremony in your presence immediately before your wedding. They need to both walk into your wedding having made a sexual commitment to one another that supercedes any commitment she makes to you during the wedding ceremony at the church. Their ring exchange should be complete with vows, and those vows should identify the promises being made about her total sexual availability to him, no matter what she may say during your wedding ceremony and no matter what else may occur. Those vows should also include the obligation for her to allow him to impregnate her, and for him to knock her up. They should acknowledge that they will NEVER hide their liaisons from you, but rather will make every effort to -- in a manner of speaking -- rub your f****** nose in their infidelity, and even to do it in your bed. If they are to be allowed to openly date one another during your marriage, that should also be included in their vows prior to your wedding. There are other things that may apply, based on what you know about their relationship and its intended continuity, and ALL of that should go into the promises they make to each other, and ALL of it should be made expressly superior to any vow she makes to you. If you want to deepen your humiliation, have one or two (or all) of the bridesmaids present for this "commitment ceremony" (call it that, because they are committing), so that they will know just how intense and real this is, and how devoted you are to this woman. It's a beautiful thing and you should be proud of it.

  • Wow what a SUGGESTION ....that never crossed my mind and i wouldn't even know how to go about arranging that, and i don't think any religious person of any denomination would ever agree to conducting a commitment ceremony as you so eloquently put it, i cant ever imagine them doing that, and i don't look at it that way of deepening my humiliation ...i don't feel humiliated and they certainly don't humiliate me or degrade me in any way shape or form, its not about me being humiliated rather that I'm making her happy as thats my sole intention, and she makes me happy as well, ...they are certainly not going to rub my f****** nose in it as you put it lol with their liaisons of infidelity, how can it be infidelity if i know about it and even encourage it ? But the thought of me buying them rings to exchange in that ceremony before our wedding is mind blowing sexually for me and it sure would be a lovely thing to do for both of them, you have certainly gave me something to ruminate about and i will suggest it to her and see if we can work something out, wording vows etc and think of someone who would be willing to conduct a ceremony like that, and even the bridesmaids would be a wonderful touch as well, but as i said before its what we both want to make us happy and humiliation doesn't even come into it ...thanks for your great SUGGESTION.

  • I don't know if it's still available, but at some point there were a few wedding chapels in Las Vegas who did this kind of non-traditional bonding where, for example, a man and woman married to other people could go and pledge themselves to one another sexually -- to whatever degree they chose -- and pledge to keep the relationship secret from their spouses. They wrote their own vows and could even agree that neither of them would any longer have s** with their spouses (or anyone else, if that was the understanding), but ONLY with one another. This wasn't legally binding, naturally, but it allowed the couple to express their devotion to one another in a more formal way, and equivalent to a marriage. They could exchange rings or some other symbol to indicate the obligation, and it wouldn't even raise slight suspicion if they wore them under their spouses' noses. These ceremonies weren't officiated by clergy (who would, as you suggest, refuse to do them on theological grounds), but an officiant from the secular world wouldn't give a s*** about religion or about the morals of anybody other than the couple standing before him or her. The ring exchange wouldn't need to be conducted by the same person who marries you and your bride: it would simply be beautiful to have them make a commitment to each other in direct opposition to the wedding and its vows. I agree they won't be cheating, and I only used the word "infidelity" because that's what the church and some of the world will call what they do, and "humiliated" because that's what convention would expect: I realize that your intentions are noble and honorable, and most important of all . . . they are selfless. And beautiful. By all means, have the bridesmaids witness her promising to love and to care for this other man and to satisfy his sexual needs AND BEAR HIS CHILDREN, in her wedding dress, before she walks the aisle, and before she puts on the secondary ring: yours. The primary ring will be his. And so will she.

  • Thanks for that information and i will check if its available elsewhere as we don't live in the usa and i don't want to divulge where we are from ....that sounds wonderful though and i think we would all go for it ...the thought of them exchanging rings and making a commitment sexually to each other ...and also the thought of his being the primary ring and that she will be his is really mind blowing for me ...because that is true she will be his and i will only be her husband ...she will also bear his child or children and he will be a father at a very young age as well ...my future wife is also at the age for bearing children albeit not mine and the thought of that is beautiful to me as i hope it is for them also ...I'm sure they will both agree to this as it is very exciting sexually for all of us ...i think it will be the ultimate wedding gift for us ...he's a nice young guy as well and that makes it even better for me ...he's not the dominant type either and he certainly wouldn't do this to humiliate me and neither would she ..i will discuss this with both of them and I'm sure they will be happy with it then we can plan and put it into action ...so i thank you for this suggestion as i would never would have thought on it ....i hope he makes her pregnant soon or failing that in our bed on our wedding night ...i will keep everyone updated.

  • It wouldn't have to be anything fixed or formal (I just mentioned the Vegas ceremonies as one example), and you could really even do it among yourselves, just letting them declare themselves and expressing their desire for one another and the commitment they are making. They could prepare vows, or just speak extemporaneously, saying how they ache for each other and won't let her marriage to you ever ever ever get in the way of their personal plans for the future. The whole thing is going to be totally s**-charged, and everyone present will absolutely be aroused by it, and as a result, it's going to be even more beautiful and more memorable than the actual wedding. You've heard of a glowing bride, but wait until you see how she glows while she's standing in front of you and her bridesmaids openly and honestly speaking about how much she loves and wants this young boy, about either being or becoming bred by him, and about how badly she wants his d*** in her. Whether or not you have someone officiating this ceremony (again, you could do it very informally, but still with them making all these sexual and parental promises), you really MUST have your videographer videoing the entire ceremony, because you're going to want to watch this over and over and over and over. And you're going to love it every time.

  • Thank you so very much for all of your suggestions, i will talk all of this over with them, and I'm sure we can arrange something and put all that into practice, and you're right i will also arrange a videographer to video it all, this is sooo f****** hot and sexy and I'm going to go for it, it really is a must do, thanks again.

  • so sexy. wish i could play like your g/f. i even know the guy i would pick. hes a friend of my husbands and he was in our wedding and he makes me wet. his wife is a b**** and i would love to steal him from her or at least get to do him so good that he would quit f****** her completely.

  • Why don't you try ? Test the temperature of the water... he would probably be up for it if his wife is such a b****... and imsure he would f*** you silly ...best of luck to you... nothing ventured nothing gained.

  • You have great intuition......I'm serious. There was a point about six years ago where we were very close to starting up an affair, and we both recognized that the affair could easily lead to both of us leaving our spouses and marrying one another because we are so hot for each other and would be soooooooo good together. At a party one night we had a very long conversation and he talked at length about how horrible his wife was then and I know she's only gotten worse. Honestly if you knew her you would know that there's nothing sexy about a woman who is so selfish and mean. She's a great looking woman but her personality sucks turds. We decided then not to do anything (even though we still make out super heavy in private when we've both been drinking) but I know for sure that if I made a move I could have him and I could keep him off her forever. But that would just be a typical common affair, and nothing like what you are doing for your fiancée, which is truly exciting and which is what I envy so so so much. This other guy has a gigantic c*** like your girl's man, and I crave it sometimes even when he's not around, but if we ever start to fling it would have to be in secret and not like what you are giving your girl. My husband is not as interested in my happiness and you are in hers. I love you and I love what you're doing.

