I Hate My Body

I am 15 and very underweight. I'm very happy to be skinny, I get good compliments all the time about my weight. But, around three months ago, people began to pick on me because I don't necessarily have average size b******. I wear a 32 B bra, and even my mom says that it's too big. It's so embarrassing. I have a pixie cut, so it's not like I can let my hair down and somewhat cover my chest. I have always been a tomboy, I used to get picked on because of that all the time. I was never allowed to get a haircut, (my grandmother and mother are cosmetologists) so in turn, I had 3 feet and 9 inches of hair measuring from the nape of my neck. When I turned twelve I got it cut to the middle of my back, them about a month later got it cut to my shoulders. About two months ago, I got it all cut off, and keep the back and side shaved very short (I dont even have my grandmother use a guard on the razor anymore) and wear it somewhat like Miley Cyrus'. I am homeschooled, and have learned to ignore people who make fun of my haircut, because the way I wear my hair makes me happy. But, I start the local high school on January 6th, and even though I went to elementary school with everyone in my grade at the high school, that wasn't necessarily a time where boys paid attention to breast/butt size. I'm afraid I'll get criticized and become depressed. I have been in a depressed-type situation for about four years now, and just recently after making a decision to quit virtual school, I haven't been very happy. I have a feeling I'm not going to "fill out" until around 17.. I hate that. Even though my hips have started to widen a bit, I haven't changed much physically for about two years. I have a small butt, though it looks okay since I'm so skinny. I'm so skinny that I don't even exercise and you can see my six pack, though it's not full out like I've been doing crunches or something. I'm afraid I'll get called a d*** or something. What do I do?

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  • I bet you look just fine, don't worry. I wish we could trade, my chest is far too big and gets in my way and I wish it would just disappear. As for the hair, when I was in high school I shaved my head too, and back then there was no Miley to make it even somewhat normal. I was just that weird girl who shaved her head. That was 7 years ago and I still do it, I don't ever want to go back to having hair.

  • How old are you really? DianaJayne..here you say you're 15, but in older posts it's 16.

  • I turn 16 this upcoming Tuesday, and have just been going by 16. I'm sorry for any confusion

  • I turn 16 this upcoming Tuesday, I'm sorry.

  • I m not 15 or 16.I m 35 yr old milf.haha
    I gotchaaaaa............

  • You're a f****** creep, go away.

  • Lmao

  • Every woman is some mans wildest fantasy. You sound pretty hot to me though I admit I like shoulder length hair.

  • F*** what people think. you're probably beautiful & just don't know it. if someone doesn't like you or thinks you're ugly or too skinny, tough s*** for them. be who you are & tell all who don't like it to f*** off.

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