So I'm 15 and my boyfriends a p****.

So, I'm 15, and met this guy, Dalton when I was 13. When I was 14 he got mad and hit me once. Once turned into twice, until it became a regular thing. Every time I hit him back, he'd just get p*****. He got caught and was sent to a juvenile camp in Orlando for 7 months. He got back about two months ago, acting completely different. He's been nice so far, I guess that's why I fell under his spell (again) & we had s**. And now I feel like a complete idiot, because I'm pregnant. He's known for about a week, but this isn't the first time. The first time he and I were hanging out when he slipped something in my drink & I passed out. Next thing I know I'm in the hospital, and they've done given me something that eventually killed the baby. I had a miscarriage 4 days later. I know he did it on purpose. That's when he started hitting me. So now I'm not even going around him, I'm going to the pregnancy resource center this week to get a checkup. I'm actually hoping not to have this baby because I dont want to be stuck with him.

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  • You need to break up with him. He's an a***. Maybe you should report him? Domestic violence is not okay and force abortion is absolutely horrible. Don't go back to him, I know it might be hard and he may seem nice, but please don't.

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