  • Hi ..thank you so much for saying those lovely things about me I'm very flattered indeed.....you sound like a lovely woman yourself and I'm so sorry that things haven't worked out for you the way it has for us and the lifestyle that we lead ....even although i say it myself i am a very good natured man and a lot of people say that I'm very kind and generous ...its just my nature and nothing will ever change me...i am sure that you are a beautiful and gorgeous woman similar to my fiancee ...I'm a very fortunate guy to have my fiancee as she is gorgeous and beautiful as well and has a great personality and is so very very sexy which I'm sure you are as well ...the only thing i can say is that if we were husband and wife i would do anything to make you happy like i do for my fiancee and let you have your freedom so you would be satisfied sexually by another guy ....you say that this other guy has a gigantic c*** like my fiancees lover and he must really satisfy you sexually when he is inside you and f****** you in private ....even although if you had a fling and it was in secret it could still be exciting for you at the thought of getting caught ...regarding this other guy and his relationship with his wife that isn't good and i think it is not a loving relationship living with a woman who is horrible selfish and mean great looking or not ...you should take him away from her then he will be all yours ...the best of luck if you decide to go down that route.

  • My first husband and I tried this early in our marriage but he got too insane with his jealousy and spoiled all my fun so I dumped his sorry ass. In order for a husband to honestly allow his wife this freedom he has to be a real man. Obviously you are one. Good luck!

  • Thanks... I'm sorry about what happened to you in the past... and I sure hope that you have your freedom now and you are having fun

  • I have two friends that f*** my wife while she sucks my d***. I love it.

  • My Wife and I love doing that too, That's why we joined a swinger group.

  • My wife and I love that too. That's why we joined a swinger group.

  • I'm glad for you.. she must enjoy it so much

  • Deeeeeelicious.

  • Thanks.. and she is very delicious

  • Soooooo totally sexy!

  • Thanks it is... he's a nice young guy and I can't wait for him to knock herup

  • I love this ,

  • lucky lucky lucky

  • Yes I am and its so wonderful

  • I had read before that you wanted her to be pregnant at the wedding. Have you had to give up on that dream? I hope not, because I thought that was one of the most sensual parts of the plan. And just think: if you took her off her birth control now and the wedding is in the spring, she could be as much as six months pregnant by the time of the ceremony! Six months!! That would be so exciting!!! I realize it complicates the explanation of the baby's paternity, should anyone comment on it between now and then and be operating on the assumption that the baby was yours, but that's a separate source of thrill, isn't it? I just hope there's no obstacle to that as an ultimate part of the marriage planning.

  • She is off birth control and has been for the past couple of weeks but I don't know her cycles and when she will be ovulating.. but he is really f****** her so much just now and shooting an awful lot of his c** into her and hopefully she won't be long till she is pregnant with his child... if it does happen and she is showing on our wedding day then I agree with you as it would be so exciting but if not and he makes her pregnant on our wedding night then that would be something to remember that she concieved in our wedding bed and I would have been in another room stroking myself... both scenarios are very exciting... but the main objective is for her young lover to make her pregnant... I have no doubt in my mind that he will... she shows me her panties when she comes home after spending time with him and they're soaking with his c** and her juices as well and the smell of them is just wonderful as she has just been freshly f*****.

  • i know the guy has a huge c*** but i was wondering.....does he also shoot huge loads? and have you ever seen him e********? i mean the way you describe her soaked panties it sounds like either he c*** in gallons or else he just f**** her so many times when they are together that he just leaves her drowning in baby juice. or i guess maybe it could be both in which case shes a REEEEEEEALLY lucky girl and she will be pregnant really soon if she isnt already. this boyfriend of hers really sounds like he is just ALL man. my husband has a small d*** and he barely shoots. :(

  • No I've never seen him e******** but by the way her panties look it seems as though he does c** in gallons but he does f*** her so many times when they are together ...i hope she is pregnant really soon with his baby it will be wonderful to see her carrying his child as she walks down the aisle to marry me and with him being my best man as well will make it even better and more exciting for me ..and for all of us i hope ....I've seen his c*** soft and hard and he's seen mine the same way ...its very impressive and i understand why she loves him f****** her with it ...if i were a woman i would certainly love him to f*** me with it.

  • Sorry that isn't strictly true, i have seen a photo she took on her phone when she was sucking his c***, and he had c** in her mouth and it looked like a lot, she was licking her lips in one of them with his c** dribbling out of her mouth, but I've never watched them f****** and him shooting in her, but you never know ..maybe one day if they let me, but it drives me crazy when she tells me in detail the way he's f***** her, how many times he's f***** her, and how shes sucked and licked his c*** and b****, it makes me c** all the time without even touching myself :-)

  • This is an update on what's happening, we've set a date for our wedding in the spring of next year, her lover is going to be my best man so he will be giving the wedding rings to me to marry her, that is going to be fantastic for me and her as well with us knowing that he's going to be f****** her before and after we are married, and to f*** her pregnant with his child as well, I really want him to make her pregnant on our wedding night or even on our honeymoon... either of those will do... I also hope she will have his twins if that's at all possible... all the time on our honeymoon I will be in another room while he f**** her with that big c*** of his... if he doesn't make her pregnant on our wedding night or honeymoon then he will continue to f*** her in our marital bed at home until he does make her pregnant, she's going to deny me s** until she's pregnant and I will m********* to them f****** all the time, I really can't wait for all this to happen, it's the most exciting time of my life.

  • Congratulations to you, and best of luck!

  • Thank you... I'm so excited.

  • This post, and your love for your fiancée, may be the hottest things I've ever read. The whole thing is simultaneously powerfully sexy and wonderfully beautiful, and I think that having her lover serve as your best man is a fantastic touch that deepens the lovely perversity of the entire endeavor: it's all really just incredible. One point I wanted to make - and perhaps this is already implied in what you wrote and I just didn't register it - is that the "other room" you intend to occupy on the honeymoon should (it seems to me) be connected to the honeymoon suite that she and he will be staying in as the primary couple, so that you can hear (through an open door, if at all possible) just exactly what he's doing to her and for how long and with what intensity. You really MUST hear that. And if possible, you should taste her after he's emptied himself into and onto her. Otherwise, I think what you're doing for this girl is amazing, and I hope she realizes how lucky she is. And I hope you realize how lucky YOU are, to have found such an incredibly sexual woman who wants to marry you. I am totally envious. Good luck!!!

  • Thanks for your comments.. I will try to get an a joining room to the honeymoon suite so I can listen to him f****** her.... and I think I will ask if I can lick his c** out of her p****... maybe she will insist that I suck her lovers c*** after he's f***** her.. but I don't know how I would feel about that as I've never sucked another guys c*** as I'm not gay or bi... but to taste their juices on his c*** after he's f***** her I must admit is a great sexual turn on for me... I'm going to ask them if they can video him f****** her in our wedding bed so I can watch it later and also I'll have it forever to watch anytime I like... and if he makes her pregnant now that video it will be all the better to see her young lover shoot his baby making sperm into her willing married p****... I will keep you all updated with what's happening... I'm a lucky guy to have her as my future wife.

  • Also maybe they will force me to suck his c*** then I'll be his c********* as well... but what I really want to do is f*** my wife when she's pregnant with his child growing inside her... that's if she'll let me and I can get my little c*** inside her p****...I also want her young lover to be at the birth of their child and for him to tell the medical staff that the baby's his and that i'm her husband and watch the medical staffs reaction to it...this is making my little c*** so hard at the thought of this and I Really must go and m*********.

  • OMMFG! this just gets hotter and hotter! your willingness to not only please her but to please him as well is just amaaaaaaazing! it never occurred to me that you would ever do that because you obviously arent gay but when you make it so clear that you would do that so gladly if it made HER happy i understand perfectly why you would so eagerly suck that giant d***! you are going to make an incredible husband. and a perfect one.

  • Thank you for saying those kind words about me...yes its true that i'll do anything to make her happy, thats really my sole purpose in life is to do just that " make her happy" if it will make her happy to see me sucking his c*** then i will do just that for her ...and i will try my utmost to be a good husband to her ...but i don't know about a perfect one ...but thanks for the compliment.

