Am I a W****?

I am 16, and have had s** with 4 people, 10 times. I am currently in a BDSM relationship with one of those boys. I haven't necessarily been called a "w****" because no one really knows what I "like" except those 4 people. I actually have only had BDSM type s** twice, but now with one boy, it's more like a friends with benefits situation, because I can't date him. He's too immature, except in bed. I don't know if I'm a "w****". At least I can count it on one hand, right?

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  • You have 10 fingers on one hand? weird. But no, you're not a w****, you're a worthless c** bucket. To them, I mean. If you don't like that idea, then be more selective about who you lay with. If you're only 16, and you're already having bdsm s**, you're going to be doing horses for an internet site by the time you're 22. Slow down!

  • No, whores get paid. You are what is called a s***.

  • You're only a w**** if you're a prostitute. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a lot of s**, unless you're not doing it for the right reasons, or one of the people is underage and the other person isn't. That anonymous person telling you you're a w**** is a f****** d***, and "Mark" is a creepy, creepy child molester. These people are not nice people. You, however, (at least from what I know from this post) am a perfectly normal person, who happens to be into BDSM. My only advice is be careful no one starts gossiping because that could end up hurting you, and make sure you're comfortable with what you're doing.
    This whole idea that girls are whores for having a lot of s** is a myth, and a pretty misogynistic one at that. So what if you have a lot of s**? S** is fun. Just make sure everyone's comfortable and you're not banging a 55 year old creep like "Mark".

  • No you are definitely not a w****. Just make sure you ate comfortable with everything you are doing. There's nothing wrong with enjoying s**. At your age I would be concerned with the social fall out if the people you choose to have s** with end up being immature and choose to talk

  • No just a sexy young woman. I'm a 55yr old male who would love to train you. Mark xx

  • Yes you are a w****

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