I want a Cougar!

Hello, fellow confessors. I am a 15 yr. old teen and all I want is a cougar. Well, not a cougar, but an older girl in general. Like a 20 yr. old to 28 yr. old girl would be perfect. I don't mean just s**, all s**, nothing but s**, but more than that. I want a real relationship that would last awhile. Not saying it cant involve s**, it could, just not mainly s** but more than that haha. Yeah, I am a bit weird but eh, im proud of myself and if you don't like me, sucks to be you :) -Bane98

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  • Doesn't suck to be me. Your 15 what do you know. A cougar is not a 20 something fool. A cougar is 40+. A girl like that doesn't want you, she wants a man. Good luck finding a girl 10+ years your senior that would want to be with jailbait.

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