  • I'm a married woman and I wish my husband would give me this kind of freedom. I would never leave him.

  • I wish your husband would give you that freedom I'm sure you would love a young lover the way my fiancee does

  • You are soooooooo right. I'm 41 and my husband is 29, so obviously I already like them young, but I've had my eye on this young boy at work who is 18, and he knows I like him and want him, and it's getting harder and harder for me to keep my hands off him. He makes me wet.

  • Flirt with him and make sure you touch him either with your hands or let your t*** brush him lightly, try and make suggestive comments to him, even ask him if he would like to go with you for a drink one night, I'm sure he will say yes, your husband doesn't need to know as you can make some excuse like your going out with some of your girlfrends or for a night out with work collegues etc, I take it he knowsbthat you are a married woman and I think most young boys would jump at the chance of the prospect of f*** ing a married woman, you'll never know if you don't try, but I'm sure you'll get your wish to get this young guy to put his c*** in you and f*** you, god writing this has gave me a h****** and I need to go and m********* after writing this and thinking about it, I just know I'll c** a lot, good luck to you.

  • Wow those are all great suggestions and I think I'm totally gonna go for it because I want this boy so f****** hard. We're going to have an office Christmas party/lunch at work on Monday afternoon and I think I'm going to make my move on him then. You are so totally right about him not caring about me being married (how did you know that??!??) so that's not going to be any kind of issue for us in our relationship, and I love the way you talked about me getting my "wish" for him to put his c*** in me and f*** me because it is so hot but also because it sounds like a Christmas wish too (and even kind of a Christmas miracle), and I think I'm going to make that my wish for Christmas and I may even start out my seduction scene at the office party by telling him exactly that. In fact I may even tell this boy that a friend of mine (that would be you, of course) recommended that I do that. I'll say that I talked to this very good friend (again you) and he said that any man would want a woman to tell him that her secret Christmas wish was for his c*** and for him to f*** her with it. Christ I'm dripping just thinking about it!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This could be an even better Christmas than I ever thought!

  • You are very welcome for my suggestions and i hope it really helped you ...( it sounds as if it did :-) ....I'm really glad that you're going to go for it and especially at the office christmas party which will make it more memorable for both of you, and i don't know how i knew about him not caring if you were married or not, i suppose i was trying to think like a teenager i guess, I'm pretty sure he wont spurn your advances to him, in fact I'm pretty sure that when you tell him that your friend, . And thanks for saying me, as it would be a pleasure to be your friend as you sound like a wonderful woman, and you know what you want as well, and you will get your wish I'm positive of that, tell him exactly that, you want his c*** inside you, you want him to f*** you with it, whether you want him to shoot his c** in you is your decision but i think saying all those things to him will make him as hard as a rock and he wont be able to wait till he does put his c*** in you and f*** you, i think i can guarantee that :-) ....and when he does get you into bed you will just love the first time you feel the head of his c*** on your p**** lips, before he slips the whole length of his c*** inside you, I'm pretty sure you will c** over and over again as he makes you so wet ,and feel so hot for him anyway, ...yes it will be a christmas miracle and probably the best christmas present that you've ever had...please let me know what happens as i know it will happen for you ....a very merry christmas to you ..and a very happy new year as well ...your friend ..love to you at christmas.

  • Your GF is incredibly sexy. Lucky man!

  • Thank you she is she's gogeous and yes I'm a very lucky man.

  • If this guy's d*** is as big as she says, then your marriage is going to be sham: she will always prefer him over you. Always. And you'll never be the man in the relationship: you'll always just be the fool who pays her bills. Or THEIR bills, because he's going to be living off you, too. You marry her, you ruin your life.

  • His d*** is big he showwd me it and I don't blame her wanting it inside her, and I won't be paying anything for either of them.

  • your making me want her p**** and his d***. wow!

  • Ur h***

  • Well I suppose that you're talking from experience there.

  • You are deluded if you think that the woman is happy with you. If she's taking her w**** ass somewhere else to find pleasure, it means that she's not happy with something about you. If she can't keep herself from cheating on you, you need to kick her ass to the curb. It is NOT okay for her to have s** with another man. She DOES NOT love you if she's looking somewhere else for the things that you are supposed to provide for her. Ditch the b****.

  • She does love me and I love her and it is ok for her to have s** with him , her happiness is all that matters to me.

  • Completely correct. DITTO!

  • finally. somebody with some sense!

  • I probably got to this discussion too late to add anything new so if this idea has already been raised, please forgive me. Since I assume you want this younger guy (the one with the gigantic c***....yummy) to consummate your marriage for you, you should arrange to have a private room made available at the church or whatever other place the ceremony is held, and then the three of you (the bride, her lover and you....yes, you MUST watch this on your wedding day) should go there between the wedding and reception. It doesn't need to have a bed in it or be very large, just enough for him to bend her over a chair or table or pew and f*** her rudely enough and long enough to get his nut off inside her. I know you said he always f**** her long and hard and good, but he'll just have to focus on how edgy the circumstances are and finish inside her in a hurry so all of you can get to the reception. And since you love the idea of her being filled with his c**, you should also make sure there is a room at the reception hall where they can go during the reception. Again, nothing fancy: just a place they can go ALONE (this time without you) and f*** for a few minutes, long enough for him to replenish her supply of his cream and so you'll always know that during your wedding reception, your bride was always carrying a huge hot load inside her. I also had a sexy thought about the wedding itself and the time just before it, but like I said, I think I may be covering things you've already discussed with others. Anyway, I love what you're doing for this girl and her special boyfriend, and I wish my husband were even HALF the partner that you are. This whole thing makes me drip like a w****. Congratulations to you and to her -- and to that delicious big-dicked boyfriend -- and best wishes to all of you.

  • I don't think he will be f****** her at the church as he will f*** her just before she goes to church so that's she's full of his seed , and there will be 2 rooms at the hotel reception , one will be our honeymoon suite and another room that I shall book where i shall be that night while he will be consummating our marriage in our bed,but they can sneak off for a quick f*** there if they want to during the reception as it will be wonderful for me to know that he's shot another load of his c** into her, hopefully she will be pregnant with his child before the wedding anyway but if not then it will be after we are married, thanks for saying that you love what I'm doing for my fiancee and her lover , but I really don't blame her for loving his big c*** f****** her I've seen it and it is big, and he's a nice young guy as well , thanks.

  • this is filthy. you cant do this at a wedding. or at a f****** church!

  • sick f***. a very sick f***.

  • Agreed. If any substantial part of this is true (which I doubt strongly), these people are pathological. And they'll probably wind up killing one another. Somebody call Dr. Drew. Please.

  • Lemme see if I've got this right.......on second thought....never mind.

  • She's a w****! WTFRU THINKING?

  • She is not a w**** she is a lovely woman and all I want is for her to be happy because that makes me happy as well.

  • There's a word for women like her, and it's "w****". And there's word for men like you, and it's "p****". You need to straight dump her ass, like today, and then work on growing a pair. This is going to ruin your life.

  • I call shenanigans.

  • your right this is total bullshit

  • I am not deceitful ...this is real life for me but you are entitled to your opinion.

  • You are going to get STDs.

  • He has been checked and is std free he's been f****** her for a while and she wouldn't have let him f*** her if she had thought he had std ..she is not a fool

  • Here's the problem with the argument: you are assuming the existence of a closed system without any outside contact. Even if your fiancée doesn't have s** with a third guy, the second guy (her current lover) isn't bound to remain committed to her. So, if the boyfriend has s** with another girl -- an outcome you can't control or predict -- your system is busted open by the introduction of that girl . . . and any others he may later penetrate. Your logic is hopeful but it isn't sound.

