Had some dirty S**

Ok. I met this 19 year old women. I am 23. She wanted me to put a d**** up my bum and video tape it. Omg that was an embarrassing experience because for the previous 3 days I was sleeping in fields and smoking weed and drinking whiskey and coke non-stop. No chance to take a shower. I was hairy like a mother f***** and I didn't brush my teeth. Omg. I can only imagine how disturbed she must have been. Haha. Anyways, I got drunk and stoned again and we did it and I was squirming while she was doing it and she kept looking away thinking "OMG this is disturbing?" haha. I didn't shave, shower, or anything I was just woken up and only had 5 hours to sleep off my Weed high and drunk high. Haha..

I couldn't f*** her because she was soo grossed out. What do you think I should do?

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  • Haha i would just advise you to consider her a lost cost and move on, no fixing that situation if she is already grossed out.

  • I would start with a shower.

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