S** with guy

I let an older guy suck my p**** and I had the greatest o***** ever. It felt so good. Am I gay?

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  • If you eat a salad, are you a vegetarian? No. However, if you keep going back to the salad bar, and sucking down broccoli, and swallowing a mouthful of dip, then yes, your a veget...gay!

  • Dude, hate to break it to you, but if you are a dude and like to blow your load in another guy's mouth, get jerked off by a guy, f*** a guy in the ass, j*** off with another guy, etc...

    You are gay - or bi. Embrace it. It is you, but you are gay

  • You are normal. Most guys would enjoy getting sucked off by a guy. It is all about getting your c*** sucked. Who does it does not make you gay or straight.

  • Gay, bi, what does it matter, dude? You got your rocks off. Call me gay if you want, but I am an old guy that loves sucking younger c****.

  • If u enjoyed ur d*** in a mans mouth yes u are gay,

  • I think one incident of receiving oral pleasure from another man does not make you gay.

    If you prefer to have s** with other men rather than women the majority of the time, that makes you gay. Or at least bisexual.

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