  • I'll cross that bridge if I come to it, but thanks for your input.

  • And what about all the other d**** she's sucking and f****** or will suck and f***! Having his test won't keep you safe from all the other d**** she's getting and is going to get?

  • She is not sucking and f****** other guys...her young lover is f****** her and he is the only guy, and if other guys f*** her in the future then so be it, whatever makes her happy then that will make me happy as well, at present her young lover is f****** her and she's very happy with that and so am I.

  • You're deluded: the b**** is out f****** anything with a big d***.

  • She is only f****** her lover and I believe her.

  • god this is so f****** hot!

  • Yeah, it's TOTALLY hot.......if you don't have a problem with STDs.

  • God I wish my boyfriend loved me as much as you love her. I always thought he loved me unconditionally but now after reading your posts I wonder if he even loves me at all. I wish I had what your girlfriend has. She is so f****** lucky!

  • I stayed at home masturbating while my girlfriend let another guy f*** her and c** inside her.. She let him f*** her and c** inside her twice in one day. She told me that she came while he was f****** her the second time. She sucked his c*** to get him hard so he would f*** her again. She wants him to f*** her twice a week. She said, "You can j*** off while he f**** me." We're going steady. I asked her if she would wear my ring while he f**** her so he knows that she's mine and she said that she would. I love her!

  • I'm sure he does love you and you can usually tell by the way he treats you, speaks to you etc, our situation is at first when she confeesed to me that this guy was f****** her that I felt hurt and sad that she would have done that to me, but when she explained everything I thought about it and realised that this guy could satisfy her sexually where I couldnt , e.g he has a big c*** and I have a little one and I accepted that and forgave her, but I found myself turned on by what they were doing and I began to m********* thinking about him f****** her with his big c*** amongst other things he does to her and she loves it, her happiness is all that matters to me as I totally love her unconditionally and I will do anything for her and as long as she is happy then I am to , she's the most wonderul and beautiful woman and she's mine and I'm hers, I would love for you to be in the same situation as ourselves but you never know what's to happen in the future, thanks for your comments and thoughts.,

  • Maybe he loves me in some way, I don't know, but he clearly doesn't love me unconditionally, like you love your fiancée. He doesn't say it this way but the point is clear: he only loves me as long as I'm not f****** other men, or even sucking their d****. He knows what I'm capable of sexually because I was dating like seven different guys when I met him. I mean, I wasn't committed to seven guys but there were seven that I was seeing pretty regularly and he wanted me to stop all that so I did. I did that for him! FOR HIM!! And what did he do for me? FOR ME?? Do you see what I gave up? He is so controlling in that way by not letting me do what makes me happy! I knew that all along but hadn't really thought much about it until I started reading about your fiancée and you and then I realized how good a relationship COULD BE and maybe even how good a marriage could be. And you certainly planted a lot of ideas in my head about how good a WEDDING could be if a bride was allowed to do what I wanted. I appreciate your saying that my boyfriend probably does love me, but no, I'm sorry: I realize now that what he feels for me is NOTHING compared to what you feel for your fiancée. And it probably isn't even love.

  • I'm really sorry for you as your relationship with your boyfriend is the exact opposite from ours, you say he doesn't do anything for you and controls you and you have done these things for him, from what you are telling me I would agree with you now that he doesn't love you but just wants a woman to do his bidding and that to me is not a relationship and I think you would be better off without him, then you can do what you like and what makes you happy, he is an alpha male whereas I'm a beta male, I'm sure there are men like me out there as there are men tbc

  • Like your boyfriend, but if you look hard enough then I'm sure you will find someone like me, I also agree with you that a bride should be allowed to do what she wanted but I think you have to be in love with each other and unconditionaly as well, if you were my fiancee I'm sure that I would let you do what your heart desired as your happiness wouldbe all that mattered to me as it does with my fiancee, if you decide to end your relationship with your boyfriend then I'm sure you would be successful in finding a guy similar to myself, I wish you the very best of luck in the future in finding the right guy for you that will make you happy, thanks for your thoughts and opinions and please take care and try and resist your boyfriends domination over you, take care.

  • He doesn't directly dominate me like in the BDSM way or nothing like that, but he just doesn't let me go with other guys like your fiancée can. I appreciate your thinking that I could find somebody who would let me go with other guys but I don't think I could and it sure would not ever be easy to do. None of the guys I ever dated ever wanted me to go with somebody else: they always break up with you for that.

  • I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that , I just meant that he was a bit domineering with you that was all, and nothing is ever easy to do, you just have to keep on trying, best of luck and thanks..

  • damn dude your asking for trouble dont you ever think when you kiss her that shes had that other guys c*** all up in her mouth and cant you sometimes even taste his j*** in her mouth

  • Yes I do coz I've done it and it really turns me on, and all the time it makes me super hard knowing his big c**** been in her mouth and he's shot his c** in it, I had never done that before and his c** tastes kind of salty, she usually swallows his c** but I can still taste it, I m********* after I've kissed her...its so so mind blowing for me.

  • gross dude! just the idea of kissing a b**** who just had another d*** in her mouth much less sucked it til it came in there makes me almost throw up in my mouth! yuck!

  • Well you are entitled to feel like that and that's your opinion and I respect that, its not for everyone and there will be vast amounts of men that feel like yourself, but there are men like me that likes it, but thanks for your honesty and opinion.

  • He can also f*** her anytime he wants in our bed at home when our honeymoon is over, I still get to have s** with her but I will ask her that she insist that I wear a condom so I know that the baby is definately his, another person suggested on here that what if one or some of my subordinates well I don't like that word as I call them my employees which is what they are, and she let these guys f*** her, well I would have no problem with that as long as it would make her happy, and even if one or more of them made her pregnant then I would be happy with that as well.

  • the relationship she already has is going to be complicated enough. please dont introduce the workplace into your equation bcuz that will create all kinds of drama and competition (for the p****) that you dont need. please let her either have just the younger guy she has or other guys that she finds on her own: dont EVER go find guys for her. thats just too much. trust me.

  • It hasn't happened but if she wanted to and it did happen and she liked it then so be it as long as it made her happy, but I don't think she would as she loves getting f***** by her younger lover so much, but then again you never know what's going to happen in the future, believe me any guy would want to f*** her as she's so gorgeous and so very super sexy.

  • i guess i get that at least a little bit but just dont let her get with more than 1 or 2 at the very very most. its just too risky to the relationship. trust me.

  • I am unbelievably surprised at myself, but I actually find incredible beauty and lovingness in the way you write about her pregnancy and the wedding. I say I am surprised because I am a church-going wife and mother of three, and I've always frowned on adultery (for the obvious reason). But you clearly are in love with this girl, and you clearly want ONLY what is best for her and ONLY what she wants, and you clearly are eliminating your own interests from any consideration, all of which is just amazing. I suppose the argument could be made even more broadly: that you are doing what's best for the younger man, too. I mean, I'm no prude nor cloistered wife, so I've heard of open and polyamorous relationships, and I'm certainly familiar with the concept of cuckolding, but you are FAR beyond ALL that in your want for your fiancé and her happiness. When you write, I can actually feel the heat and the sexuality -- and the love -- of a girl walking down the aisle toward one man while carrying the child of another in her belly, as if it were me, and knowing that the man I'm about to marry not only allowed me to experience love with another man and be impregnated by him (and that he will continue that throughout our marriage), but actually wanted it to happen and made arrangements with the other man to do me repeatedly and knock me up. And he did another thing: he actually scheduled our wedding to maximize the exposure of my sexuality and my love for the other YOUNGER man. Of course, having that other man's c** in me as I walk the aisle is something only I and my groom and the other man will know about, BUT EVERYBODY WILL KNOW I'M PREGNANT. Christ.....the whole thing just makes me weak. And wet. Your fiancé is a very very very lucky girl. I wish you both well. [And, if you don't mind, a question: is this younger man going to be a part of the wedding? That's the only thing that I think could make this even sexier than it already is.]

