Advice needed!! Guilty

I am engaged to my boyfriend and we should be getting married in three years. Right now, he and i are countries apart studying to finish our post grad. I got really drunk one night at a college party and slept with my classmate. He likes me and we both have a mutual understanding to just keep it a secret. A month later i made out with this really hot guy on campus. I couldnt help it he was way to hot. But then i felt horrible and told him that it can never happen again. Now i think i am physically attracted to a senior of mine. But i know its really wrong. I cant tell my fiance any of this. I am hundred percent sure that these guys wont tell him anything either if they ever meet him. But i just need to know what do and i just had to let it out about what i did.

Nov 10, 2013

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  • You're a b****. you like sucking c***. thats all you're ever good at. you're never going to change. so how bout you cheat on your bf some more and go and suck my huge c*** too?

  • U r b****.U r cheating on him.Just gime his number i'll tell him immediately.u fukin w****.just eat d**** around u.u never gonna change ur self even after ur marriage.

  • This isn't as bad as it seems. You're not forming an emotional attachment to these guys, you're just h****. Going from one to the other because they're a poor substitute for your fiancé. How would you feel if he was doing the same thing, f****** the occasional girl just to get his rocks off? You're both young, healthy people and three years is a long time. Try confessing to one of the smaller things, like the making out. If he seems cool with it maybe you can come to an arrangement. Relationships are always stronger when based on honesty.

  • Ur mom sucks c**** in h***

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