  • Hi I thank you very much for your thoughts and your comments, I am glad that you are a church going wife and by the way you are talking says to me that you are a good christian?, if I'm wrong and you are of another denomination then that is fine because I respect all different religions as it doesn't matter to me, what does matter to me is that people are good persons, we personally are not church goers but that doesn't stop us believing in god and hopefully he won't be angry with what we are doing, if he is then I alone will be the one who has to answer for this as I m allowing it, yes you are absolutely correct that I am truly in love with my fiancee and their is nothing and I mean nothing that I wouldn't do for her, she is a wonderful girl and so very beautiful in every way and she means the world to me as she could have had any man she wanted as a boyfriend but she chose me and for that I am very grateful, I had never heard of the term cuckolding before but I suppose that's what I am from what some people have told me, but I think that our situation was different when she admitted to me that this younger guy had f***** her after they met at a bitrthday party and he bedded her, yesshe was a willing participant and she admitted to me that he had such a big c*** and just loved being f***** by him and she still does as I really can't satisfy her sexually and every woman has their needs that way, I know its not my fault that I have a small c*** as men have to accept what god has given them, you said is this younger man going to be part of the wedding ?, I haven't came to that decission yet although someone else here on confession post have suggested that I should have him as my best man, that I will consider that as when I think of it that this is an even bigger turn on for me, but he is coming on our honeymoon with us and he gets to f*** her all night on our wedding night in our marital bed while I am in a different room, and he will get to f*** her on our honeymoon

  • Yes, we are a Christian family. I was raised in the Lutheran church, but began attending my husband's non-denominational evangelical church after we got married, and we are raising our children in that church. Adultery is a topic that our pastor speaks about frequently, and he (like most Christian ministers) always indicates that it is the primary cause of the deterioration of the modern family, and members of our congregation who cheat on their spouses frequently become outcasts from this church, not by any conscious effort but just by being given less attention. I have always thought that attitude was wrong, because it leaves aside the element of forgiveness that the church is supposed to be about. But after reading and re-reading your posts, I now object to the church's attitude for another more substantive reason. I've thought that adultery was just wrong per se, but now I see that it's wrong in most situations because it's selfish: the person who cheats on his or her spouse is almost always placing his or her own desires above those of the spouse. But that is absolutely and completely NOT what you are doing, or what she is doing. You are going waaaaaay out of your way to elevate her pleasure and satisfaction above your own, ignoring your own altogether, and she is allowing you to experience the joy of giving freedom and excitement to her. Admittedly, this relationship could not be replicated in more than a small handful of situations, but to call what you and she are doing "adultery" or to say it's wrong -- much less to call it "sin" -- would be to ignore the utter beauty of it and to disregard your selflessness. AND OH MY DEAR SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST, the way you describe making him a part of your wedding!!! OH MY GOD!!! AS BEST MAN!!! You have hit on such a perfect and sweet and heavenly idea with that, and I can't imagine how you arrived at that, but it's incredibly beautiful, and I think it's something you really MUST do. Enjoy!!!

  • Thank you for replying I'm glad that you are a christian family and that you are raising your children in the christian faith I'm not myself conversant with the lutheran church or the evangelical church but the main thing is that you believe in god and his son jesus the christ, I think a lot of clerics are hypocritical and don't practice what they preach and I totally agree with you about the element of forgiveness that any christian church should be about and they do not, yes my girlfriend did cheat on me but she wholy admitted it to me and I accepted it , that is because I truly love her and her happiness is paramount to me, I'm the type of person that believes that true love does conquer all, I don't think that she will be committing adultery when we are married, how can she when I know about it and support her in fact even encourage her and her younger lover to continue to have a sexual relationship, I'm considering asking him to be my best man as someone on here suggested it, I think it would be a mind blowing turn on for me to know that my best man was f****** my soon to be beautiful wife with her may'be being pregnant with his child and I am fully aware and have accepted it and have encouraged it , I'm certainly leaning toward that way of thinking and I'm seriously considering it so it may happen , and of course I would let everyone on here know, I enjoy all that is happening in my life, and my fiancee is such a wonderful woman and I worship her.

  • How is it that the same posts are found on a 'naughtyposts' forum? Does that make sense? Seriously?


  • I think nearly any church you and your wife become members of is going to call what she does adultery. Admittedly, it's a simple-minded definition and it doesn't allow for any wiggle-room, but that's what you're going to encounter if the two of you join somewhere together. After reading our posts and giving it a LOT of thought, I still believe what I said before: her physical relationship with the young man isn't (or shouldn't be) "adultery" because neither of you is cheating on the other. You just both are giving the other what they want. You aren't just "tolerating" her extra-marital relationship, which would be wonderful enough; Christ, you actually GET OFF on it, so she's giving you that thrill as a part of your marriage relationship. And you're giving HER the thrill of mounting that much younger guy with that huge c***!!!!! I also agree with you that having him stand as your best man really is mind-blowing and it overtly - and beautifully - sexualizes your entire wedding. You might need to be careful about who you tell about the true paternity of the child the bride will have in her womb, but that level of care depends directly on how much embarrassment you're willing to deal with, or how much humiliation you crave. You strike me as wanting as much as the two of them can pile on you, so maybe the more people you tell, the better, and maybe the more sexually overt they get during the ceremony, the happier you'll be. Just the idea of them aching for each other's naked bodies while the minister is administering the vows and announcing you and she as husband and wife makes me wet. Might I suggest another filthy flaunting of wedding ceremony tradition? Get your fiancée to work on adding something personal to her vows that is directed at her lover and her relationship with him. Since the two of them - and you - intend to continue their relationship into your marriage, acknowledging that arrangement would be exciting for all three of you. And it would be f****** HOT!

  • Lutheran gal [formerly] and Littleguy:

    I have no idea how old this thread is, or whether or not you are still visiting here. But I wanted to share these things with you, and you especially, former Lutheran Gal …

    Understandably, inadequate endowment will leave a wife unsatisfied. That he cannot satisfy her physically as is it befalls a husband makes her lot no easier. This will wound her and wound her deeply. In time, she will become resentful and sullen. However devoted, she cannot avoid this. Her drive is too strong. This bodes ill for her marriage. And if she is a Christian woman, lack of satisfaction will impede greatly her Christian walk, spiritual growth and her peace and trust with God.

    You cite your church for unforgiving ways. Your own view of ‘adultery’ is maturing. You now see it to be a form of selfishness. And you see the ‘utter beauty’ of Littleguy’s situation. Your insights are both good and necessary. Is it possible that your church is missing other insights that are simply invaluable? May I explore this with you?

    A big p**** is a kind of miracle. And big penises certainly seem to do miracles for the Mrs. Little’s of the world. But is it possible that your church has forgotten that God makes no mistakes? You see God gives some men a big p**** for a reason. Littleguy’s girl understands what that reason is even if your church doesn’t. God makes no mistakes.

    This leads to another point. If God brings this man into a couple’s life, if he gives his gift as freely as God gave it to him, if the couple [or the wife at least] agrees, if the man doesn’t try to come between them or to break the couple apart, if he makes the wife explode in pumping, throbbing, sweaty, mind-blowing o****** that leave her braying and satiated, if she feels closer to God because of this, if her husband also shares in the joy and completion that this big p**** gives her, if their marriage is relieved of stress – who is to say that God didn’t bring this man to them?

  • To continue...

    Perhaps God brought you together for this very reason. God brought this man into a couple’s life as a gracious gift. Would it not insult not only this man but also God who generously gifted and sent him as his gift of grace to the couple? Perhaps your church has forgotten that we are to receive the gifts God gives with humble thanks and joy.

    The real question here is whether this church has the faith to receive God’s gift of this man, and to thank both God and the man for being so giving and selfless. These too are part of church tradition.

    This would not fly in a church wedding; but how beautiful would it be if, when the officiating clergy person said, ‘you may kiss the bride…’ this very gifted stud turned to Littleguy’s girl, bent her over, and gave her a long, passionate kiss, while Little guy smiled and put his hand on each of their backs… And then, she left on the best man’s arm, as Littleguy followed them down the aisle. No, this will never happen. This is odd since it captures the idea of giving so very well.

    Lutheran gal [formerly], consider reaching out to the church outcasts. Consider calling them together as an unofficial ‘support’ group. When pulpit denunciations happen [as they do frequently] this can become a catalyst for discussion of these things. When denunciation causes more adultery than it stops, preachers will move on to other things.

    You read and reflect deeply on what you read. I encourage you to do this. If this makes you wet and ache, then you are responding exactly as God intended. This is God’s blessing encouraging you to continue. You are SUPPOSED to think about these things. When you are truly soaking in your juices, you are responding as God made you to respond.

  • Hi there I agree with you that she is not cheating on me because I know about it and encourage her to do it so therefore it cannot be adultery ' and yes I do get off on their relationship, just the thought of him entering her with that big c*** of his sends me into cloud nine believe me, thanks for the suggestion for her to put something into her vows directed at her lover, I will speak to her about that, I say smiling :-) , hopefully if she wants to I'm sure that she will come up with something, even if he is going to be my best man the thought of him giving me my wedding ring to marry her and he will be the one to consummate our marriage filling her full of his sperm in our marital bed, to be honest I can't wait for all this to happen, and I agree it will be f****** HOT!

  • There is nothing wrong about bieng in an open relationship . After reading the other comments I see where they went wrong and it's not to late for you and your wife start over . First sit your wife down and tell her you love her and make sure she is dedicated to you . Second set up rules and boundries (what you have done in the first plaace)as well as punisments for breaking the rules . Reserch these online and even ask some of the pornstars on the SiriusXM radio shows . After you decided what you want or allow and what she will allow of you . Make this a team effort and what is agreed upon by both of you . Here is an example of a rule we have : she can suck any d*** she wants to (I actually encourge her to )when I am away but she must tell me afterwords or later that night .But she has to ask permission to f*** a guy .If rule is broken she must abstain from s** for a period of time . There are other rules and punishments , but thats for you two to decide . Goodluck and live a happy life

  • I forgot to say that we are both 30 and her lover is 23 so although he is 7years younger than us but he does look just a coupe of years younger i don't mind that as she says he can f*** her all day and all night long and he has fantastic stamina, shes told me one of their favourites is that when he f**** her hard then f**** her nice and slow he can keep that going for a while, she says its not so much like f****** but him making love to her as there is a difference, when he's came in her p**** he keeps it in her when it goes soft then it will get hard again, and then f**** her all over again without taking his c*** out of her, i find this very erotic.

  • For what it's worth, my wife has had a lover for the entirety of our 11-year marriage. She dated him for 4 years before that, and dated him throughout our courtship and engagement, which had totaled about 18 months. He was married the whole time (and still is), and not in a position to leave home for her. I didn't know anything about the relationship until about 2 weeks before our wedding, when we were beginning to move her stuff into my condo. That's another story for another day, so I'll simply say that she wasn't embarrassed at all about my discovery of it, nor regretful, and she didn't apologize. In fact, she plainly told me that, while she loved me, she loved him more and he satisfied her more than any man ever had (same reason as your fiancée: apparently, the guy is hung like a f****** horse). She said she had no plan or willingness to end the affair with this guy, even if it meant losing me: he was more important that I was and would always be so. She said two things: (1) "You already know I can take care of both of you, sexually and in every other way, because I've been doing just that for the last 18 months", and (2) "Just because your f****** church says it's one-man-and-one-woman doesn't make it so, and there's nothing that says we can only have a certain amount of love in our lives or a certain number of c**** in our bodies". I'd never met anybody with her attitudes before, and although I was taken aback, and tried to convince her to break it off with him and just be with me, she said she could be perfectly happy just being his mistress and nothing more, if it came to that, but that she didn't worry about finding somebody to marry her who would allow it to continue, because "you know how good this p**** is". Yes, she controls the relationship, and always has, but we have had 11 years of happiness, and I wouldn't trade her or our marriage for anything or anybody else. I wish you that same happiness. And that same love.

  • We've spoke about it at length a little while ago the only thing we decided on was that he can f*** her anytime he likes I f*** her as well after she's been f***** by him and she sucks my c*** as well although she says that she can hardly feel my c*** in her when I f*** her and when she sucks my c*** as her lover has a big c*** and I've only got a little one ...they both know I want her pregnant with his baby before or after we are married and he told me he can gaurantee that he will, I met him not so long ago for the first time and he seems a nice young guy and his c*** is big as he showed me it soft and hard and I showed him mine the same way, he never said anything as he probably feels sorry for me having such a little one, they both know that I want her to deny me s** before and after we are married until he gets her pregnant with his chid, it will be great for me to f*** her when she is carrying his child knowing its not mine and he can f*** her in our marital bed at our house any time he likes and that's the only things we have decided on, and I hope we all will live a happy life thanks.

  • When he showed you his c***, did you want to touch it? Did you ask him to let you touch it? Did he let you touch it?

  • No to all of those things, I've never ever touched another guys c*** as I'm not gay or anything, but I can understand why my fiancee' loves him f****** her with it, I think if I was her I would want him to f*** me with it as well.

  • right now it seems like fun and games but trust me when i tell you that you will get tired of her doing this. she will always come home smelling like other men. she will get a call in the middle of the night and get up out of your bed and go f*** some other guy. she will show up at your family gatherings with dried c** on her clothes and in her hair and your parents and brothers and sisters will hate her for doing that and they will hate you for allowing it. she will come to your office parties dressed provocatively and will flirt with your boss and your fellow workers, even the married ones, she will f*** 2 or 3 or 4 of them in a closet or a bathroom stall and she will generally create sexual drama. its going to be horrible for you. you either have to make her stop f****** this other guy, no matter how big his c*** is or how good he f**** her, or you have to stop seeing her. what shes doing is not any kind of love for you.

  • Yes I guess it is fun and its like a drug I can't stop taking a rollercoaster if you like and as for f****** my boss well I guess she would be f****** me as I am the boss lol we live a long way away from our parents and our families so that really doesn't present a problem because they will never know as we never see them often apart from phone calls etc and we would need to fly there anyway so that gives you an idea how far we are away ....as for my workers f****** her I suppose that might be an even bigger turn on for me and for them knowing they've f***** the bosses fiancee/wife ...I know you mean well with what you're telling me and I suppose warning me about, I should already know I suppose as its common sense and even although I say it myself that I'm a very intelligent guy and that I should know better but I can't help feeling how I feel about her and all I want is her happiness as I'm happy with the situation too, if it all goes t*** up in the future then I guess that I'll need to deal with it then ....but thanks for your advice and thoughts.

  • my wife and i were very happy for the first 8 years of our marriage and we never cheated on each other. when she suggested that we try an open marriage i knew it was something i couldnt do myself because i didnt want anybody else but her. but she said "why cant we both get what we want, with you getting me and with me getting you and him?" i knew she wanted this other man really badly and i was just like you: i wanted whatever would make her happy and i believed that allowing her to be with that guy would make her happy and that it would be enough for her. so i told her to go ahead and date him and have a sexual relationship with him, and i even let her sleep at his place and go on vacations with him. within 3 months she was still dating that guy but also dating 2 other guys, all of whom were single men. by the time 6 months rolled around she had started dating married men and making no effort to hide it: in order to save hotel costs, she even brought them to our house sometimes. she broke up 3 marriages within only a few weeks, and finally ended ours. i was getting in the way by wanting her to be home at least a few nights and taking care of my needs. every time i complained about it she always said: "you said you wanted me to be happy, well this makes me happy so what the f*** are being such a little b**** for?" your girl is going to get worse and shes going to hurt you. i know that doesnt seem possible right now but its going to happen. i do have to admit that her having such intense sexual relationships with several of the men you work with is one of the sexiest things i have ever heard in my whole entire life, and i know that must be unbelievably exciting for you whenever she does it, but i still think this isnt going to end well. im sorry.

  • I'm sorry that all those things happened to you and your marriage ended it must have been very hard for you at the time, you have first hand experience of this kind of lifestyle and your probably right that it may happen to us as well although I really hope it doesn't , I think I'm probably tunnel visioned or maybe in denial to the way we are living and I sometimes think is there something wrong with me to feel this way and to allow these things to happen or is it a natural thing for some men like me, I would really like to know the ratio on that one, yes I agree with you that it it is one of the most sexiest things that your g/friend/fiancee/wife is being f***** by other men you work with especially when you are their boss although it isn't happening just now but maybe it will happen in the future ...just to think that everytime I tell them what to do or speaking to them that they are thinking to themselves that I've f***** your wife or is f****** my wife and that I know about it but there is nothing I can do about it , I think if this did happen that the sexual rush and humiliation I would feel would be so intense and the prospect of this happening makes me feel so excited, am I depraved or what ? Is there something wrong with me ? I don't know the answer to that one, there have been a few people that have commented on here that I need to grow a pair of b**** and also a few that agree with what's happening in my life just now and that's what I want to hear is peoples different opinions or past experiences like yours .....different women have commented on my other confession and they agree with what's happening and some dont , am I weird or very kinky with how I feel and what's happening ...the answer to that I think is probably yes, but I do thank you for your thoughts and input on this and I will see how things turn out for us.

  • omg! the way you talk about her getting with your subordinates at work is incredibly sexy and hot! my wifes first boyfriend was a guy SHE worked with and i thought THAT was pretty thrilling but what your fianceé might do with these men YOU work with is waaaaaaay beyond that. my wife flaunted their affair to several women at her job and she even got pretty brazen with the guy when i went to their office parties and family functions and even though i was so ashamed to have those women know what she was up to with that guy and to have other people speculate in silence about what they were doing, it was so arousing that it was difficult for me to hide my erections. obviously i feel different today about what was happening back then and what she was soon to do to me but i have to be honest with you and with your followers and readers when i tell you how incredibly stimulating it was -- and how perversely proud i was (very very perversely) -- to have a wife who was so openly nasty. i guess i should also admit that even thinking back on those times makes me hard now, writing about it. she was so sexual and so focused on satisfying herself and her many lovers that its almost hard to believe that a woman could be so intense about f****** and about doing it every single day (that was her goal). what your fianceé has in mind, though, is even more than that. maybe i am just jealous because you seem to have control of your situation when i never NEVER did, i dont know.

  • Hi it must have been wonderful for you then and I'm hard as well just having read your post ...I think if this did happen to me and she was f****** one or a few of my subordinates and everyone knew about it I think I would feel a bit ashamed and humiliated as well as they would be talking about me and her f****** these guys and I was letting it happen and they would probably be laughing at me ...I think all the guys would want to f*** her as well as she's gorgeous and so very sexy ..definetely a head turner and she knows it ...but I will see how things go with her and her lover ...I really want him to make her pregnant with his baby, and it will be so exciting for me if she's pregnant and showing on our wedding day and for everyone to know its not mine and its her lovers ...he has gauranteed to make her pregnant and I'm so excited at the prospect of that ...and I don't know about me having control of our situation as I just want her to be happy and satisfied sexually ..something I can't give her but her lover can...thanks for posting.

  • Yeah, and it was a mistake. 22 years ago I told my then wife I had a fantasy of her blowing my black friend. One night in our pool, she did just that. it was hot and I jerked off in the water while standing close by watching, he on the edge, her in the water standing between his legs.
    Well.......not gonna go into details but she began coming home late from work and noticed many strange things about her physically and behavior......and within 6 months she left me for him.
    Keep the fantasies to yourself or end up in a mess. I did love her so much and hurt bad over this loss. He didnt stay with her long, she ended up with boyfriend after boyfriend and finally settled down with a guy. She is stable and happy now with children but not with me.
    Be careful.
    Some things are better left bottled up inside.

  • I'm sorry that you went through all that and things turned out for the worse for you and you lost your now ex wife to your black friend ....things are a little different for us as her lover has been f****** her for quite some time now and when she admitted it to me I felt sad and let down but I came to accept it and I forgave her as I never want to loose her as I love her so much and she loves me as well.....I must admit that when I thought about it that it really turned me on as he can satisfy her sexually and I can't and he has a big c*** where I haven't and I don't blame her with him f****** her so good ...we're getting married and we have laid down rules ..all I want is for her to be happy.

  • Married 34 years and my wife has f***** who ever she please the whole time sometimes I,m there some times not.If she comes home and says come to the bedroom and she is striping as we go I know I going to be told to lick her dripping p**** clean.Iwould not change it for the world we have to much fun

  • That is so hot, I really want to do this

  • damn! waaaay sexy!!!!!

  • That's wonderful to hear and I'm glad you both had fun for all that time ...I want to lick all his c** out of my fiance's p**** as well as I haven't done that yet and the thought of that really turns me on knowing that it will be his c** that he's shot into her and when we get married it will be even better especially if he gets her pregnant ..thanks for your input I'm glad to know that there's othe couples out there that does this.

  • Are you sure it not you being f***** up the a*** with a big c*** you w*****

  • No its not I'm not gay and yes I do m********* to them f****** each other ...but you're insulting me calling me that.

  • Hi I'm Sarah I still want your c***?

  • Hi sarah I'm sure that you're a great f*** especially with the size of your t*** you told me about and I'm sure you will have a lovely p**** as well but there's only one girl for me.

  • Pity I'd give you a wonderful t** w*** and lick your s**** of my big melons. Sarah x

  • Why do a lot of women like eating mens c** ? You obviously like the taste ....and you will be a great c********* as well and you will swallow it as well I'm sure of that ...guys will love your big t*** as well and going by the way the things you have told me that you will love your nipples being tweaked and your t*** sucked as well ...I imagine men love to f*** you sarah.

  • Oh yes, love s**** in my mouth and my nipple are fat and sensitive, as my t*** are so big I can suck them myself, especially when there covered in c**.
    My c*** is tight and shaven but it can take any size c*** (iv had 30) I do prefer small ones, I'd love to w*** your s**** all over them and suck my nipples

  • Sarah you are a nympho pure and simple you love the bare c*** in you seemingly any mans c***, you sound a great c********* and I bet you're a brilliant f*** by the sounds of it ...I love big t*** and tight and bare c**** ...I hope you go d****** and let complete strangers f*** the a*** off you ...I hope you get loads of there s**** in you and on your t*** and face and I hope your hubby watches them do it to you.

  • I don't dog, I'm a member of swingers club. I go there in a white see through top, black mini skirt stockings & suspenders and no underwear and get what I want

  • I bet you do get what you want ...pity you don't go d****** but I suppose its safer going to a swingers club ...and the way you dress when you go without any underwear as it will be easy for them to put their c**** in you and s*** the a*** off you ...you say they wear a condom ..suppose that's safer ..but I bet you would love to feel their bare c**** in you so they can shoot their c** right in your c***.

  • Tell me what you want me to do when I go d****** so I can give you the details, I love being told what to do, my c**** wet thinking about it. Ok f*** I'm going to f*** my c*** with a d**** and pretend your watching me do it. Sarah X

  • Sarah I want you to get spitroasted by these guys and get them to c** all over your face,hair,t*** when you suck their c**** while the other ones f****** you from behind , then when their finished with you another 2 take over, I want them to f*** you in the a*** I'm sure you love a***, I hope they dp you as well if you've never been f***** like that then I'm sure you'll like it , and all the time while your husband is watching , in fact encouraging them to f*** you till you're covered in those complete strangers c**, watching a woman f*** her c*** with a d**** is ok but I prefer you to pretend that I'm watching those guys giving you a good f******

  • Iv just dogged as you instructedI parked up in my swinger clothes, I opened the window. A guy turned up wanking a big c***, he stuck it in the window, I sucked his k*** and he spunked in my mouth. 2 others apeared and I got out of the car it was f****** cold and my nipples rock hard, they ignored them lay me on a table one f***** me I sucked the other off, finishing on my t*** the other pulled out and spunked on my belly. A couple turned up she kissed me and sucked my t*** as he f*** me up the a***. Is that ok master, no condoms just s****, I'm covered in s****

  • Yea that'll do for now sarah ...did you lick and eat the s**** ?

  • God someones kust dpimked in my mouth

  • Yes the cople are still with me she's licking my c*** and I'm wanking him off. There are blokes watching wanking

  • Yes msster do you want me to do more, I'm covered in s**** licking my t*** in my car, shall I f*** more. Instruct me master

  • Oh f*** she made me c** there is a nother c*** about to go up me, its huge

  • Good good I hope that huge c*** spreads your tight little shaven c*** and unloads his b**** in you ...you're so c** hungry sarah.

  • Yea f*** more sarah you seem to be enjoying that woman licking your tight shaven little c*** ...if you can see any more guys then call them over ..I want you to be f***** senseless.

  • Iv had tree more cover in s**** and c*** sore jane's licking me. F*** iv loved this. Want you to f*** me. Sarah xx there is more waiting to f*** me. Tell me to carry on master

  • Let them all f*** you sarah I want you to have a very sore c*** and I want you to suck all the c**** you can and swallow their c**

  • Ok I will do it for you Sarah xxxx

  • You're such a lovely little c** s*** sarah ....allthose guys will have loved f****** you and c****** in you ..I hope the one with the huge c*** spurted loads of his c** inside you ...no doubt by the end you will be hardly able to walk for being f***** so much and your mouth will be aching having sucked all those c****

  • Oh god my c*** is being pounded and t** sucked by jane, I'm full of s**** and there is more queing

  • Iv had 15 men is this enough for yoi or do I need to let more f*** me? I'm very sore master

  • Enough for tonight I think sarah I want that tight little bare c*** of yours to be better for more f****** tomorrow night

  • That's what I want to hear ...your c*** being pounded and more c**** waiting to f*** you hard

  • Iv had 20 now is thaty enoughim covered in s**** and my c*** is red raw. I will carry on if you instruct me Master

  • F*** he's spankin me with a belyt

  • The s**** is runninh ouyt of me I have to sit on a towel to drive home. My husband will spank me when I get home

  • Have I pleased you Master xxxx

  • Have I pleasede master?

  • Yes you have pleased me sarah you're a good little c** s*** ...I hope your tight little c*** is better for tomorrow hahhhhh

  • I had 20 c*** up my c*** and in my mouth and I was covered in s****, 10 of them f***** Jane as she sucked my c*** and t***. I never even spoke to the men they just f***** me. I will keep in contact with Jane for lesbian s**.
    My husband spanked me with a belt and f*** me up the a*** with his huge c*** then went to his skinny girl friend. Have I been a good girl? Sarah xx

  • You have been a very good girl sarah ..I hope your husband f***** you real good with that big c*** of his and I hope he left marks on your a*** when he spanked you with that belt ...you must feel good with all those mens sperm swimming inside you sarah ...hope your on the pill ..you will be anyway think you won't want to get preggers will you ...you make my c*** so hard sarah.

  • Thank you master. I have welts on my a*** from the belt but my c*** and a*** hole are better. Do you show my notes to your GF bet she would love the club and s** swing getting her c*** filled by strangers

  • Went to the club tonight, met an asian couple she Zahib was 25 with 38dd t*** his Ahmed c*** is 8in and thin with a fat purple k***. I was in a 69 with Zahib whe he slid his c*** up my sore c*** and f***** me slowly our t*** rubbed against each others bodbies as I got f*****. He finished in me and I got off Zahib

  • Talk to me

  • This is were iv had 25 of the 30 c****. The 4 at one time: a bloke got me in a s** swing with my legs spread swinging me back and forth onto his c***, I agreed to let the other 3 f*** me in the same way, when the spunked and took the condoms off I sucked their spunku cocksa. This is also were I had my 1st lesbian s**, the men watched as a woman f***** me with a strap on d****. Its a great place

  • Wow that sounds great sarah think you would have loved that woman f****** you with a strap on especially as the men watched.

  • What you name, if you tell me to go d****** I will. I love bare c*** and s**** running out of my c***. Sarah x

  • Hey, Sarahx. I want you to be my slave! I would love towa tch you get f*****. I would love to watch young boys use you as their cumslut!

  • Sarah I ain't giving you my name that's the whole point of being anonymous ...and yea I'm telling you to go d****** coz I know you want to ....you'll love those strange bare c**** f****** you and shooting their loads of c** right up your c*** ....your a c** bucket sarah ...I just love women like you that doesn't give a s*** who f**** them as long as they f*** them good ...I hope they stick their c**** in every hole in your body and f*** you hard in all of them ...you're my kind of woman

  • Hi sarah 30 c**** wow is that accurate or just an estimate ?lol ...you got me hard and I came just wanking to what you said ...I can imagine your tight shaven c*** and your big t*** and fat nipples and have you ever been f***** by two or more guys at the same time ?

  • I want to t** w*** you, what's your name? Sarah x

  • Hi sarah sorry I'm not going to divulge my name so you will just have to call me littleguy and that's because my c**** so little.

  • I glad you wanted about me, its a complement 30 is accurate but lost count of the times iv been f*****, there's been so many. My 1st was a man I cared for as a volunteer when I was 14, he was in a wheel chair and one day he pulled the blanket of his lap, he had a big stiff c*** and said "just touch it, please" so iI wanked him off. He was so happy and I saw my 1st c*** s****. After that every Saturday I'd go and clean up his kitchen and began sucking him off and soon I let him take my virginity. He gave me money every time and a £100 for my virginity which made me a

  • Yes four do you want details?

  • Yes please sarah I want to know what they did to you.

  • Why arnt you talking to me? Sarah

  • I just have sarah

  • Hey Sarah - your 'daddy' is waiting for you to email him so we can make each other c**

  • Its you who's f****** his daddy you bent w*****. Sarah X

  • You are a wimp.

  • Thanks for your honesty that's just exactly what I am and I'm glad that my fiance is being f***** by another guy with a big c*** ...she is very happy and so am i .

  • You have already done this?

  • Pathetic!

  • I know but I want other people to tell me if they lead the same lifestyle and their thoughts on it if they don't.

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